[The Measure Of Civilized Behavior Is Compassion.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Anita Silvey Quotes

"Reading centers on finding yourself in a book. -- Sherman Alexie"

Amar Singh Saini Quotes

"Both freewill and (pre-) Determinism live in super-positional (coherent) state. Now the question arises that keeping the freewill thing in consideration, can one claim for defining state. Well then on this behalf, humanity cant reach to unification of any rational theory."

Malidoma Patrice Some Quotes

"Wealth (among the Dagara) is determined not by how many things you have, but by how many people you have around you."

Donald A Norman Quotes

"Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating."

James Woolsey Quotes

"Countries are effectively paid deference in direct and indirect ways if theyre huge oil suppliers."

Michele Richard Quotes

"You see, there is a major downfall to living in a tourist town. You guessed it, the constant turnover of new people. You cannot really connect with anyone because no one is ever here for more than two weeks every year, if they comeback at all. The intruders never thought about what happens once they leave. ~ Stella"

Sara Miles Quotes

"It doesnt promise to solve or erase suffering but to transform it, pledging that by loving one another, even through pain, we will find more life. And it insists that by opening ourselves to strangers, the despised or frightening or unintelligible other, we will see more and more of the holy, since, without exception, all people are one body: Gods."

Serinda Swan Quotes

"Do you know how hard it is to play a character where youre always in heels? Oh, my goodness!"

Scott Wilson Quotes

"I will say this: the first film that I was on was In the Heat of the Night, that Norman Jewison directed with Sidney Poitier. Im on the set, and Im totally taking it for granted. Everyone is working for everyone else and pulling for the very best, and it makes everyone better because you feel that effort and concern and appreciation."

Jay Cooke Quotes

"It may be for 20 or 30 years no one has yet been able to decide the length of the life of the black bass."

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Quotes About Knowledge Translation

"Intrinsic to the concept of a translators fidelity to the effect and impact of the original is making the second version of the work as close to the first writers intention as possible. A good translators devotion to that goal is unwavering. But what never should be forgotten or overlooked is the obvious fact that what we read in a translation is the translators writing. The inspiration is the original work, certainly, and thoughtful literary translators approach that work with great deference and respect, but the execution of the book in another language is the task of the translator, and that work should be judged and evaluated on its own terms. Still, most reviewers do not acknowledge the fact of translation except in the most perfunctory way, and a significant majority seem incapable of shedding light on the value of the translation or on how it reflects or illuminates the original." - Author: Edith Grossman

Quotes About Risking It All

"I respect him. He has brains and character; and that, I may tell you, is a very unusual combination. I dont suppose you know what he is doing here, because I dont think hes very expansive with you. If any man singlehanded can put a stop to this frightful epidemic hes going to do it. Hes doctoring the sick, cleaning the city up, trying to get the drinking water pure. He doesnt mind where he goes nor what he does. Hes risking his life twenty times a day. Hes got Colonel Yü in his pocket and hes induced him to put the troops at his disposal. Hes even put a little plunk into the magistrate and the old man is really trying to do something. And the nuns at the convent swear by him. They think hes a hero." - Author: W. Somerset Maugham

Quotes About Translating The Bible

"I joined a organisation called Wycliffe Bible Translators that had the objective of translating the Bible into all the languages of the world, and to do that you had to study linguistics, and so that was my initial exposure to linguistics." - Author: Daniel Everett

Quotes About Trovati

"Per una volta, per una volta soltanto, vorrei sapere cosa si prova ad essere trovati invece che cercare in continuazione qualcuno che non cè." - Author: Fabio Volo

Quotes About Faries

"The woods were deserted that day.The stones stood still and silent, as though they were waiting for something. At the center of them all, a jagged piece of amber glowed in the growing darkness. Lights fizzed softly around it, turning pink, orange, purple, blue.No one saw it. No one ever did. Why would they? No one knoew about its magic, not anymore. They had forgotten all about such magic a long, long time ago. About the same time they stopped believing in faries.How foolish." - Author: Liz Kessler

Quotes About Raping

"This isnt animal experimentation, where you an imagine some proportionate good at the other end of the suffering. This is what we feel like eating. Tell me something: Why is taste, the crudest of our sense, exempted from the ethical rules that govern our other sense? If you stop and think about it, its crazy. Why doesnt a horny person has as strong a claim to raping an animal as a hungry one does to killing and eating it?" - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Quotes About Collars

"This is how we celebrate the Day of the Dead in America: by turning up our collars against the scent of earthworms calling us home." - Author: Barbara Kingsolver

Quotes About Tribute Death

"I am drawn to Tom Sawyer Island because a tribute to Mark Twain would not be out of place in a theme park of my own design. Should Vowell World ever get enough investors, Im going to stick my Tom Sawyer Island in Love and Death in the American Novel Land right between the Jay Gatsby Swimming Pool and Tom Joads Dust Bowl Lanes, a Depression-themed bowling alley renting artfully worn-out shoes." - Author: Sarah Vowell

Quotes About Zoroaster

"jangan tanya apa agamaku. aku bukan yahudi. bukanzoroaster. bukan pula islam. karena aku tahu, begitu suatu namakusebut, kau akan memberikan arti yang lain daripada makna yang hidupdi hatiku." - Author: Rumi

Quotes About Open Ended Art

"Holding her steady as he kissed her, Cam caressed back and forth over her nipple, swallowing her cries while he rubbed the length of his cock between her open thighs. He could come right now, just from doing this. Just from the incredible heat and feel of her, and knowing she wanted him so much. She was so goddamn soft and responsive. Hed always known it would be like this with her. Hot and explosive and so damn good it ripped away the civilized part of him to expose the raw, dominant hunger inside." - Author: Kaylea Cross