[The Heart Is An Artist That Paints Over What Profoundly Disturbs It, Leaving On The Canvas A Less Dark, Less Sharp Version Of The Truth.]

Author: Dean Koontz Quotes

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Daniel Deutschlander Quotes

"No cross, no Christian"

Alethea Kontis Quotes

"Velius--so who is she? no wait, let me guess. skin of the finest porcelain. hair of the softest silk. a voice like birdsong, a smile like sunshine, and a mouth that would sate your brightest and darkest wishesRumbold-- Youve m-met her?Velius--oh yes, my friend. we all know her. weve all pursued her. some of us have even been lucky enough to have her. weve been drunk on her sin, become fools of her favor. she might have borne a different face each time, but her name was always the same. Trouble"

Hartley Coleridge Quotes

"Is love a fancy, or a feeling? No.It is immortal as immaculate Truth,Tis not a blossom shed as soon as youth,Drops from the stem of life--for it will grow,In barren regions, where no waters flow,Nor rays of promise cheats the pensive gloom.A darkling fire, faint hovering oer a tomb,That but itself and darkness nought doth show,It is my loves being yet it cannot die,Nor will it change, though all be changed beside;Though fairest beauty be no longer fair,Though vows be false, and faith itself deny,Though sharp enjoyment be a suicide,And hope a spectre in a ruin bare."

Morris LWest Quotes

"Lœuvre est une expression de ce quest lhomme, de ce quil sent, de ce en quoi il croit. Si elle se perpétue et si elle se développe, ce nest pas tant à cause de lhomme qui la entreprise, mais parce que dautres hommes pensent et sentent de la même façon."

Joseph Delaney Quotes

"You never know just what you can do until you try."

Rodman Philbrick Quotes

"BOOK, a four-letter word for truth serum" -Kevin Freak from Freaks Dictionary --"Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick pg 161"

David Bedrick Quotes

"A love-based psychology views social prejudice as impacting peoples well-being, and the promotion of social justice as an important psychological intervention."

George Saintsbury Quotes

"But the eighteenth century, on the whole, loathed melancholy."

Ron DeLegge II Quotes

"99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story."

Nathan Phelps Quotes

"What I am is a proud humanist. Atheism says what I dont accept, humanism says what I do." - Nathan Phelps"

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Quotes About Gun Control

"Seriously, our nation is never going to be on the same page on issues like gun control, welfare, the economy, the environment, etc. I doubt well ever come to terms on tastes great or less filling and hybrids versus Hummers, and there will always be Yankees fans and Red Sox fans, and never the twain shall meet. Fortunately, all it takes for us to be of one mind is some buttercream frosting." - Author: Jen Lancaster

Quotes About Getting In Fights With Your Boyfriend

"(an excellent man, with whom I am sorry now that I did not converse more often, for, even if he cared nothing for the arts, he knew a great many etymologies)" - Author: Marcel Proust

Quotes About Pizza

"Abstinence is perfectly reasonable in theory," Gregory said, "It just doesnt work in practice. Its like dieting. You can go a day or two, maybe even a week. But eventually that pizza just smells too good." - Author: Tom Perrotta

Quotes About Studying The Past

"He had in his Bronx apartment a lodger less learned than himself, and much fiercer in piety. One day when we were studying the laws of repentance together, the lodger burst from his room. "What!" he said. "The atheists guzzles his whiskey and eats pork and wallows with women all his life long, and then repents the day before he dies and stands guiltless? While I spend a lifetime trying to please God?" My grandfather pointed to the book. "So it is written," he said gently.—"Written!" the lodger roared. "There are books and there are books." And he slammed back into his room.The lodgers outrage seemed highly logical. My grandfather pointed out afterward that cancelling the past does not turn it into a record of achievement. It leaves it blank, a waste of spilled years. A man had better return, he said, while time remains to write a life worth scanning. And since no man knows his death day, the time to get a grip on his life is the first hour when the impulse strikes him." - Author: Herman Wouk

Quotes About Friends Hurting Your Feelings

"The ultimate gift from your parents will be FREEDOM, freedom to chase your dreams." - Author: Loknath

Quotes About Self Awareness

"I am thankful when I am hungry because then I know that when I eat, the food will taste better. Life has taught me that my true contentment rests in hope, and the pleasure itself is secondary. It is self-awareness, not happiness, that maintains peace." - Author: Criss Jami

Quotes About Lairs

"Nous, les êtres humains, somme ce que nous avons été pendant des millions dannées, colossalement avides, envieux, agressifs, jaloux, angoissés et désespérés, avec doccasionnels éclairs de joie et damour. Nous sommes une étrange mixture de haine, de peur et de gentillesse ; nous sommes à la fois violents et en paix. Il y a eu un progrès extérieur depuis le char à boeufs jusquà lavion à réaction, mais psychologiquement lindividu na pas du tout changé et cest lindividu qui, dans le monde entier, a créé les structures des sociétés. Les structures sociales extérieures sont les résultantes des structures intérieures, psychologiques, qui constituent nos relations humaines, car lindividu est le résultat de lexpérience totale de lhomme, de sa connaissance et de son comportement. Chacun de nous est lentrepôt de tout le passé. Lindividu est lhumain qui est toute lhumanité. Lhistoire entière de lhomme est écrite en nous-mêmes." - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

Quotes About Paragraph

"You can do the best research and be making the strongest intellectual argument, but if readers dont get past the third paragraph youve wasted your energy and valuable ink." - Author: Carl Hiaasen

Quotes About Being Diligent

"For us, holding on to religious rules, and following them, and refraining from whats forbidden, and being diligent with our duties, what do we call that? Thats what we call freedom." - Author: Muqtada al Sadr

Quotes About Friendship William Shakespeare

"I dreamt that I took William Burroughs penis and tied it up with piano wire. I hung him like a Chagall painting…In the next part J.G. Ballard swam through streets of female urine. The girls read his book Crash and then mowed him down with their Volkswagen, crushing his chest slowly against a brick wall. As he screamed in agony larger than representation can accommodate, they referred to his text and had orgasms. Later, they jumped up and down yelling, ‘Youre not a hero. Youre not a hero. Youre not. Youre not. Youre not. ""How do you analyze that part of the dream, Anna?"…"I guess Im nervous about my birthday." - Author: Sarah Schulman