[The Greatest Act Of Faith Is When A Man Understands He Is Not God.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Quotes

"What struck me whenever I visited a farm was how much more sophisticated was the life the animals were capable of living than was assumed by those exploiting them. The more we are willing to see about their lives, the more we will see. Humans seem to take perverse pleasure in attributing stupidity to animals when it is almost always entirely a question of human ignorance."

Georgia Clark Quotes

"The most intimate moments in the world dont happen in nightclubs or backstage or even on the movie screen. They were moments like this: sitting silently, comfortably, holding hands on a darkened bedroom floor."

Marianne Fredriksson Quotes

"...anyone expecting injustice does not keep a collection of injustices."

Rachel A Marks Quotes

"He couldnt look back at the children. He couldnt think of it. All he could do was watch the eyes of his wife.He pulled her to him, her body soft, her skin warm. She was life, she was his. He took her lips and tasted his freedom once more. The subtle tenderness. The hope hidden in joined breath. He took it into himself. Soaking in the peace that came with it.And even as the rustling began he felt still, he felt calm. Scratching and scrapping within the stones, and the rustle of wings. But all Eli knew was the nature of love."

Ellen Glasgow Quotes

"Doesnt all experience crumble in the end to mere literary material?"

James Anthony Froude Quotes

"Fear is the parent of cruelty."

Abraham Flexner Quotes

"We must not overlook the role that extremists play. They are the gadflies that keep society from being too complacent or self-satisfied; they are, if sound, the spearhead of progress. If they are fundamentally wrong, free discussion will in time put an end to them."

Sean Thomas Dougherty Quotes

"Beso me without desire so I may hear her coo, that grew in you"

Steven Klein Quotes

"I like to show subjects inside a sealed veneer. Theres a sense that you cant get in."

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Quotes About Roses And Moms

"Everythings coming up roses - for me." - Author: Ethel Merman

Quotes About Biarritz

"During the two months of our stay at Biarritz, my passion for Colette all but surpassed my passion for Cleopatra. Since my parents were not keen to meet hers, I saw her only on the beach; but I thought of her constantly. If I noticed she had been crying, I felt a surge of helpless anguish that brought tears to my own eyes. I could not destroy the mosquitoes that had left their bites on her frail neck, but I could, and did, have a successful fistfight with a red-haired boy who had been rude to her. She used to give me warm handfuls of hard candy. One day, as we were bending together over a starfish, and Colettes ringlets were tickling my ear, she suddenly turned toward me and kissed me on the cheek. So great was my emotion that all I could think of saying was, You little monkey." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Appropriate Death

"The norm which the society at large has set today categorically is in the form of preventive measures to be clasped within the purview of its social fabric. The legislators of great economies on the other hand have retrospectively identified the offense, researched, debated and have successfully handed down several yards of legislation with ingrained penalties and punishment for the trespassers of what they think as appropriate, bearing in mind basic human rights of the offenders.And the sword of Damocles continues to haunt tiny sprouts of the society, ripping their souls and plunging them to misery, despair or death, to which several national and international judicial precedents bear witness." - Author: Henrietta Newton Martin Legal Consultant

Quotes About Steig


Quotes About Being Too Optimistic

"Too often, the notion of progress is used as a code word for perfection, the chain of being in a different guise. The term should be employed with caution. Some see an arrow of time in biology, as in physics, but in the opposite direction- a relentless tendency to improve, just as a universe has a built-in trend towards chaos and disorder. That is too optimistic. Some lineages get more complicated, some simpler, and much of life has to struggle to stay in the same place. If everyone is evolving, nobody can afford to stop, and there may be constant change with no overall advance at all." - Author: Steve Jones

Quotes About Potion

"True love is not a potion one person can swallow and another refuse to drink. It happens only when the souls of two join together to form one" - Author: P.C. Cast

Quotes About The World And Change

"Science taps the power of human understanding to look at the world and figure out how it works. It cant fail without humanity itself failing. Your magic could turn off, and you would hate that, but you would still be you. You would still be alive to regret it. But because science rests upon my human intelligence, it is the power that cannot be removed from me without removing me. Even if the laws of the universe change on me, so that all my knowledge is void, Ill just figure out the new laws, as has been done before. Its not a Muggle thing, its a human thing, it just refines and trains the power you use every time you look at something you dont understand and ask Why?" - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Quotes About Karl Lagerfeld

"I love Karl Lagerfeld. I worship him. I was brought up in Paris, and my mum used to wear a lot of Chanel. I love the brand." - Author: Emma Watson

Quotes About Vending Machines

"Its safe to assume that by 2085 guns will be sold in vending machines but you wont be able to smoke anywhere in America." - Author: David Sedaris

Quotes About Mans Behavior

"Which do you think is more valuable to humanity?a. Finding ways to tell humans that they have free will despite the incontrovertible fact that their actions are completely dictated by the laws of physics as instantiated in our bodies, brains and environments? That is, engaging in the honored philosophical practice of showing that our notion of "free will" can be compatible with determinism?orb. Telling people, based on our scientific knowledge of physics, neurology, and behavior, that our actions are predetermined rather than dictated by some ghost in our brains, and then sussing out the consequences of that conclusion and applying them to society?Of course my answer is b)." - Author: Jerry A. Coyne