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Author: Rita Wilson Quotes

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Noah Benshea Quotes

"Either the key to a mans wallet is in his heart, or the key to a mans heart is in his wallet. So, unless you express your charity, you are locked inside your greed."

Norma Shearer Quotes

"I get whatever placidity I have from my father. But my mother taught me how to take it on the chin."

Chrisette Michele Quotes

"I have epiphanies all the time, because Im always thinking. Im a thinker. Im always writing poetry, Im always coming to conclusions."

Jerome Bruner Quotes

"Education must, be not only a transmission of culture but also a provider of alternative views of the world and a strengthener of the will to explore them."

Karl A Menninger Quotes

"Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse."

Roger Michell Quotes

"Well, Im English."

Colin Powell Quotes

"Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it."

Palahniuk Quotes

"Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldnt screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground."

Benjamin Koldyke Quotes

"From a male perspective, you dont think about how much outward pressure and importance you put on how women look."

LH Thomson Quotes

"Im English. Were about as tactful as a hot poker up the bum, most of the time."

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Quotes About Overripe

"Riley mightve been more appreciative had he had any idea what was going on. He tried to rouse himself, find out specifics, but his head was throbbing—or maybe that was his brain; he couldve sworn it was about to go pop like an overripe berry under a truck tire..." - Author: J. Fally

Quotes About Gold Watches

"Why should I have to hide the fact that I dont believe theres a supreme being? Theres no proof of it. Theres no harm in saying youre an atheist. It doesnt mean you treat people any differently. I live by the Golden Rule to do unto others, as youd want to be treated.I just simply dont believe in religion, and I dont believe necessarily that theres a supreme being that watches over all of us. I follow the teachings of George Carlin. George said he worshipped the sun. He was a fellow atheist. Im in good company … Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin. Its not like Im not with good company and intelligent people. There have been some good, intelligent atheists who have lived in the world." - Author: George Carlin

Quotes About Illusion Vs Reality

"But like a boat with a twisted rudder, I kept coming back to the same place. I wasnt going anywhere. I was myself, waiting on the shore for me to return. Was that so depressing?Who knows? Maybe that was despair. What Turgenev called disillusionment. Or Dostoyevsky, hell. Or Somerset Maugham, reality. Whatever the label, I figured it was me." - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Cancer Woman

"The (cancer) cells, technically speaking, are immortals. The woman from whose body they were once taken has been dead for thirty years" - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee

Quotes About Autism Moms

"I dont know that I have any role models now that are fixed. Definitely my mom - shes the coolest. Shes worked really hard her whole life and I just think shes got a great attitude. Moms just know so much its so silly." - Author: Larisa Oleynik

Quotes About Worshippers

"Philip got up and knelt down to say his prayers. It was a cold morning, and he shivered a little; but he had been taught by his uncle that his prayers were more acceptable to God if he said them in his nightshirt than if he waited till he was dressed. This did not surprise him, for he was beginning to realize that he was a creature of a God who appreciated the discomfort of his worshippers." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Working Mothers

"Double standards in domestic roles are deeply rooted in cultural attitudes and workplace practices. Working mothers are held to higher standards than working fathers and are often criticized for being insufficiently committed, either as parents or professionals. Those who seem willing to sacrifice family needs to workplace demands appear lacking as mothers. Those who take extended leave or reduced schedules appear lacking as leaders." - Author: Barbara Kellerman

Quotes About Oil

"So that is what my dream meant! Pashenka is what I ought tohave been but failed to be. I lived for men on the pretext ofliving for God, while she lived for God imagining that she livesfor men. Yes, one good deed--a cup of water given withoutthought of reward--is worth more than any benefit I imagined Iwas bestowing on people. But after all was there not some shareof sincere desire to serve God? he asked himself, and the answerwas: Yes, there was, but it was all soiled and overgrown bydesire for human praise. Yes, there is no God for the man wholives, as I did, for human praise. I will now seek Him!" - Author: Leo Tolstoy

Quotes About Conversations With God

"What is it about human nature that when we are touched in a way that is life changing we want to share the experience with others. I have to think it is about bringing gifts from spirit back to the spirit in humans. All I know is that after I experienced the four years of intimate conversations with God/spirit/my higher self/the universe and the resulting growth and healing, I would ask myself, "What should I do?" and the answer was always, relentlessly, write a book and share it." - Author: Bobbi Junod

Quotes About Rauchen

"Wer ein Feindstrafrecht zu brauchen glaubt, der glaubt nicht an die Überlegenheit des Rechtsstaates über den Fundamentalismus." - Author: Heribert Prantl