[The Italians Were Getting So Accustomed To Tragedies And Disasters That Their Appetite For Sensation Was Becoming Jaded.]

Author: Timothy Holme Quotes

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Lee Remick Quotes

"Im not an oddball."

Clyde Tombaugh Quotes

"It was depressing, very depressing. I worried about how I would make a living. I didnt want to stay on the farm. It didnt offer the challenge I wanted and yet, without a college education, I felt that I was really out of luck."

Frank Waters Quotes

"The vast sage desert undulates with almost imperceptible tides like the oceans."

Ted Levine Quotes

"Good comedy is ageless."

Peter C Newman Quotes

"Even if its absurd to think you can change things, its even more absurd to believe that it is foolish and unimportant to try."

Kim Shaw Quotes

"I like the intimacy of independent films and I like the idea that people arent being paid necessarily as much money as some one on a studio film."

Cheryl Hamada Quotes

"Listening to ones self as well as to others is a sacred act of healing. There is a higher octave of listening that hears the wisdom within the words."

Philip Sidney Quotes

"...think I none so simple would say that Aesop lied in the tales of his beasts: for who thinks that Aesop writ it for actually true were well worthy to have his name chronicled among the beasts he writeth of."

JE Haldeman Quotes

"WAIT! THE SHORT BUS MISSED ME ! Oh god-damn.. now Im stuck with the normal people!"

Umera Ahmed Quotes

"Qabrustan fascinate honay wali jagah nahi hai,ibrat ki jagah hai"

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"Class, Id like us all to give a warm mayflower elementary welcome to your new friend and classmate Jing Jang!""Jin Wang""Jin wang!""He and his family recently moved to our neighborhood all the way from China!""San Francisco.""San Francisco!""Yes, Timmy.""My momma says Chinese people eat dogs.""Now be nice, Timmy!" -km sure Jin doesnt do that! In fact, Jins family probably stopped that sort of thing as soon as they came to the united states!"The only other asian in my class was Suzy Nakamura.When the class finally figured out that we werent related, rumors began to circulate that suzy and I were arranged to be married on her thirteenth birthday.We avoided each other as much as possible.(30-31)" - Author: Gene Luen Yang

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"I brought a condom," I tell her when I slide her panties down. Were both hot and sweaty, and I cant resist hr anymore."I did, too," she whispers against my neck. "But we might not be able to use it.""Why not?" I expect her to tell em this was all a mistake, that she really didnt mean to get me all hot and bothered just to tell me Im not worthy enough to take her virginity, but its the truth.She clears her throat. "It all d-d-depends on whether or not youre allergic to l-l-latex." - Author: Simone Elkeles

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"It might be noted here that Freudian analysts of fairy tales have suggested that kissing toads and frogs is symbolized fellatio. In that regard, Princess Leigh-Cheri was, on a conscious level, innocent, although not so naïve as Queen Tilli, who though fellatio was an obscure Italian opera and was annoyed that she couldnt find the score." - Author: Tom Robbins

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"I typically dont get into predicting the success of my projects. Ive been involved with a lot of projects that I thought should have really gained notoriety and furthered my career, only to be met with the cold grasp of disappointment. So I typically stay away from predicting how a film will do." - Author: Bokeem Woodbine

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"From Kari Greggs "What Rough Beast"{Elliot} blinked when a blade speared neatly through the masters chest from the rear. "Got him," Garrick shouted over the masters shoulder. "Set, Elliot."Set what? He didnt care.He channeled his rage and pierced the dark master through, impaling him on his blade. Garrick slid his free.Malachi yanked him down a split second before Garricks sword severed his head as well as the dark masters. Chest heaving, he sprawled in the dust, blinking at the fuzzy image of the head bouncing across the floor. It came to rest at the bottom spoke of a crumbling ladder, the vampyrs teeth still gnashing.His new partner dragged him upright and, looking in his eyes, squeezed his shoulder. "Set means your blade will set the enemy for your partners killing blow" Malachi grinned at him, chuckled. "It also means duck." - Author: Kari Gregg

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"Sapphique strapped the wings to his arms and flew, over oceans and plains, over glass cities and mountains of gold. Animals fled; people pointed up. He flew so far, he saw the sky above him and the sky said, "Turn back, my son, for you have climbed too high." Sapphique laughed, as he rarely did. "Not this time. This time I beat on you until you open."But Incarceron was angered, and struck him down." - Author: Catherine Fisher

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"Some nights he sat up late on his front porch with a glass of Jack and listened to the trucks heading south on 220, carrying crates of live chickens to the slaughterhouses—always under cover of darkness, like a vast and shameful trafficking—chickens pumped full of hormones that left them too big to walk—and he thought how these same chickens might return from their destination as pieces of meat to the floodlit Bojangles up the hill from his house, and that meat would be drowned in the bubbling fryers by employees whose hatred of the job would leak into the cooked food, and that food would be served up and eaten by customers who would grow obese and end up in the hospital in Greensboro with diabetes or heart failure, a burden to the public, and later Dean would see them riding around the Mayodan Wal-Mart in electric carts because they were too heavy to walk the aisles of a Supercenter, just like hormone-fed chickens." - Author: George Packer

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"Thou shalt not use the 140 characters limit as an excuse for bad grammar and/or incorrect spelling." - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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"Since the 1980s, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has been on the rise, not just among children, but now among the adult population as well.The sudden rise of adult ADD, while it may have genetic components, certainly receives a major boost from our kinetic, hyper-speed, information-bombarded society. Victims of adult ADD are likely to initiate more tasks and projects that theyll ever finish, get bored easily, seek thrills readily, have a propensity to be late while loathing having to wait, and not be averse to taking foolish risks." - Author: Jeff Davidson