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Author: Hassanal Bolkiah Quotes

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Corliss Lamont Quotes

"The intuition of free will gives us the truth."

Franz Schubert Quotes

"Approval or blame will follow in the world to come."

Fairfax Cone Quotes

"There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone."

Amardeep Singh Quotes

"I cried for her , But not now because my tears become so dried and my heart becomes so solid..... But still loves her with this solid heart But dont know why still eyes are wet while i am writing this quote. :("

Irene Gut Opdyke Quotes

"We did not speak of what we had seen. At the time, to speak of it seemed worse than sacrilege: We had witnessed a thing so terrible that it acquired a dreadful holiness. It was a miracle of evil. It was not possible to say with words what we had witnessed, and so we kept it safely guarded until the time we could bring it out, and show it to others, and say, Behold. This is the worst thing man can do."

Hermann Emil Fischer Quotes

"Once a molecule is asymmetric, its extension proceeds also in an asymmetrical sense. This concept completely eliminates the difference between natural and artificial synthesis. The advance of science has removed the last chemical hiding place for the once so highly esteemed vis vitalis."

Auden Johnson Quotes

"Look, rodent." At least she could still talk.. "Either chop off my ears so Im not subjected to your verbal projectiles or clench your back passage so youd stop dumping toxic waste."

Val Kovalin Quotes

"The only ironclad rules in writing fiction are the laws of physics and the principles of grammar, and even those can be bent."

Suzanne Crowley Quotes

"When she shines we all bask in her happiness, but when the thunderstorms come in, let me warn you, find a faraway hiding hole." Dorothy Broadbelt, lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth 1."

Justin Steckbauer Quotes

"Be a light wherever you stand and whenever you stand. Whether in mental hospital or chat room, school or steak house. Be an example of truth, kindness, and justice. Be a reflection of the Savior."

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Quotes About Philipp

"His soul leaped with joy to see about each neck four or five scapularies and around each waist a knotted girdle, and to behold the procession of corpses and ghosts in guingón habits. The senior sacristan made a small fortune selling—or giving away as alms, we should say—all things necessary for the salvation of the soul and the warfare against the devil, as it is well known that this spirit, which formerly had the temerity to contradict God himself face to face and to doubt His words, as is related in the holy book of Job, who carried our Lord Christ through the air as afterwards in the Dark Ages he carried the ghosts, and continues, according to report, to carry the asuang of the Philippines, now seems to have become so shamefaced that he cannot endure the sight of a piece of painted cloth and that he fears the knots on a cord." - Author: José Rizal

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"I dont want him hurt because he got out of hand with me.""Yet you would have shot him."I shrugged. "I never said I was consistent, just serious." - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

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"Tilting his head back he slowly released an enormous quantity of smoke from his mouth and drew it up through his nostrils. He continued to smoke in this "French-inhale" style. Very probably, it was not part of the sofa vaudeville of a showoff but, rather, the private, exposed achievement of a young man who, at one time or another, might have tried shaving himself left-handed." - Author: J.D. Salinger

Quotes About Stating Your Opinion

"I think that any time youre able to get a guy like Carmelo Anthony to be on your team, youre going to be a step up." - Author: Earl Monroe

Quotes About Ayla

"Layla brought her arms around herself, no doubt because she was remembering the feel of another, stronger set. "I have wanted to, but he holds back. I hope...I believe it is because he wishes to mate me properly first, in ceremony."Payne felt the awful weight of premonition. "Beware, sister. You are a gentle soul."Layla got to her feet, her smile now saddened. "Yes, I am. But I would rather my heart be broken than unopened and I know that one must ask if one is to receive." - Author: J.R. Ward

Quotes About Blocking People

"When we think of racism we think of Governor Wallace of Alabama blocking the schoolhouse door; we think of water hoses, lynchings, racial epithets, and "whites only" signs. These images make it easy to forget that many wonderful, goodhearted white people who were generous to others, respectful of their neighbors, and even kind to their black maids, gardeners, or shoe shiners--and wished them well--nevertheless went to the polls and voted for racial segregation... Our understanding of racism is therefore shaped by the most extreme expressions of individual bigotry, not by the way in which it functions naturally, almost invisibly (and sometimes with genuinely benign intent), when it is embedded in the structure of a social system." - Author: Michelle Alexander

Quotes About Paper Flowers

"Im sad now, the way were talking is infinitely sad: faded music, faded paper flowers, worn satin, an echo of an echo. All gone away, no longer possible." - Author: Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Being Butthurt

"And women, it turns out, pay a steep economic price for being mothers: according to Shelley Correll, a Stanford sociologist who looks at gender inequities in the labor force, the wage gap between mothers and childless women who are otherwise equally qualified is now greater than the wage gap between women and men generally." - Author: Jennifer Senior

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"On September 7th, after the Cubs dropped Game Three, the two teams boarded the Michigan Central together to embark on the twenty-seven hour trip, and Babe Ruth got drunk and started stealing hats." - Author: Dennis Lehane

Quotes About Sidhe

"-No es nada que yo haga, sidhe vidente -me dijo la criatura mágica-. Es lo que soy. Soy cada sueño erótico que hayas tenido nunca y mil más que nunca se te han llegado a pasar por la cabeza. Soy sexo en estado puro que te volverá del revés y te consumirá hasta dejarte reducida a cenizas. -Sonrió-. Y si quiero, luego puedo volver a hacer que estés entera." - Author: Karen Marie Moning