[The More Americans Find Out About President Barack Obama's Health Care Law, The Less They Like It. A Majority Of Americans Want Out.]

Author: John Barrasso Quotes

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Zahi Hawass Quotes

"Many parts of the granite statues were found, the most important of which had features close to Ramses II. The statue needs some restoration and weighs between four and five tons."

Brad Leithauser Quotes

"To my mind, its one of the deepest gratifications the poet or fiction writer knows. I mean, the internal stumbling upon some satisfactory answer to the question, What is this like? Or, What does this remind me of? A comparison is laboriously but successfully introduced. You meet your metaphor, and its good."

Wheeler Scott Quotes

"Im happy, David said. All the time. Its amazing. I think of you and I want to smile. Do I make you want to smile? No, Alec said, and kissed him. David could feel the curve of his mouth against his own."

Brandon Routh Quotes

"And the spirit of Superman is great to have around."

Alice Thomas Ellis Quotes

"Men love women, women love children; children love hamsters– its quite hopeless."

Eleanor Smeal Quotes

"Since 1996, the Feminist Majority Foundation has been immersed in a campaign to support Afghan women and girls in their fight against the brutal oppression of the Taliban."

William Hone Quotes

"A good lather is half the shave."

Jimmy Greaves Quotes

"Football tactics are rapidly becoming as complicated as the chemical formula for splitting the atom."

Marquez Gabriel Garcia Quotes

"(...) passado dez anos, as mulheres têm três vezes por mês o período."

Bill Janklow Quotes

"Folks cant carry around money in their pocket. Theyve got to go to an ATM machine, and theyve got to pay a few dollars to get their own dollars out of the machine. Who ever thought youd pay cash to get cash? Thats where weve gotten to."

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Quotes About The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

"I found a correlation between the spreading of democracy after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise in slavery. Now, as countries, former Communist countries, became so-called democratic, people started to be enslaved by their own countrymen." - Author: Loretta Napoleoni

Quotes About Bad Situations Turned Good

"Anyway, it fell through because they ran out of money. That was when I learned not to waste your time getting your hopes up or to believe something until it actually happens. We broke up for various reasons, but it was a good band. Jim and Don produced some magical music." - Author: Jamie Muir

Quotes About Ship Sails

"For the real movements of a life are gradual, then sudden; they resist becoming anecdotes, they pulse like quasars from long-dead stars to reach the vivid planet of the present, they drift like fog over the ship until the spread sails are merely panels of gray in grayer air and surround becomes object, as in those perceptual tests where figure and ground reverse, the kissing couple in profile turn into the outlines of the mortuary urn that holds their own ashes. Time wears down resolve--then suddenly violence, something irrevocable flashes out of nowhere, there are thrashing fins and roiled, blood-streaked water, death floats up on its side, eyes bulging." - Author: Edmund White

Quotes About Not Wearing Pants

"That night, Gregory dreamt of his mother. It was a dream that hed have carried to his therapist like a raw, precious egg if hed had a therapist, and the dream made him wish he had one. In the dream, he sat in the kitchen of his mothers house at the table on his usual place. He could hear her handle pots and pans and sigh occasionally. Sitting there filled his heart with sadness and also with a long missed feeling of comfort until he realised that the chair and the table were much too small for him: it was a childs chair and he could barely fit his long legs under the table. He was worried that his mother might scold him for being so large and for not wearing pants. Gregory, in the dream, felt his manhood press against his belly while he was crouching uncomfortably, not daring to move." - Author: Marcus Speh

Quotes About Boxing

"Boxing, for me, its the beginning of all sports. Im willing to bet that the first sport was a man against another man in a fight, so I think thats something innate in all of us." - Author: Omar Epps

Quotes About Pangit Na Ugali

"Existe uma previdência especial até na queda de um pássaro.Se é agora, não vai ser depois; se não for depois, será agora; se nao for agora,será qualquer hora. Estar preparado é tudo." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Keiro

"Rix stroked the Glove. "There was a garden and a tree grew there with golden apples and if you ate one of them, you knew everything. And then Sapphique climbed over the fense and killed the many-headed monster and picked the apple, because he wanted to know, you see. He wanted to know how to Escape.""Right." She had wriggled back. She was close to his pocked face."And a snake came out of the grass and it said, Oh go on, eat the apple. I dare you. And he stopped then with it to his mouth because he knew the snake was Incarceron."Keiro groaned. "Let me...""Put the Glove away, Rix. Or give it to me."His fingers caressed its dark scales. "And because if he ate it he would know how small he was. How much of a nothing he was. He would see himself as a speck in the vastness of the Prison.""So he didnt eat it, right?" - Author: Catherine Fisher

Quotes About Zephyr

"Where does the worlds zephyr strike from the view which let you to live the eternal moment of love other than in the Divine Light of sight?" - Author: Sorin Cerin

Quotes About Not Bothering Me

"Youre not bothering me. Im not doing anything." Well, I was breathing, and my heart was beating. But the rest of me wasnt busy." - Author: Emma Bull

Quotes About Home Cooked Meals

"I dont cook - I can cook - but Im not very good. I like being asked over for dinner, because she cant cook either. We would starve if it werent for modern technology. I know how to work a microwave, but love home cooked meals." - Author: Mark Mothersbaugh