[The First Money I Ever Had Was When I Received An Award From The American Association Of University Women.]

Author: Marguerite Young Quotes

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Les Back Quotes

"Perhaps the difference between a professor and a bus driver is that the professor can say stupid things with complete authority while the bus driver is not authorized to make brilliant insights."

Marie Brennan Quotes

"Just as Manda Lewiss impressions of the world had been informed by her reading-- leading her to expect balls, duels, and conveniently timed thunderstorms out of life-- so, too, had mine; but what I expected was intellectual commerce between equals."

Pamela K Kinney Quotes

"A black dog, tall and wide as a full grown man, took a couple of steps toward them. It bared sharp, yellow fangs big as Bowie knifes. Drool dripped from them to the dried grass below. Unable to help it, Lee wet his pants when he saw the animals eyes. It had four glowing orbs that burned with a smoldering red light like the fires of Hell."

Rainer J Hanshe Quotes

"Writing, as most art, is considered to be essentially superfluous. Who is an artist before a surgeon? Or a scientist? But the fact that tyrants and political forces of every age have been threatened by art again and again, condemned it as degenerate or poisonous, and have silenced, brutalized, or murdered artists because of their work only serves to illustrate how significant art is, that it is our one greatest power. I would even go so far as to say that the tyrant ‘understands art more than the devotee, for the latter is generally too ‘pious and adoring, almost like a simple-minded believer overwrought by faith who simply loves and finds everything ‘great, whereas the former suffers the transformative threat of art more, is even endangered by it, hence their terror."

Tamara Ecclestone Quotes

"Before mobile phones, I used to call my parents from a phone box and reverse the charges."

Jimmy Haynes Quotes

"There is nothing you can do about it but sit back and watch."

Georg Brandes Quotes

"I admired in others the strength that I lacked myself."

Ed Markey Quotes

"Thats the premise of the Saudi Arabians. Hes holding the presidents hand with one. In the other hand, hes got his hand in the pocket of American consumers."

Helene Iswolsky Quotes

"Nonviolence is the very essence of the gospels."

James Patterson Quotes

"Maybe he was a good a good whitecoat—like Jeb. And maybe the moon was made of cream cheese."

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Quotes About Refining Gold

"There are those two German brothers offering to pay gold for stories," the golden imp said. "And theres a human in France who is looking for the same thing. And one in Denmark." - Author: James Riley

Quotes About Hopes And Fears

"Books; I repeat, for theyve not only been a solace during the long years but also provided the keys to understanding other peoples ideas and achievements, their hopes and fears, quirks and foibles, their dreams.....their demons" - Author: Eliza Granville

Quotes About Entertaining Guests

"Your baby only needs a lot of light at night if hes reading or hes entertaining guests." - Author: Lawrence Kutner

Quotes About Love For Her

"In the closed world of the gynaeceum, despite the gardens and parkland extending beyong the horizon, despite the insurmountable walls separating pavillions and palaces, the tangled web of our fate was inescapable. Why did these women love each other to the point of madness? Why did they loathe one another so vehemently, and why did sworn enemies feel such horror and fascination for one another? Why should furious hate become obsession, then intoxication and the very reason to live?Because love and hate were the two heads of the demon." - Author: Shan Sa

Quotes About Hunters And Prey

"The most prolific and accomplished hunters were not the most bloodthirsty and indefatigable. They were the most cool and empathetic. They were the ones who were able to assimilate their quarrys mind-set--to see through the eyes of their prey and thus reliably predict its deft, innate trajectories of evasion." - Author: Kevin Dutton

Quotes About Laundry Rooms

"It started when we were little kids.Free spirits, but alreadytormented by our own handsgiven to us by our parents.We got together and wrote on desksand slept in laundry rooms near snowy mountainsand slipped through whatevercracks we could find,minds altered, we didnt falterin portraving hysterical andtragic characters in a smogfilled universe.we loved the dirty cityand the journeys away from it.We had not yet been or seen our friends, selves,chase tails round and round in downward spirals,leaving trail of irretrievable,vital life juice behind.Still, thebrothersbloodcomradespartnerfamilycuzzwas impenetrableand we lived inside itlaughing with no clothes, andeverything experimental tilldeath was upon us.In our face, mortality." - Author: Anthony Kiedis

Quotes About Your Home Country

"You cant go back home to your family, back home to your childhood, back home to romantic love, back home to a young mans dreams of glory and of fame, back home to exile, to escape to Europe and some foreign land, back home to lyricism, to singing just for singings sake, back home to aestheticism, to ones youthful idea of the artist and the all-sufficiency of art and beauty and love, back home to the ivory tower, back home to places in the country, to the cottage in Bermude, away from all the strife and conflict of the world, back home to the father you have lost and have been looking for, back home to someone who can help you, save you, ease the burden for you, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time--back home to the escapes of Time and Memory." - Author: Thomas Wolfe

Quotes About Sbadataggine

"Non riuscivo a perdonarlo e neanche trovarlo simpatico, ma capii che dal suo punto di vista ciò che aveva fatto era pienamente giustificato. Era stato tutto molto sbadato e pasticciato. Erano gente sbadata, Tom e Daisy: sfracellavano cose e persone e poi si ritiravano nel loro denaro o nella loro ampia sbadataggine o in ciò che comunque li teneva uniti, e lasciavano che altri mettessero a posto il pasticcio che avevano fatto." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Galapagos Islands

"Becoming a bird ecologist was just luck! I had the chance to be a field assistant for a scientist working in the Galapagos Islands, and while I was there, I saw a particular problem in behavioral biology that I wanted to solve and, in the process, made myself into a bird ecologist." - Author: David J. Anderson

Quotes About Little Lies

"Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families." - Author: Kendrick Meek