[The Greeks Were Smarter Than Us, And They Had Different Words For Different Kinds Of Love. There's Storge, Which Is Family Love. That's Not Us. There's Eros, Which Is Sexual Love. There's Philia, Which Is Brotherly Love. And Then There's The Highest Form. Agape." He Pronounced It 'aga-pay'. "Thats Transcendental Love, Like When You Place The Other Person Above Yourself.]

Author: Bill Konigsberg Quotes

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AP Quotes

"...nothing more excruciating when you are fighting for your life than to have healthy people round you, squabbling over futilities. Who do you love best, and who most do you want with you? Blithering idiots: its life itself, cant you see? Its life I love best, and life I want with me. Go hang yourselves, all of you, youre only sapping my strength when most I need it. Leave me in peace and let me grapple."

Ronan Farrow Quotes

"Being under the microscope meant I was never given any slack. I still managed to screw up plenty in life, mind you, but in the things I really cared about - the legal work, or the stories I was telling as a writer, or the office I built in government - I wasnt left a lot of margin for error. Its kept me driven."

Jerrry A Webman Quotes

"The rise in equities helped strengthen the economy."

Nicole Reed Quotes

"Tell me what it will take, Jay?" His voice whispers in my ear. "I want you." ~ Rhye"

Cherrie Morago Quotes

"...it is not really the difference the oppressor fears so much as the similarity. He fears he will discover in himself the same aches, the same longings as those of the people he has shit on... . He fears he will have to change his life once he has seen himself in the bodies of the people he has called different."

Hermann Hesse Quotes

"How exhausting all this was. In fact, if only people knew how madly tiresome it is to be a criminal...!"

Melissa Ordway Quotes

"I love all the holidays and getting to see my family a lot during the fall. I also love the weather and getting to wear sweaters and jackets."

Zechariah Quotes

"Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and beheld a flying roll."

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Quotes

"...if true love breaks as easily as a delusion, on what can we rely? What will people pin their hopes on?" [Nilima]"Theyll have the sweet, intimate memories of a lost paradise, and beside it a sea of sorrow.... People looking on from outside think all is lost... What remains when everything is lost can be held in the palm, like a jewel. It cant be flaunted in a pageant, so the lookers-on are disappointed and jeer as they return home.." [Kamal]"...Jewels are not meant for everybody, certainly not for the rabble. People whore only happy when decked out with gold and silver from top to toe wont understand the value of your tiny diamonds and gems. Those who want a lot feel secure only after tying knot upon knot. They put a price on something only by its weight and show and bulk. But its useless to try and show the sunrise from a western window..[Nilima]"

Ian Hunter Quotes

"we only read when you write"

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"And if your friends make fun of you for chasing your dream, remember—just lie." - Author: Kathryn Stockett

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"The happiness at getting what you want is not usually commensurate with the worry leading up to it." - Author: Ann Brashares

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"In Egypt, I loved the perfume of the lotus. A flower would bloom in the pool at dawn, filling the entire garden with a blue musk so powerful it seemed that even the fish and ducks would swoon. By night, the flower might wither but the perfume lasted. Fainter and fainter, but never quite gone. Even many days later, the lotus remained in the garden. Months would pass and a bee would alight near the spot where the lotus had blossomed, and its essence was released again, momentary but undeniable." - Author: Anita Diamant

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"I dont think Bible verses were meant to be thrown like grenades at each other. They were meant for us to use to point each other toward love and grace and invite us into something much bigger." - Author: Bob Goff

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"Born Virginia Marshall but nicknamed Gig, my mother was a home economics teacher who had come all the way across the whole state of Virginia, from her home on the Eastern Shore to our little Appalachian coal town to marry my daddy, Ernest Smith, whose family had lived in these mountains for generations." - Author: Lee Smith

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"The image we have of a famous person often bears no relation to them." - Author: David Tang

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"Our heart oft times wakes when we sleep, and God can speak to that, either by words, by proverbs, by signs and similitudes, as well as if one was awake." - Author: John Bunyan

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"No one can repair your self-esteem for you. Your spouse cannot fix it. Your parents cannot fix it. Your boss cannot fix it. No amount of success or beauty enhancements can fix it. You have to fix it by changing the way you see yourself. You have to choose to see yourself accurately, to see life as a classroom, and commit to the policy that you have the same value no matter how you perform. It is time to claim the power to do this and not let anyone take your self-esteem from you again." - Author: Kimberly Giles

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"... I left Caen, where I was living, to go on a geological excursion under the auspices of the School of Mines. The incidents of the travel made me forget my mathematical work. Having reached Coutances, we entered an omnibus to go to some place or other. At the moment when I put my foot on the step, the idea came to me, without anything in my former thoughts seeming to have paved the way for it, that the transformations I had used to define the Fuchsian functions were identical with those of non-Euclidean geometry. I did not verify the idea; I should not have had time, as upon taking my seat in the omnibus, I went on with a conversation already commenced, but I felt a perfect certainty. On my return to Caen, for convenience sake, I verified the result at my leisure." - Author: Henri Poincaré