[The Fact Is, Latinos Now Own Their Own Lives And I Believe They Can Afford To Look Back Without Judgment.]

Author: Ednita Nazario Quotes

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"If you want to be right-sized in body, youve got to get rid of the supersize way of life."

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"Inner slavery is even worse than outward slavery; and inner freedom is even better than outward freedom."

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"I think that if Mozart were alive today and decided to become a novelist, he would write humorous fantasy."

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"Good writing just isnt that common."

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"How dreadful...to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules."

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"Being smart was key; being careful was critical.Being lucky didnt hurt."

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"A penny saved is not a penny earned if at the end of the day you still owe a quarter."

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"The wind at Candlestick tonight is blowing with great propensity."

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"Hiding and waitingFor the worst Or the end"

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"I look at my clarinet sometimes and I think, I wonder whats going to come out of there tonight? You never know."

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"The rotten apple spoils his companions." - Author: Benjamin Franklin

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"I think all Nazis didnt see themselves as bad people. Ive never met a racist yet who thought he was a racist. Or an anti-Semite who thought they were anti-Semitic." - Author: Norman Jewison

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"Luce is different now. Shes-" He could almost smell her.Clean, pure light, like sunshine. "Something fundamental has shifted.We finally have a real chance. And I-I have never been more elated...nor more sick with terror." He opened his eyes and was surprised to see Daniil nod."Daniel?""Yes?""What are you waiting for?" Daniil asked with a smile. "Go get her."And with that,Daniel teased open a shadow along the roof ledge-an Announcer-and stepped inside." - Author: Lauren Kate

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"If the estimated age of the cosmos were shortened to seventy-two years, a human life would take about ten seconds. But look at time the other way. Each day is a minor eternity of over 86,000 seconds. During each second, the number of distinct molecular functions going on within the human body is comparable to the number of seconds in the estimated age of the cosmos. A few seconds are long enough for a revolutionary idea, a startling communication, a babys conception, a wounding insult, a sudden death. Depending on how we think of them, our lives can be infinitely long or infinitely short." - Author: Robert Grudin

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"So, that sucked," I said, trying to sound as jovial as possible. "Side effect of dating in the magical world, I guess."He made a sound of amusement, his shoulders jerking slightly. But he still didnt look at me. "You think those guys ever had these kinds of problems?" he asked, nodding toward the picture. It was the one depicting the very first class at Hecate Hall, back in 1903. There had only been a few students that year, back when the school hadnt been used for punishment but as a kind of safe house."Probably," I said. "That chick in the straw hat seems kind of skanky." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

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"-so that for these few moments it actually seems that Ruprecht could be right, that everything, or at least the small corner of everything that is the Seabrook Sports Hall, is resonating to the same chord, the same feeling, the one that over a lifetime you learn a million ways to camouflage but never quite to banish - the feeling living in a world of apartness, of distances you cannot overcome; its almost as if the strange out-of-nowhere voice is the universe itself, some hidden aspect of it that rises momentarily over the motorway-roar of space and time to console you, to remind you that although you cant overcome the distances, you can still sing the song -- out into the darkness over the separating voids, towards a fleeting moment of harmony..." - Author: Paul Murray

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