[The Larger An English Industry Was, The More Likely It Was To Go Bankrupt, Because The English Were Not Naturally Corporate People; They Disliked Working For Others And They Seemed To Resent Taking Orders. On The Whole, Directors Were Treated Absurdly Well, And Workers Badly, And Most Industries Were Weakened By Class Suspicion And False Economies And Cynicism. But The Same Qualities That Made English People Seem Stubborn And Secretive Made Them, Face To Face, Reliable And True To Their Word. I Thought: The English Do Small Things Well And Big Things Badly.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Linda Quotes

"Dalam gelap ku bertanya bagaimana cinta itu melihat yang nyata sedangkan mata ini tak pernah terpejam. (Maybe the eye can misjudge but love will never be wrong)."

Elizabeth Farrelly Quotes

"Larsson was an active and lifelong feminist, partly for personal reasons but also because he saw that ending gender slavery was as crucial to next-stage evolution as ending race slavery was to the last stage. Its a noble fight, not least because the various fundamentalisms threatening Western democracy are united in their urgent need to re-cage womens sexuality.http://tiny.cc/steiglarsson"

Hamilton Jordan Quotes

"If you had found the right candidate in 2000 or 2004, and you could have put that man or woman, given them ballot access in September of the election year, they could have won the election."

Dandelion Lover Quotes

"Be or not to be, thats your own question"

George Szell Quotes

"Conductors must give unmistakable and suggestive signals to the orchestra - not choreography to the audience."

C JoyBell C Quotes

"I believe in roses. And I believe in putting roses into a vase and sitting the vase on the table. I believe in getting lost and being found, I believe in going barefoot, and in laughter! My religion is to laugh at myself, whenever I can! I believe in the sunlight and in grey skies with big, beautiful clouds!"

Kate Ellison Quotes

"Lo- dont move," he says, seriously, his eyes like honey in the basement light- warm and amber and shining. "im still working.""I had an itch.""Let me know next time, and Ill scratch it for you. Before the terrible itching incident ruined everything, I was about to start on the dark shadow of your elbow crease. Now Ill have to re-create that perfect, dark, little cityscape from memory."

Eyen A Gardner Quotes

"Love holds no expectation on what you will be, it simply values who you are."

Nevill Francis Mott Quotes

"All scientific theories are provisional and may be changed, but ... on the whole, they are accepted from Washington to Moscow because of their practical success. Where religion has opposed the findings of science, it has almost always had to retreat."

Brandon Routh Quotes

"And the spirit of Superman is great to have around."

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"The digital clock that sat on the empty bookcase blinked insistently in the dim room. It was an hour and thirty-five minutes off, but Archie had never bothered to reset it, he just did the maths to calculate the time." - Author: Chelsea Cain

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"We are in a mutually dependent society, called civilization, and government is the oil that keeps it running and the lifeblood that carries oxygen to the various parts of the civic body." - Author: Jack Lessenberry

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"If you are constantly making judgments based on superficial affiliations, your world gets to be pretty small." - Author: Larry Brilliant

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"The dark leaden mask hides the devil with a soul of deceit, with his warm syrupy vacuous words coercing, enticing and grasping with exposed sharpened claws, scratching slow at his preys surface with bullet pointed precision, inserting the slow hot mercurial poison of falsification of love straight into the flowing veins of the succumbing vulnerable heart. The preys wanton escape futile, isolated & drawn into the hot fiery abyss." - Author: Alison Blackmore

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"In the 1880s, people all over the world looked to America for inspiration. Its very existence was proof that it was possible to have a relatively free and peaceful country. No income tax, no foreign wars, no welfare state, no intrusions on civil liberties." - Author: Harry Browne

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"Genuine bravery occurs when you least expect it, and when, in fact, youre quite oblivious of it.  Sometimes heroism happens when you press on; other times when you let go.  Once in a while, it happens when you do a little dance all your own." - Author: Gerald Hausman

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"A little porch light from a distant farmhouse dimmed, feeling alone and unneeded until his smallest spark of illumination snuffed out entirely. The night fell as dark as it was quiet. Meanwhile, every secret eye within the vicinity―from insect to animal to human wanderer―stopped to blink, suddenly blinded. Their guiding light had vanished, extinguishing hope in the hearts of many. That little light had mattered, but he knew it not." - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich

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"Audiences see personalities on shows interacting with wild animals as if they were not dangerous or, at the other extreme, provoking them to give viewers an adrenaline rush. Mostly, the animals just want to be left alone, so its not surprising that these entertainers are seriously hurt or even killed on rare occasions. On one level, its that very possibility the shows are selling." - Author: Chris Palmer

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"In Cookies defense, it was raining wildcats and rabid dogs." - Author: Darynda Jones

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"As those who have seen Jurassic Park will know, this means a tiny disturbance in one place, can cause a major change in another. A butterfly flapping its wings can cause rain in Central Park, New York. The trouble is, it is not repeatable. The next time the butterfly flaps its wings, a host of other things will be different, which will also influence the weather. That is why weather forecasts are so unreliable." - Author: Stephen Hawking