[The Mother Art Is Architecture. Without An Architecture Of Our Own We Have No Soul Of Our Own Civilization.]

Author: Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes

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Margaret Flanagan Quotes

"Aldrich bears witness to the tail-end of the disintegration of that most storied of American dynasties, the Astors. Growing up at Rokeby, the crumbling, 43-room family mansion on the Hudson River, she had ample opportunity to observe and participate in the eccentricities of her once mighty clan. Interweaving recollections from her dysfunctional childhood and tales of glories past, she accurately captures and communicates the madness and malaise that have infected many members of the last few generations of Astors."

Dave Turner Quotes

"Every time you tell a lie an angel punches a unicorn in the face with a kitten."

Monique Martin Quotes

"Whenever Im with you its as though someone has reached inside my chest, until the pain is almost more than I can bear. And when Im not with you, Id give anything to feel that way again." He heaved a deep sigh and continued. "But I...I couldnt go another day as I was.""And who are you now?" she asked."A man hopelessly in love with you."

Hiroyuki Asada Quotes

"Because my mom gave birth to me I got to meet her. And I got to meet you and I got to meet everyone else. If my mom thought it was my purpose ... maybe thats why she left me behind..."

Kim McDougall Quotes

"Maia did not want to wake up. Sleep lay on her like a dead bear and she had no strength to struggle out from under it."

WP Kinsella Quotes

"Baseball is the most perfect of games, solid, true, pure and precious as diamonds. If only life were so simple. Within the baselines anything can happen. Tides can reverse; oceans can open. Thats why they say, "the game is never over until the last man is out." Colors can change, lives can alter, anything is possible in this gentle, flawless, loving game."

AR Von Quotes

"Im feeling particularly good and wicked at the moment."

Roger McGough Quotes

"I wish the word whimsical wasnt used now."

Aprille Legacy Quotes

"A cowed, cornered dog does not stay down. In fact, its at its most savage when it can see no way out. London is at its worse. The people have been beaten back and the only way they can see out is through the Queen. Theyll rip her to shreds it we just give them the means.""And can we?" Strauss asked.Victoria met his gaze with a softer one than shed granted Rosa."I endeavour to." She replied."

Jane D Hull Quotes

"The attack and our response show just how vital Arizonas military bases are to the defense of our country. We need to do everything we can to protect them."

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Quotes About Medical Robots

"I was eight years old when I realized that my G.I. Joe and Optimus Prime were more than friends," I told her. "Theirs was a forbidden love that dared not speak its name.""Optimus Prime is a robot," Jenny said. "Humans and robots cant be in love.""Oh," Sandy groaned. "You shouldnt have said that.""Blasphemy!" I hissed at her."Its true!" she insisted."I hope you never have children," I snapped." - Author: T.J. Klune

Quotes About Relaxing Spa

"Before becoming a mom, I never knew how good I had it to just spend time at a spa for a few hours. Now, those days are far and between. So when I have an hour, its all about the mani and pedi." - Author: Tia Mowry

Quotes About Best Is Yet To Come

"Within my heart a garden grows,wild with violets and fragrant rose.Bright daffodils line the narrow path,my footsteps silent as I pass.Sweet tulips nod their heads in rest;I kneel in prayer to seek Gods best.For round my garden a fence stands firmto guard my heart so I can learnwho should enter, and who should waiton the other side of my locked gate.I clasp the key around my neckand wonder if the time is yet.If I unlocked the gate today, would you come in? Or run away?" - Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Quotes About Fan Clubs

"When it comes to female fan attention, Im married, so obviously I avoid the places where you might get unwanted female attention - clubs and social environments, bars and public spaces." - Author: Simon Bird

Quotes About Moonlight Love

"Sometimes, my darling Caroline, when I cant take the want any longer; I go and look at you. Did you know that? I stand by your bedside and watch you sleeping by moonlight, your angelic face draped in shadows, so lovely, so peaceful, and I wonder if youre dreaming about me." - Author: Adele Ashworth

Quotes About Sensuousness

"To the Kathakali Man these stories are his children and his childhood. He has grown up within them. They are the house he was raised in, the meadows he played in. They are his windows and his way of seeing. So when he tells a story, he handles it as he would a child of his own. He teases it. He punishes it. He sends it up like a bubble. He wrestles it to the ground and lets it go again. He laughs at it because he loves it. He can fly you across whole worlds in minutes, he can stop for hours to examine a wilting leaf. Or play with a sleeping monkeys tail. He can turn effortlessly from the carnage of war into the felicity of a woman washing her hair in a mountain stream. From the crafty ebullience of a rakshasa with a new idea into a gossipy Malayali with a scandal to spread. From the sensuousness of a woman with a baby at her breast into the seductive mischief of Krishnas smile. He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains. The hidden fish of shame in a sea of glory." - Author: Arundhati Roy

Quotes About Orage

"I steal props from SNL a great deal. Almost every sketch Im in, I try to grab something from it, so I have a storage space full of props." - Author: Bobby Moynihan

Quotes About Knowing A Person

"Now—after years of knowing what real problems were, after living with a man who was cautiously loving but no longer fawningly committed, a man who was rational and smart but not quite passionate or spontaneous, after slowly spinning away from the person I vowed to be true to for the rest of my years, after feeling like I lost myself in his shadows and goals—the arguments over restaurants, over who took the trash out last seemed futile, silly, and so much easier than the hurdles that Henry and I would come to face in the road of the future." - Author: Allison Winn Scotch

Quotes About Maud

"Ill love him til he loves me bestMe best of all, Maude Clare" - Author: Christina Rossetti

Quotes About Syndicate

"Having a syndicated comic strip is a great platform for ripping on expressions you hate." - Author: Stephan Pastis