[The Greatest Thrill Is Not To Kill But To Let Live.]

Author: James Oliver Curwood Quotes

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Cate Campbell Beatty Quotes

"The law isnt merciful."

Henryk Sienkjewicz Quotes

"It is not Atlas who carries the world on his shoulders, but woman; and sometimes she plays with it as with a ball."

Gina Nahai Quotes

"The greatest writers have persistence."

Luc Montagnier Quotes

"What perhaps should receive more attention is the effect of the treatment on the virus."

Viva Bianca Quotes

"Film is where I want to end up, but I dont want to let go of theatre."

Billie Letts Quotes

"You ever think about this? Every year you live, you pass the anniversary of your death. Now you dont know what day it is, of course."

Moffat Machingura Quotes

"Every success story has a secret,Even if its a love story."

Adrienne Maria Vrettos Quotes

"Nothing about us is right. Were the wrongest kids youve ever seen. Our faces are wrong with zits, we have the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, and I think we might be ugly. Our families are wrong because none of us are rich, our bodies are wrong because we suck at sports, and theres something really wrong with all of our personalities, because nobody likes us, not even the teachers. Teachers make fun of us too, and think we dont notice."

Robert T Kiyosaki Quotes

"An importantdistinction is that rich people buy luxuries last, while the poor and middleclass tend to buy luxuries first."

Wilfred A Peterson Quotes

"Our children are watching us live, and what we ARE shouts louder than anything we can say."

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"Boondocks is simply the Tagalog word for mountains." - Author: Sharyn McCrumb

Quotes About 2 Dollars

"The name Atlantis came from an old book Victoria had never read. A lifetime residency in the ASM paradise was rumored to cost anywhere from 15 to 20 million dollars. The rich and powerful lived under the dome because they considered themselves separate and superior. Few of them left the comfort and security of Atlantis. To them the outside world was weak. Second Sector citizens where miscreant dregs of a defunct society. In order to enter the Atlantian dome one first had to be cleared by a resident. Gate security personnel strictly enforced this rule, even when outsiders carried a badge and gun." - Author: Benjamin R. Smith

Quotes About Pulling Back

"You like doing that, dont you?Yes, I like kissing you.No, she said, lifting me off my feet. Carrying me around. Pulling me down to kiss you whenever you get the urge. She turned to him with a mock glare. I think it goes hand in hand with the telling me what to do stuff.He didnt let go of her hand as he lifted his to run the back of one knuckle down her cheek. You like it, too." - Author: Bella Andre

Quotes About Destined

"But Id learned the hard way that you cant tell by looking if a guy is destined to hurt you. From the outside, they all look nice." - Author: Rachel Hawthorne

Quotes About Wishing He Knew

"Eventually hed let the answering machine take over and had hidden in his studio. Where hes hidden all his life. From the monster. He could feel itin their bedroom now. He could feel its tail swishing by him. Feel its hot, fetid breath.All his life he knew if he was quiet enough, small enough, it wouldnnt see him. If he didnt make a fuss, didnt speak up, it wouldnt hear him, wouldnt hurt him. If he was beyond criticism and hid his cruelty with a smile and good deeds, it wouldnt devour him. By now he realized there was no hiding. It would always be there, and always find him. He was the monster." - Author: Louise Penny

Quotes About Adulation

"Die young, stay pretty. Blondie, right? We think of it as a modern phenomenon, the whole youth thing, but really, consider all those great portraits, some of them centuries old. Those goddesses of Botticelli and Rubens, Goyas Maja, Madame X. Consider Manets Olympia, which shocked at the time, he having painted his mistress with the same voluptuous adulation generally reserved for the aristocratic good girls who posed for depictions of goddesses. Hardly anyone knows anymore, and no one cares, that Olympia was Manets whore; although theres every reason to imagine that, in life, she was foolish and vulgar and not entirely hygienic (Paris in the 1860s being what it was). Shes immortal now, shes a great historic beauty, having been scrubbed clean by the attention of a great artist. And okay, we cant help but notice that Manet did not choose to paint her twenty years later, when time had started doing its work. The world has always worshipped nascence. Goddamn the world." - Author: Michael Cunningham

Quotes About The Constitution From A Founding Father

"In no other nation under heaven could the Church have been organized and gone forward as we have in this nation. The founding of the United States was not an accident. The giving to us of the Constitution of the United States was not an accident. Our Heavenly Father knew what would be needed, and so he paved the way to give us the Constitution. It came under the influence of prayer, and he guided those who framed that wonderful document" - Author: George Albert Smith

Quotes About Intoxication

"Lucas nodded the instant before Hawke caught the first hint of an exquisitely familiar scent on the breeze. Autumn leaves and spice and strength. His wolf stretched out at the intoxication of it. Maybe she wasnt his mate, but the animal wasnt bothered. It still wanted the man to take her, to claim her. To bite her.Jesus." - Author: Nalini Singh

Quotes About Blanchard

"(Hadley and Mary in the Garden at Blanchard House)He laughed, a harsh sound, all sign of humor leaving his eyes. "Dont let any of it fool you, my dear, for even the most tarnished silver can acquire a fine and gleaming polish. And believe me, there is far more tarnish here than an innocent and unschooled eye such as yours can discern.""Why would you speak so of yourself?" Mary protested.He reached for a red-gold curl that had escaped her lace cap and coiled it around his !nger. "I would forewarn you, Miss Edwardes that I am a man, and men in general are not to be trusted…" He held her gaze as he slowly released the ringlet, allowing his fingers to skim her cheek. "…especially not by pretty young virgins." - Author: Victoria Vane

Quotes About Awkward Silences

"Silas talks about San Francisco, so avidly that I think hes trying to fill the air with words before it can be consumed with awkward silences. I dont know why I feel those silences lurking all around us, but every time Silas and I make eye contact, I can sense them there, waiting to slip in and make me blush. I try to avoid his eyes, stealing glances at his arched brows and bow-shaped lips whenever hes looking away." - Author: Jackson Pearce