[The Eyes Of The Wolf, Loving And Longing And Loyal, Were Now Set Squarely In The Face Of A Man, But They Were Still Staring At Me With That Same Devotion, That Same Puppyish Desire. I Could Feel My Heart Breaking Quietly As I Stared At Him - A Break That I Knew Was But The Smallest Echo Of What I Had Made Him Feel When I Broke His Heart By The Banks Of The Crystal River.]

Author: Kailin Gow Quotes

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Wendy Swore Quotes

"Sometimes writing everyday is like pulling teeth, painful, but necessary."

Erin J Watson Quotes

"This wobbly worldhost to insects and lintand a thousand pithy waysto feel unserious each minuteIt brings abouta great softening of the mind, likethe clouded edges of sea glass (thisfilter you could download and apply)A poultice or an opiate,rigidly individual. Aloneand erasing sentences to splinters.(Poem No. 5)"

Learned Hand Quotes

"The mid-day sun is too much for most eyes; one is dazzled even with its reflection. Be careful that too broad and high an aim does not paralyze your effort and clog your springs of action."

Julie Zeilinger Quotes

"But somehow things took a sinister turn, and the division of labor came to be understood as the demarcation of a social hierarchy. Women kept busy with numerous domestic responsibilities while their male counterparts sole duty was tending to the flocks. Men had time to think critically, form political infrastructures, and ultimately, network with other men. Meanwhile, women were kept too busy to notice that somewhere along the line, they had become inferior. This is approximately when shit hit the fan."

Walter Tevis Quotes

"Reading is too intimate, Spofforth said. It will put you too close to the feelings and ideas of others. It will disturb and confuse you."

William F Buckley Jr Quotes

"A good debater is not necessarily an effective vote-getter: you can find a hole in your opponents argument through which you could drive a coach and four ringing jingle bells all the way, and thrill at the crystallization of a truth wrung out from a bloody dialogue - which, however, may warm only you and your muse, while the smiling paralogist has in the meantime made votes by the tens of thousands."

Michael Panush Quotes

"I remember meeting you, Hall," Nathan said. "I knew right away you were a good guy.""I dont know if I was," I said. "Maybe I just ended up becoming what you wanted me to be. If thats the case, I thank you for it."

Olafur Eliasson Quotes

"Every city is always changing, on its own trajectory."

Kristen Britain Quotes

"Do whatever you must, Karigan," he told her, his voice so quiet it would not carry, "to come back. You must come back. To me." ~King Zachary"

Paul Halmos Quotes

"In other words, general set theory is pretty trivial stuff really, but, if you want to be a mathematician, you need some and here it is; read it, absorb it, and forget it."

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Quotes About Goal And Objective

"As for money and prestige, if one has an opportunity to make money and/or advance their position or place in life, there can be a lot to weigh and consider, such as responsibilities, goals and objectives, etc. We all make choices, deal with our sense of priorities, principles, ethics, morals, balancing, juggling, making compromises... or not! Ha!" - Author: Axl Rose

Quotes About Lee

"Here I am at these crossroads again,wondering what will never become of me.Now and then, Ill take one on the chin.Because I wear my heart upon my sleeve." - Author: Jerod Mankin

Quotes About Aeneid

"Up until relatively recently, creating original characters from scratch wasnt a major part of an authors job description. When Virgil wrote The Aeneid, he didnt invent Aeneas; Aeneas was a minor character in Homers Odyssey whose unauthorized further adventures Virgil decided to chronicle. Shakespeare didnt invent Hamlet and King Lear; he plucked them from historical and literary sources. Writers werent the originators of the stories they told; they were just the temporary curators of them. Real creation was something the gods did.All that has changed. Today the way we think of creativity is dominated by Romantic notions of individual genius and originality, and late-capitalist concepts of intellectual property, under which artists are businesspeople whose creations are the commodities they have for sale." - Author: Lev Grossman

Quotes About Yin Yang

"The old age old story of Yin & Yang...Every positive side has a negative side too. Which are you?" - Author: Timothy Pina

Quotes About Following Directions

"I avoided situations that might otherwise trip or jangle my hypersensitive wiring, and I learned to pretend I was paying attention or following a logical point when my mind qas off chasing rabbits in a thousand directions." - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison

Quotes About Not Overlooking

"I am not overlooking any mail. Im looking at all of it. I even wrote back to the Viagra people." - Author: Randy Newman

Quotes About Selling Out

"Is it really selling out if it feeds your family?" - Author: Michael Madsen

Quotes About Shooting Pool

"Suicide by train is also popular in many developed countries. Without ready access to firearms, suicidal people often turn to trains. —Der Spiegel, July 27, 2011Once it happens you cant rememberhow you started out: innocent,barreling into the tunnel,shooting out at each stationlike a dolphin out of a dim green pool.Pneumatic doors inhale open, puff shut,lock with a solid thump.Up and down the line, fifty times a day,its a long slow song. Youfeel the rumble as much as hear it.In your dim green trancethe words retain wonder:Vorsicht, Türe werden geschloßen.Caution, the doors are closing.Then the first time:someone decides darkness will answer,hides out in the tunnel,steps out in front of the trainlike he knows where hes going,steps out at you, dying at you,knowing you cant stop in time.Now each time the doors close,they seal you in. You are a human bulletshot into the tunnels, hoping no onewill block the light far ahead,each station one minutes reprieve." - Author: Karen Greenbaum Maya

Quotes About Easter Peeps

"So?" I asked Vee. "Whats the verdict?""The verdict? My doctor is a lard-arse. Closely resembles an Oompa-Loompa. Dont give me your severe look. Last time he came in, he broke into the Funky Chicken. And hes forever eating chocolate. Mostly chocolate animals. You know the solid chocolate bunnies theyre selling for Easter? Thatswhat the Oompa-Loompa ate for dinner. Had a chocolate duck at lunch with a side of yellow Peeps." - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Quotes About Pores

"...Is it just another pore expanding? God, I already have pores the size of pudding cups, thats the last thing I need, another pore...to fill in with spackle." - Author: Laurie Notaro