[The Heart Is An Artist That Paints Over What Profoundly Disturbs It, Leaving On The Canvas A Less Dark, Less Sharp Version Of The Truth.]

Author: Dean Koontz Quotes

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Moira Katson Quotes

"The Duke would later name me a Shadow, and after his naming, life itself wore me away to make his words true. I have been a Shadow for years upon years now. And yet, I think if I were to trace back to the moment I started to fade away from the world, it would not be when I began my training, or when I first killed, or when I first spied upon my King. It would be the moment that I looked around myself, in that cold mountain village, and realized that I might never have been born and no one would ever have missed me."

H Norman Wright Quotes

"It is easier for most of us to affirm positive behavior than to deal with negative behavior in a positive way."

Sahaj Oberoi Quotes

"Only strong people can find happiness from the sadness surrounding them."

Simon Blackburn Quotes

"Someone sitting on a completely unreasonable belief is sitting on a time bomb. The apparently harmless, idiosyncratic belief of the Catholic Church that one thing may have the substance of another, although it displays absolutely none of its empirical qualities, prepares people for the view that some people are agents of Satan in disguise, which in turn makes it reasonable to destroy them."

Sean Wilsey Quotes

"Kids are trusting and wise and I cannot think of a less useful combination to be born with. The wisdom lets children know who they are. And then the trust lets everyone else take that knowledge away."

Danny Dyer Quotes

"There is never a right or wrong time to have kids; it happens for whatever reason, but you can have this paranoia: will I be able to do this, Im not sure if Im ready to have kids?"

Amelia C Gormley Quotes

"I dont know if Ill ever go through with it. Im just too much of a perfectionist, I guess. Id rather be nothing than be middle-of-the-road."She hugged me tightly. "Youre not middle-of-the-road, Topher. Youre fast lane, all the way. You just, you know, need to find the right car."

Gary Locke Quotes

"One of the last books I read was Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It gives a really good behind-the-scenes look at the campaigns. I didnt ask the president how accurate it was. I wouldnt ask him that."

Howard Hughes Quotes

"My father told me, never have partners."

Sandra Toscano Huerta Quotes

"Surviving the death of a loved one...one day at a time."

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Quotes About Love Toothpaste

"Posing the question: does the god of love use underarm deodorant, vaginal spray and fluoride toothpaste?" - Author: Harlan Ellison

Quotes About Witchcraft

"Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." - Author: Pat Robertson

Quotes About North

"In California, especially Northern California, the fans really cheer for me." - Author: Jeff Gordon

Quotes About Deliberate Living

"We all have vices, visible and invisible. Some we deliberately keep secret. Others we dont even realize or we refuse to admit we have…Vices can be lots of fun, or they can turn your life into a living hell. Accept them for what they are, just another aspect of the minds creation, and you can enjoy them—if you choose—without being broken by them.- Zeena Schreck for VICE Magazine" - Author: Zeena Schreck

Quotes About Enjoying Your Family

"The most valuable lesson Ive ever learned in my life is that life is about family and friends, not about material things or any of that. Its about enjoying your life. If you have no family, no friends to enjoy it with, it dont matter how much you have, how much success you have, how much fame you have, how much money you have, it doesnt matter." - Author: Vanilla Ice

Quotes About Boom And Bust

"If the financial system has a defect, it is that it reflects and magnifies what we human beings are like. Money amplifies our tendency to overreact, to swing from exuberance when things are going well to deep depression when they go wrong. Booms and busts are products, at root, of our emotional volatility." - Author: Niall Ferguson

Quotes About Artaud

"Artaud decía que escribir era una marranada, que todos los escritores eran unos cerdos, sobre todo los de ahora. Lo suscribo. Sin embargo, pese a todo, continúo admirando a los jóvenes escritores. De la misma forma que admiro a los jóvenes boxeadores" - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Drawing Tumblr

"You see, what I really want, and what Im getting with Stephen, is the opportunity to rebuild myself from scratch. Davids picture of me is complete now, and Im pretty sure neither of us likes it much; I want to rip the page out and start again on a fresh sheet, just like I used to do when I was a kid and had messed a drawing up. It doesnt even matter who the fresh sheet is, really, so its beside the point whether I like Stephen, or whether he knows what to do with me in bed, or anything like that. I just want his rapt attention when I tell him that my favorite book is Middlemarch, and i just want that feeling, the feeling I get with him, of having not gone wrong yet" - Author: Nick Hornby

Quotes About Talent From God

"Wasting talent is a sin. Im not big on sin, but I know a sin when I see one staring me in the face. Im not big on sin, but I know a sin when I see one staring me in the face. Its just not courteous to not use or wear something that somebodys given you as a well-meaning gift. It goes against Southern ways, not that God is Southern by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think He expects us to be an example for the rest of the country, as far as manners go." - Author: Vicki Covington

Quotes About Reckless Youth

"He hoped it would snow recklessly and bring to the island the impossible winter purity, so rare and precious, he remembered fondly from his youth." - Author: David Guterson