[The Greatest And Noblest Pleasure Which We Have In This World Is To Discover New Truths, And The Next Is To Shake Off Old Prejudices.]

Author: Frederick The Great Quotes

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Titus Flavius Clemens Quotes

"Do not think that we say that these things are only to be received by faith, but also that they are to be asserted by reason. For indeed it is not safe to commit these things to bare faith without reason, since assuredly truth cannot be without reason."

Taryn Elliott Quotes

"If he could bottle her strengthand vitality, he would. He would take everything thatwas Tessa and lock it into a corner of his heart, to takeout when the emptiness got too overwhelming."

John Van Epp Quotes

"It is crucial to realize that your ability to form strong and loving bonds can betray you if you do not intentionally pace a new relationship."

Maria Edgeworth Quotes

"The bore is usually considered a harmless creature, or of that class of irrationa bipeds who hurt only themselves."

Mitch Gaylord Quotes

"A team championship doesnt happen because three people score 10s, it happens because all the guys score well. In my opinion, everyone deserved 10s, were all 10s on this team."

Louis Mountbatten Quotes

"The Battle of Normandy was won on the beaches of Dieppe"

RJ Peters Quotes

"The northern star changes its position every ten thousand years, but friendships can last for all eternity.— RJPeters"

Richelle Meadle Mead Quotes

"He came over to stand by me. "Well, dont tell anyone, but I think getting away from Court was a good thing. This weather sucks, but Palm Springs might be good for me— it and all the wonders it contains. You guys. Art classes. Pine cleaner."

Erik Satie Quotes

"The musician is perhaps the most modest of animals, but he is also the proudest. It is he who invented the sublime art of ruining poetry."

John Dillinger Quotes

"These few dollars you lose here today are going to buy you stories to tell your children and great-grandchildren. This could be one of the big moments in your life; dont make it your last!"

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Quotes About Pursuing Your Goals

"The best posture you can adopt when pursuing your goals is neither to stand nor sit. The best position is to STANDOUT! Everyone may be sitting; but dont sit! Many people may be standing; but dont just stand. When you stand, be outstanding!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About European History

"In every European nation, there have been problems in history when the society was too divided." - Author: Harri Holkeri

Quotes About Discovery And Invention

"For the great eras in the history of the development of all the arts have been eras not of increased feeling or enthusiasm in feeling for art, but of new technical improvements primarily and specially. The discovery of marble quarries in the purple ravines of Pentelicus and on the little low-lying hills of the island of Paros gave to the Greeks the opportunity for that intensified vitality of action, that more sensuous and simple humanism, to which the Egyptian sculptor working laboriously in the hard porphyry and rose-coloured granite of the desert could not attain. The splendour of the Venetian school began with the introduction of the new oil medium for painting. The progress in modern music has been due to the invention of new instruments entirely, and in no way to an increased consciousness on the part of the musician of any wider social aim." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Educational Trends

"...as long as we have the choice to read what we want, I suspect Twain and Homer and the rest will always be with us. The stoutest old writers ebb and flow in popularity; tastes and political correctness and educational trends also ebb and flow, and we have a tendency to embrace the short view because it makes better news stories. So the joy of literature may not be at a high water mark right now, and yet you can walk into the Target store of your choice and pick up Catcher in the Rye. Beauty floats, I guess, along with sorrow and hope. (http://www.wab.org/events/allofroches...)" - Author: Leif Enger

Quotes About Difficult Times

"Thats my town, Joaquin said. What a fine town, but how the buena gente, the good people of that town, have suffered in this war. Then, his face grave, There they shot my father. My mother. My brother-in-law and now my sister. What barbarians, Robert Jordan said. How many times had he heard this? How many times had he watched people say it with difficulty? How many times had he seen their eyes fill and their throats harden with the difficulty of saying my father, or my brother, or my mother, or my sister? He could not remember how many times he heard them mention their dead in this way. Nearly always they spoke as this boy did now; suddenly and apropos of the mention of the town and always you said, What barbarians." - Author: Ernest Hemingway

Quotes About Georgiana In Jane Eyre

"Jane Austen? I feel that I am approaching dangerous ground. The reputation of Jane Austen is surrounded by cohorts of defenders who are ready to do murder for their sacred cause." - Author: Arnold Bennett

Quotes About Yearning For Someone

"Stories come alive in the telling. Without a human voice to read them aloud, or a pair of wide eyes following them by flashlight beneath a blanket, they had no existence in our world. They were like seeds in the beak of a bird, waiting to fall to earth. Or the notes of a song laid out on a sheet, yearning for an instrument to bring their music into being. They lay dormant, hoping for the chance to emerge. Once someone started to read them, they could begin to change. They could take root in the imagination and transform the reader. Stories wanted to be read. They needed it. It was the reason they forced themselves from their world into ours. They wanted us to give them life." - Author: John Connolly

Quotes About Hestia

"We all look back at some time or other and wonder why we didnt listen to our instincts. Why did we hestiate? Why did we lose our dreams?" - Author: Diane Griffith

Quotes About Text

"If we read the text alone, assuming that the word cross can only derive its meaning from the later death of Jesus, then its appearance in the text must be an anachronism read back into the story after the crucifixion. This conclusion becomes unnecessary if the cross, being the standard punishment for insurrection or for the refusal to confess Caesars lordship, already had a clear definition in the listeners awareness. Take up your cross may even have been a standard phrase of Zealot recruiting. The disciples cross is not a metaphor for self-mortification or even generally innocent suffering; if you follow me, your fate will be like mine, the fate of a revolutionary. You cannot follow me without facing that fate." - Author: John Howard Yoder

Quotes About Feeling Alive

"And, I think, this greening does thaw at the edges, at least, of my own cold season. Joy sneaks in: listening to music, riding my bicycle, I catch myself feeling, in a way thats as old as I am but suddenly seems unfamiliar, light. I have felt so heavy for so long. At first I felt odd- as if I shouldnt be feeling this lightness, that familiar little catch of pleasure in the heart which is inexplicable, though a lovely passage of notes or the splendidly turned petal of a tulip has triggered it. Its my buoyancy, part of what keeps me alive: happy, suddenly with the concomitant experience of a sonata and the motion of the shadows of leaves. I have the desire to be filled with sunlight, to soak my skin in as much of it as I can drink up, after the long interior darkness of this past season, the indoor vigil, in this harshest and darkest of winters, outside and in." - Author: Mark Doty