[The First Night Stephen And I Slept Together, He Whispered Numbers Into My Ear: Long, High Numbers -- Distances Between Planets, Seconds In A Life. He Spoke As If They Were Poetry, And They Became Poetry. Later, When He Fell Asleep, I Leaned Over Him And Watched, Trying To Picture A Mathematician's Dreams. I Concluded That Stephen Must Dream In Abstract, Cool Designs Like Mondrian Paintings.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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Jacobo Timerman Quotes

"Now theyre really amused, and burst into laughter. Someone tries a variation while still clapping hands: Clipped prick… clipped prick. Whereupon they begin alternating while clapping their hands: Jew… Clipped prick… Jew… Clipped prick. It seems theyre no longer angry, merely having a good time. I keep bouncing in the chair and moaning as the electric shocks penetrate [....]"

Mary Amato Quotes

"Their voices fit together so perfectly, it makes him, for the first time, actually like the concept of perfection."

Nick Cassavetes Quotes

"I like to give my actors a lot of room."

Dale Wasserman Quotes

"I come in a world of iron...to make a world of gold"

Liz Armbruster Quotes

"In what you say of another, apply the test of kindness, necessity and truth, and let nothing pass your lips without a 2/3 majority."

Himanshu Chhabra Quotes

"Only the wool of present will knit the sweater of memories that will keep you warm in the winter of your life."

Paulo Coelhos Quotes

"...he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke—the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love."

Jaroslav Pelikan Quotes

"Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. And, I suppose I should add, traditionalism gives tradition a bad name."

J Alfred Johnstone Quotes

"The true significance, then, of absolute music is that it expresses human personality at its finest moments, adequately, beautifully and spiritually, by the medium of sound. And therefore our finest music is one of the supreme possessions of the world ; for there is nothing greater than great personality."

Hilal Asyraf Quotes

"Hentikan cinta kosong"

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"I would say that the Pentagon Papers case of 1971 - in which the government tried to block the The New York Times and The Washington Post that they obtained from a secret study of how we got involved in the war in Vietnam - that is probably the most important case." - Author: Floyd Abrams

Quotes About Social Status In To Kill A Mockingbird

"Six months ago when she first came up with the idea to kill Wilson, back when she was living in Memphis, shed started going to church again. Since she was spending so much time thinking about sinister things, the least she could do, she reasoned, was to think about God and his love twice a week at church so that she wouldnt become a total sociopath. And rather than kill other people who were stand-ins for the person she really wanted to kill, like serial killers did, shed be kind and generous to others and hone in on the one who deserved to die. And her plan had worked extremely well. Since shed started planning to kill Wilson, and then decided to destroy his family instead, she felt no animosity toward anyone but him. Almost none at all!" - Author: Elizabeth Stuckey French

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"I have 1.4 million followers on Twitter. I get very interesting, sometimes very diverse input from my followers. So its sort of like this water cooler, digital water cooler, if you want to think about it, where you go and you listen to conversations that are happening that perhaps will shape your thinking." - Author: Padmasree Warrior

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"You have to discipline your children, or they wont respect you, law enforcement or God or anyone else." - Author: Phil Robertson

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"I shaved the back of my head once and did the asymmetrical hair." - Author: Olivia Wilde

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"What?" he asked."I dont know. Just thinking about flowers. And impressing people. I mean, how strange is it that we bring plant sex organs to people were attracted to? Whats up with that? Its a weird sign of affection."His dark eyes lit up, like hed just discovered something surprising and delightful. "Is it any weirder than giving chocolate, which is supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Or what about wine? A romantic drink that really just succeeds in lowering the other persons inhibitions.""Hmmm, Its like people are trying to be both subtle and blatant at the same time. Like, they wont actually go up and say, Hey, I like you, lets get together. Instead, theyre like, Here, have some plant genitalia and aphrodisiacs." - Author: Richelle Mead

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"I went whole hog at the actors lifestyle - really embraced it. I had by then known how much I loved acting already, because I discovered acting from a teacher in the seminary - thats the first place I ever did it, in the seminary." - Author: Peter Jurasik

Quotes About Paranormal Romance

"Get away from my ex-girlfriend, you moany little whinge-bag. Caelen took a deep breath, like he was in pain, and stood up. His voice was low, guttural. I was hoping Id get the chance to kill you. You wont be killing anyone, you sad little emo git.Youve stood in the way of our love for long enough.Just listening to you makes me want to top myself, you self-pitying Paranormal Romance novel reject.Caelen glared. Stop insulting me.Why? If you cry will your mascara run?" - Author: Derek Landy

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"He turns around, all impatient. Now what? I wanna say something to you. I wanna say . . . I dunno . . . more. I could bust apart with all Im feelin inside of me right now. What with fightin off the hellwurms an gittin my shoulder tore open, an how I felt when I woke up an seen you an, now, here I am, being so close to findin Lugh an I dunno whats gonna happen an--Jacks lookin at me, frowning. Whats the matter with you, Saba? he says. I grab his face an kiss him on the lips." - Author: Moira Young

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"You loved me-then what right had you to leave me? What right-answer me-for the poor fancy you felt for Linton? Because misery and degradation, and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us, you, of your own will, did it. I have not broken your heart- you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine."~Heathcliff" - Author: Emily Brontë