[The Fact Is, Latinos Now Own Their Own Lives And I Believe They Can Afford To Look Back Without Judgment.]

Author: Ednita Nazario Quotes

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"I once rode a motorcycle across Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco!"

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"Beauty is being in harmony with what you are."

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"Dont waste a single moment to stay with your parents, cause maybe it could be your last moment with them."

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"Even then I knew that happiness was something in which to plunge headlong, and damn the torpedoes"

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"Get off my bed before you make it smell like girl germs."

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"I like plays, movies, everything. It doesnt matter."

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"But communication is two-sided - vital and profound communication makes demands also on those who are to receive it... demands in the sense of concentration, of genuine effort to receive what is being communicated."

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"If you think it will be so, then so it will be."

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"And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guys sleeping? Im working."

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"I have to say, creating memories is so important to me that I did a book about creating memories for your family."

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"I named it that because more or less each person from the band used to play in other bands and when we left respective bands other members from those bands all sort of changed round. It was a big sort of move thing. I got it from that, I suppose." - Author: Roy Wood

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"I have found that people who can successfully resist temptation invariably lead depressingly stunted lives." - Author: C.D. Payne

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"I can tell you who Id like to work with as far as rock legends. Definitely Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Of course Linkin Park. Actually, I already worked with Travis Barker on a couple of things. Gotta let the drummer get some. Possibly Paramore, Hayley Williams." - Author: B.o.B

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"Our system of private health insurance that fails to provide coverage to so many of our citizens also contributes to the double-digit health care inflation that is making America less competitive in the global economy." - Author: John Conyers

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"Monty Python: A documentary series on everyday life in Great Britain." - Author: Frank Portman

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"They died crying in their minds like little babies. They forgot the thing they were fighting for the thing they were dying for. They thought about things a man can understand. They died yearning for the face of a friend. They died whimpering for the voice of a mother a father a wife a child. They died with their hearts sick for one more look at the place where they were born please god just one more look. They died moaning and sighing for life. They knew what was important. They knew that life was everything and they died with screams and sobs. They died with only one thought in their minds and that was I want to live I want to live I want to live." - Author: Dalton Trumbo

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