[The First Night Stephen And I Slept Together, He Whispered Numbers Into My Ear: Long, High Numbers -- Distances Between Planets, Seconds In A Life. He Spoke As If They Were Poetry, And They Became Poetry. Later, When He Fell Asleep, I Leaned Over Him And Watched, Trying To Picture A Mathematician's Dreams. I Concluded That Stephen Must Dream In Abstract, Cool Designs Like Mondrian Paintings.]

Author: Peter Cameron Quotes

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"But nothing beats a Woody Allen film on a Sunday night, with a glass of wine and some leftovers."

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"I got my degree in theatre at a little school in Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg University. It was one of those situations where I went into the major because I loved it, but didnt really expect to see it as a moneymaking situation or career."

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"Im not real impressed with the Star Trek weaponry, I gotta be honest."

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"Era tal mi desvarío, que en una manifestación estudiantil con piedras y botellas, tuve que sacar fuerzas de flaqueza para no ponerme al frente con un letrero que consagrara mi verdad: Estoy loco de amor."

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"Its hard to be less than happy when you can be happy with less."

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"I love doing the conventions and being an ambassador for Star Wars."

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"After lengthy consideration, my views have evolved sufficiently to support marriage equality legislation. This position doesnt require any religious denomination to alter any of its tenets; it simply forbids government from discrimination regarding who can marry whom."

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"Changes in the traditional way of building are only permitted if they are an improvement. Otherwise stay with what is traditional, for truth, even if it be hundreds of years old has a stronger inner bond with us than the lie that walks by our side."

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"Were all innately creative; Im not bringing anything magical to it. Ninety percent of inventing is putting in the hours and just trying. You dont need to make a big leap—you - need to take a thousand small steps."

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"Do we say to the wind, do you wish not to blow? Do we say to the thunder, would you rather be silent? No. We never think of these things."

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"Dalam banyak situasi, menunggu adalah kebijaksanaan tiada tara. Dalam banyak kondisi, menunggu adalah solusi terbaik tanpa tanding.Saya tidak bergurau. Meski diluar sana banyak sekali orang yang justeru menyuruh bergegas, siapa cepat dia dapat. Dalam banyak keadaan, justeru menunggu adalah yang terbaik. Jangan lupa, lengkapi menunggu tersebut dengan dua syarat pentingnya: bersabar dan berdoa. Maka kita tidak akan pernah merugi atas setiap urusan." - Author: Tere Liye

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"Goethe died in 1832. As you know, Goethe was very active in science. In fact, he did some very good scientific work in plant morphology and mineralogy. But he was quite bitter at the way in which many scientists refused to grant him a hearing because he was a poet and therefore, they felt, he couldnt be serious." - Author: Stephen Jay Gould

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"When I lay and think, in my bed at night, the day youll arrive, seems nowhere in sight. I toss and I turn, dreaming of you, opening my eyes ... checking if my dream came true. It didnt, again, and a tear starts to roll, weeping quietly ... my pillow I hold.Many sleepless nights Ive prayed for you, my love. God touched my soul from heaven above Hes answered my prayers for my bride to be. Ive never felt this lucky, God did this for me. Thats a question I asked each and every night.He must think youre special, Sophie, and I know hes right. No other has made me feel so complete, my whole life was lived, just so we could meet. All these thoughts and more going through my head. I fall asleep not worrying, but dreaming of you ... instead." - Author: Bethany Walkers

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"my god! im thinking, what incredible shit weve put up with most of our lives - the domestic routine (same old jobs, insufferable arrogance of elected officials, the crafty cheating and the slimy advertising of the businessman, the tedious wars in which we kill our buddies instead of our real enemies back home in the capital, the foul diseased and hideous cities and towns we live in, the constant petty tyranny of automatic washers and automobiles and tv machines and telephones -! ah christ!, im thinking, at the same time that im waving goodby to that hollering idiot on shore, what intolerable garbage and what utterly useless crap we bury ourselves in day by day, while patiently enduring at the same time the creeping strangulation of the clean white collar and the rich but modest four-in-hand garrote)" - Author: Edward Abbey

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"Anyone who was tempted to draw comparisons between my fathers Dave Robicheaux series and my first book quickly gave up." - Author: Alafair Burke

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"If you dont get in them and rev them up every now and then, they turn in to cranky old bitches who refuse to do a damn thing for you."Connerism from Quinns Need" - Author: S.J.D. Peterson

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"Good morning world & Happy Monday! Rise & grind! Today will be a blessed day. Much love to you all. LK" - Author: LaNina King

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"I stooped under the rude lintel, and there he sat upon a stone outside, his gray eyes dancing with amusement as they fell upon my astonished features. He was thin and worn, but clear and alert, his keen face bronzed by the sun and roughened by the wind. In his tweed suit and cloth cap he looked like any other tourist upon the moor, and he had contrived, with that catlike love of personal cleanliness which was one of his characteristics, that his chin should be as smooth and his linen as perfect as if he were in Baker Street." - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

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"I like to chant a couple of lines of poetry into the ozone layer every day or so," another caller says." - Author: Carol Shields

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"You dont give an inch. Thats why I like you, Olivia — no middle name — Kaspen. You make me work for every smile, every giggle…" - Author: Tarryn Fisher