[The Human Mind Inherently Seeks Intelligible Order. Thus The Conviction That Such An Order Exists To Be Found Is A Crucial Assumption.]

Author: Nancy Pearcey Quotes

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Johan Huizinga Quotes

"A bölcsesség úgy áramlik a balgasághoz, mint az ész az érzelmekhez. S a világban sokkal több az érzelem, mint az ész. Ami az életet mozgásban tartja, az élet forrása a balgaság. Mert mi egyéb a szerelem? Miért házasodik az ember, ha nem balgaságból, mely soha nem ismer akadályt? Minden élvezet, minden szórakozás csak a balgaság fűszere."

Charles M Schulz Quotes

"A kiss on the nose does much toward turning aside anger."

Fred Rosen Quotes

"Hate born from too many tears and too little Love"

Mark Steel Quotes

"Devrimler, seçkinlere karşı kendiliğinden isyanlardan daha fazlasına ihtiyaç duyar. Devrimler, sadece yöneticinin veya birkaç yasanın değişmesiyle yetinmeyen, ama aşağıdan yukarıya toplumun her yönünü kavrayan yeni bir etik sistem getirmeye çalışan bir toplumsal kesimin varlığını gerektirir."

Saa Staniic Quotes

"A good story, youd have said, is like our river Drina: never calm, it doesnt trickle along, it is rough and broad, tributaries flow in to enrich it, it rises above its banks, it bubbles and roars, here and there it flows into shallows but then it comes to rapids again, preludes to the depths where theres no splashing. But one thing neither the Drina nor the stories can do: theres no going back for any of them. The water cant turn back and choose another bed, just as promises now cant be kept. No drowned man comes up again asking for a towel, no love is found again, no tobacconist fails to be born in the first place, no bullet shoots out of a neck and back into the gun, the dam will hold or will not hold. The Drina has no delta."

Ulysses S Grant Quotes

"Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor."

W Phillip Keller Quotes

"The absolute basic belief that every child of God must come to is that if he or she lives in obedience to Gods Word and in joyous harmony with our Father, nothing can impinge on his life except by His permission. To live in close communion with Christ is to experience daily the calm assurance of Gods complete care and management of every detail in our walk with Him.No matter if trials or turmoil come. No matter if there is trouble. No matter if there is pain or poverty. Each is for a supreme purpose understood best by my Father, but allowed to impact me for my ultimate benefit, and for His honor."

Milan Rufus Quotes

"So this is love:the Sculptors chisel.And stone, which in its whole lifedoes not utter a single word,suddenly sings."

Wolfgang Borchert Quotes

"Then she saw him stop and wipe his brow with his handkerchief. Once, twice. And then once again. But she did not see the grin of relief spread over his face. That she did not see because her eyes had filled with tears. And the geraniums, they were just as sad. In any case, thats how they smelled."

Constance OBanyon Quotes

"This man was different from all others; he was forbidden fruit, the outsider. Her mother had trained her well, but she had never told her what to do if a man set her heart to throbbing like the hooves of a runaway horse."

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Quotes About Tagalog Mukhang Pera

"Person 1: O mahal ko, me naaalala akong kasabihan… Pwede kang magreklamo dahil ang rosas ay may tinik; ngunit pwede kang magdiwang dahil ang tinik ay may rosas.Person 2: Ha? Ano na naman problema mo?Person 1: Bibigyan sana kita kaso kapos ang budget ko. Pwede akong magreklamo dahil wala akong pera… Ngunit pwede akong magdiwang dahil ang pera ay wala lang.Person 1: Pwede akong magreklamo dahil ang mahal mabuhay… Ngunit pwede akong magdiwang dahil sa buhay koy meron akong mahal!Person 2: Pwede akong magreklamo dahil ang korni-korni mo… Ngunit pwede akong magdiwang dahil ang korniy ‘di ako.Person 1: Omaygahd! Natututo ka na! Hwooh Ay lab yu!" - Author: Manix Abrera

Quotes About Karrin

"Karrin, eh?" Thomas asked.I nodded. "Shes real serious about order. A man dying, she can understand. A man coming back. Thats different.""Isnt she Catholic?" Thomas asked. "Dont they have a guy?" - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Career Path

"Remarkable visions and genuine insights are always met with resistance. And when you start to make progress, your efforts are met with even more resistance. Products, services, career paths - whatever it is, the forces for mediocrity will align to stop you, forgiving no errors and never backing down until its over. If it were any other way, it would be easy. And if it were any other way, everyone would do it and your work would ultimately be devalued. The yin and yang are clear: without people pushing against your quest to do something worth talking about, its unlikely to be worth the journey. Persist." - Author: Seth Godin

Quotes About Perfectiune

"Nici o poetica din lume nu atinge perfectiunea si semnificatia celei mai timide flori." - Author: Mircea Eliade

Quotes About Painful Childhood

". . . it is true, even people with painful childhoods. . . grow up to be more interesting people. So, theres always a positive to a negative." - Author: Barbra Streisand

Quotes About Tintern Abbey

"Almost suspended, we are laid asleep In body, and become a living soul: While with an eye made quiet by the power Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, We see into the life of things. -William Wordsworth(Tintern Abbey)" - Author: William Wordsworth

Quotes About Wooden House

"And to Rhaego son of Drogo, the stallion who will mount the world, to him I also pledge a gift. To him I will give this iron chair his mothers father sat in. I will give him Seven Kingdoms. I, Drogo, khal, will do this thing. His voice rose, and he lifted his fist in the sky. I will take my khalasar west to where the world ends, and ride the wooden horses across the black salt water as no khal has done before. I will kill the men in the iron suits and tear down their stone houses. I will rape their women, take their children as slaves, and bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak to bow down beneath the Mother of Mountains. This I vow, I, Drogo son of Bharbo. This I swear before the Mother of Mountains, as the stars look down in witness." - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Musical Performance

"Musicals are written and then rewritten. Those things used to happen on the road. Now they are done in New York during preview performances." - Author: Peter Stone

Quotes About Growing Up And Moving Out

"She was a former Texan - proud, loud and stubborn. But you cant really be a former Texan. You can only move out of Texas. To be a former Texan would be like growing up in Italy, moving out and being formerly Italian." - Author: Jeffrey Michelson

Quotes About Ninsoare

"E foarte frig acum si mi-au intepenit mainile. De parca n-ar fi mainile mele. Si creierul la fel, parca n-ar fi al meu. A inceput sa si ninga. Imi pare ca ninge cu fragmente mici din creierul altcuiva. O ninsoare care se depune ca materia unui creier strain. - Sobolanul" - Author: Haruki Murakami