[The First Sound Was The Bowstrings, The Snap Of Five Thousand Hemp Cords Being Tightened By Stressed Yew, And That Sound Was Like The Devil's Harpstrings Being Plucked. Then There Was The Arrow Sound, The Sigh Of Air Over Feathers, But Multiplied, So That It Was Like The Rushing Of A Wind. That Sound Diminished As Two Clouds Of Arrows, Thick As Any Flock Of Starlings, Climbed Into The Gray Sky. Hook, Reaching For Another Broadhead, Marveled At The Sight Of Five Thousand Arrows In Two Sky-shadowing Groups. The Two Storms Seemed To Hover For A Heart's Beat At The Height Of Their Trajectory, And Then The Missiles Fell. It Was Saint Crispin's Day In Picardy. For An Instant There Was Silence. Then The Arrows Struck. It Was The Sound Of Steel On Steel. A Clatter, Like Satan's Hailstorm.]

Author: Bernard Cornwell Quotes

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"En tiedä pelkäävätkö he tuolia vai minua, vai olemmeko me heidän silmissään yksi ja sama, jonkinlainen kyborgi, pyörä-Maria."

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"Coming up with ideas is really hard - they dont spontaneously pop into my head while Im cutting vegetables."

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"The absence of a muse can be even more inspirational than its presence"

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"Abolish music prejudices. Form opinions and love music for itself, not its genre, performer(s) or popularity status."

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"Mrs. Horowitz said, "It is inexcusable that humans think they can murder other animals because they murder themselves. I must tell you, I hate humans. They terrify me.""They should," I continued. "I interviewed Yehudi Menuhin the other day."

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"Youve read half the books in this house? This whole house?" "Well, approximately half." Sticky said. "To be more accurate, I suppose Ive read more like" - his eyes went up as he calculated - "three sevenths? Yes, three sevenths." "Only three sevenths?" said Kate, pretending to look disappointed. "And here I was prepared to be impressed."

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"101 Reasons Why its great to be a woman : We have three times the amount of potential sick leave. Take into account all those days you are unable to work owing to pre, during and post menstrual tension."

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"Ive got kids now and they will constantly pull you into the here and now - they are very present and very vivid."

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"I believe the world is increasingly in danger of becoming split into groups which cannot communicate with each other, which no longer think of each other as members of the same species."

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"An actor is only merchandise."

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"I daydream - and get paid for it. I recall a scene from An Officer and a Gentleman. At the end of the movie Richard Gere, dressed in his naval whites, goes into a factory, picks up Debra Winger, and carries her out of that depressing place with all of those dirty machines.I wish that would happen to me. Of course the whole time Id be worried that the guy was trying to guess my weight or something. I realize how truly pathetic I am. Some guy in a uniform drags his woman out of the workplace to stick her in a house to cook and possibly even clip coupons, and I am staring to buy into it, into the anti-female propaganda disguised as romance. As soon as he picks her up, things have to head south from there, because at some point, he has to put her down." - Author: Jill A. Davis

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