[The Founders And Grand Theorists Of Modern (quantum And Relativity) Physics: Einstein, Schroedinger, Heisenberg, Bohr, Eddington, Pauli, De Broglie, Jeans, And Planck.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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Ian Doescher Quotes

"O be not anxious, comrades, fear ye not! The siuation here hath been controlld. All merry tis in the detention block!....That conversation did my spirits bore! Now Luke, prepare thyself for company."

Aleksandar Sekulov Quotes

"Tankopis je nalik ispruženom kažiprstu polegao preko bele kože na leđima Naska H., išarane pravopisnim greškama pegica i mladeža."

Emily Blunt Quotes

"People quit on jobs. They quit on marriages. They quit on school. Theres an immediacy of this day and age that doesnt lend itself to being committed to anything."

Maria Shriver Quotes

"When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands."

RJ Gonzales Quotes

"Eventually, Ill grow sick and perish. Die on the floor, a young girl—who even when in the presence of company, still feels the loneliness that looms over her heart."

Z Stefani Quotes

"So the little princess thinks she can beat the big bad King for the position", he almost chuckled"I´ll rip through you like a bull shark as I take my prize"."

Liz Murray Quotes

"Instead, what I was beginning to understand was that however things unfolded from here on, whatever the next chapter was, my life could never be the sum of one circumstance. It would be determined, as it had always been, by my willingness to put one foot in front of the other, moving forward, come what may."

Sheri Dew Quotes

"If Life were easy, it would not be hard"

Bob Schieffer Quotes

"If you get asked a really tough question and you give a really good answer, you come off looking really good."

30 Seconds To Mars Quotes

"I was hung on a tree, made of tongues of the weak. The branches and bone of the liars and thieves."

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Quotes About Applied Mathematics

"Pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics." - Author: G. H. Hardy

Quotes About Beautiful Artwork

"I wrote a graphic novel called Soul Stealer with big, beautiful, epic artwork by Chris Shy. It grew into a trilogy." - Author: Michael Easton

Quotes About Thanks For The Memories

"I sip my coffee. I look at the mountain, which is still doing its tricks, as you look at a still-beautiful face belonging to a person who was once your lover in another country years ago: with fond nostalgia, and recognition, but no real feelings save a secret astonishment that you are now strangers. Thanks. For the memories. It is ironic that the one thing that all religions recognize as separating us from our creator--our very self-consciousness--is also the one thing that divides us from our fellow creatures. It was a bitter birthday present from evolution, cutting us off at both ends." - Author: Annie Dillard

Quotes About Cantor

"OS QUATRO CANTORESPobre Marat em tua casa cercadaestás adiantado um século de nósEnquanto tine a lâmpada lá forae tuas palavras se decompõeescorre-se em sanguetoda a verdade que aprendeste," - Author: Peter Weiss

Quotes About Palmer

"Ernesto Palmer got the name Chili originally because he was hot-tempered as a kid...Now he was Chili, Tommy Carlo said, because he had chilled down and didnt need the hot temper. All he had to do was turn his eyes dead when he looked at a slow pay, not say more than three words, and the guy would sell his wifes car to make the payment." - Author: Elmore Leonard

Quotes About Twinkle

"Each of us is born to follow a star, be it bright and shining or dark and fated. Sometimes the path of these stars will cross, bringing love or hatred. However, if you look up at the skies on a clear night, out of all the countless lights that twinkle and shine, there will come one. That star will be seen in a blaze, burning a path of light across the roof of the earth, a great comet." - Author: Brian Jacques

Quotes About Populists

"What created democracy was Thomas Paine and Shays Rebellion, the suffragists and the abolitionists and on down through the populists and the labor movement, including the Wobblies. Tough, in your face people... Mother Jones, Woody Guthrie... Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez. And now its down to us." - Author: Jim Hightower

Quotes About Generousity

"Generousity invents prosperity" - Author: Binye Vincent

Quotes About Evanescence

"I think of the moment in time when everything changed. A moment that caused so much evil. The moment the Star fell from the sky. Then, I picture it never falling, disappearing, vanishing into thin air. I concentrate on that moment as warmth spreads throughout my body and I feel time fading, like the morning mist. Evanescence." - Author: Jessica Sorensen

Quotes About Realizing Who Your Real Friends Are

"Do you know, I think that of all your idiosyncrasies that choke you give, when you are determined not to laugh, is the one that most enchants me." - Author: Georgette Heyer