[The Law Serves Of Nought Else In These Days But For To Do Wrong, For Nothing Is Spread Almost But False Matters By Color Of The Law For Reward, Dread And Favor And So No Remedy Is Had In The Court Of Equity In Any Way.]

Author: Jack Cade Quotes

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Lydiane Augustinus Quotes

"ALWAYSAre you always sad? someone asked.(Always is such a long, long time.)I couldnt say. But.If sadness was a sea, Id drown in it.(Salty and warm, sadness is.)(Cold, too. Sometimes.)And I happen to love the sea."

Julie Ann Knudsen Quotes

"In the meantime, Illwish it upon a star.- Michael Cooper"

John Barnes Quotes

"I looked at the people playing, walking, loafing, hurrying, or sauntering across the little park in front of us. How many terrible stories were there, just there in front of me, never to be spoken?"

Marion D Hanks Quotes

"My teachers mind and my interest in youth has brought me to some renewed conclusions, and I pass them on earnestly to mature persons who are given to assisting young people off the trail. The dictionary has a word for them: iconoclast. It is defined as, "one who attacks cherished beliefs as shames." What if the cherished beliefs that are attacked along the way are true? What if they are the very beliefs that make these boys and girls worthwhile, promising people they are? What if the foundations of their faith are effectively shaken at this crucial period, and they dangle, with no substantial footings to stand on?"

Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury Quotes

"Lyrics belongs to us ina specific language, but music is universal."

LeTony Quas Marrazo Quotes

"Quotes? you want quotes?To sound important, quote yourself"

Clarke Betz The Five In The Field Quotes

"Well the suns the light of everything, ya know?" She said. "Without it, everything would be dark. We wouldnt have anything. Everything needs a little light to exist. Even darkness."

Colleen Atwood Quotes

"The costumes had to serve the choreography."

Chade Meng Tan Quotes

"If the mind is calm, your spontaneity and honest thoughts appear. You become more spontaneous."

Patricia Storace Quotes

"We can never stop searching for Heaven, since there is always more of it than we can see. There, as in those tales that evolve endlessly into other tales, stories have no end. They are hardly ever the stories you know, the official ones, in which wishes are made formal, then legislated and enforced as matters of life or death. They are more often the stories we didnt hear, or wouldnt believe, told by the person we ignored, the house that was razed, the choir of dry bones. The scholars of Heaven read and study the vast collection of ashes, books from the torched libraries."

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Quotes About Rejet

"La verité est triste, comme vous le savez. Elle déçoit parce quelle restreint. Elle tient dans un poing fermé, puis dans le geste dune main qui se délace et rejette. Elle est pauvre, elle démeuble et démunit." - Author: Julien Gracq

Quotes About Different Point Of Views

"Some men dont gel when it comes to work - you have different work ethics, different opinions, different points of views, different methods of filmmaking - and we didnt gel." - Author: Antoine Fuqua

Quotes About Standing Alone And Strong

"We talk of strong personalities, and they are strong, until the not-every-day when we see them as we might see one woman alone in a desert, and know that all the strength we thought we knew was only courage, only her lone song echoing among the stones; and then at last when we have understood this and made up our minds to hear the song and admire its courage and its sweetness, we wait for the next note and it does not come. The last word, with its pure tone, echoes and fades and is gone, and we realize—only then—that we do not know what it was, that we have been too intent on the melody to hear even one word. We go then to find the singer, thinking she will be standing where we last saw her. There are only bones and sand and a few faded rags." - Author: Gene Wolfe

Quotes About Sore Legs

"Poetry is cathartic only for the unserious, for in front of the rush of expressive need stands the barrier of form, and when the hurdlers scissored legs and outstretched arms carry him over the bars, the limp in his life, the headache in his heart, the emptiness hes full of, are as absent as his street-shoes, which will pinch and scrape his feet in all the old leathery ways once the race is over and he has to walk through the front door of his future like a brushman with some feckless patter and a chintzy plastic prize." - Author: William H. Gass

Quotes About Leading A Meaningful Life

"Be the kind of person that others admire, can count on, trust and enjoy spending time with. After you have developed that reputation, people will start to ask you what you do, and will want to work with you on the things that matter. When you focus on leading a passionate, meaningful and faithful life, you are also inadvertently creating a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around you. When one person is making a difference and being a positive role model, everyone nearby feels their passionate energy. Before too long, they too, are leading by example and simultaneously inspiring others." - Author: The Angel Affect

Quotes About Nursing Theories

"In the Carolinas they say "hill people" are different from "flatlands people," and as a native Kentuckian with more mountain than flatlands blood, Im inclined to agree. This was one of the theories Id been nursing all the way from San Francisco. Unlike Porterville or Hollister, Bass Lake was a mountain community ... and if the old Appalachian pattern held, the people would be much slower to anger or panic, but absolutely without reason or mercy once the fat was in the fire. Like the Angels, they would tend to fall back in an emergency on their own native sense of justice -- which bears only a primitive resemblance to anything written in law books. I thought the mountain types would be far more tolerant of the Angels noisy showboating, but -- compared to their flatlands cousins -- much quicker to retaliate in kind at the first evidence of physical insult or abuse." - Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Quotes About Bigger Problems

"Luc cast both of us dark looks. "I get that you two have problems—big problems—but guess what? Youre not the only aliens out there who are butt sore. There are bigger problems than what you guys have. Yeah, I know, hard to believe."I glanced over at Hunter, who shrugged again and said, "someone didnt get his warm milk this morning."I snickered." - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Toes And Feet

"Well, you are awfully pale." I exhaled slowly. Refused to look up. He reached for my bare foot and squeezed my toes. "And cold." I pulled my feet away. "Bad circulation." "You could always bite me, just to test.I hate you, too, by the way. Just so you know." "Oh, I do. I would suggest make-up sex, but... " "Too bad you have scruples," I said. "Now youre just being cruel." "I like pushing your buttons." "Youd enjoy it more if you undid them first." Save me. "I think I should go and help Daniel." "With what?" "Anything." Noah stood. There was a mischievous smile on his lips as he left." - Author: Michelle Hodkin

Quotes About Donnie

"Donnie Brasco was great, but the energy on the set made it kinda hard to get in there and have an opinion." - Author: Gretchen Mol

Quotes About Violenza

"Perfino un profondo dolore può alla fine trovare sfogo nella violenza - ma più generalmente prende la forma dellapatia." - Author: Joseph Conrad