[The Movies I'm In Not A Lot Of People See, But It's Alright.]

Author: Catherine Keener Quotes

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Mark Haddon Quotes

"Eventually scientists will discover something that explains ghosts, just like they discovered electricity, which explained lightning, and it might be something about peoples brains, or something about the earths magnetic field, or it might be some new force altogether. And then ghosts wont be mysteries. They will be like electricity and rainbows and nonstick frying pans."

Charlie Dent Quotes

"Theres a need to reform Medicare, but not a need to cut a half trillion dollars out of Medicare."

Alice Jamieson Quotes

"When the black thing was at its worst, when the illicit cocktails and the ten-mile runs stopped working, I would feel numb as if dead to the world. I moved unconsciously, with heavy limbs, like a zombie from a horror film. I felt a pain so fierce and persistent deep inside me, I was tempted to take the chopping knife in the kitchen and cut the black thing out I would lie on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about that knife and using all my limited powers of self-control to stop myself from going downstairs to get it."

Brigitte Nielsen Quotes

"Who says Im gonna marry another guy? In Europe its not like in America, where you set a date."

Chris Sanders And Dean DeBlois Quotes

"Ohana means family - no one gets left behind, and no one is ever forgotten. <3"

Kenny Dalglish Quotes

"What is called for is dignity. We need to set an example."

Michael Biondi Quotes

"Why spend our time searching to feel reality, when its the times that dont feel real that we remember forever?"

Cody Horn Quotes

"Im having fun playing with clothes now. I didnt used to appreciate the clothes as much when I was modeling. It was a job."

Scylar Tyberius Quotes

"Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys."

Jacob Bronowski Quotes

"Many theories of the ancient world seem terribly childish today, a hodge-podge of fables and false comparisons.But our theories will seem childish five-hundred years from now.Every theory is based on some analogy, and sooner or later the theory fails because the analogy turns out to be false. A theory in its day helps to solve the problems of the day."

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Quotes About Using Words Carefully

"This book is a treasure; I did not suspect it would be so good when I picked it up, but now I can feel the printed words seeping through my skin and into my veins, rushing to my heart and marking it forever.I want to savor this wonder, this happening of loving a book and reading it for the first time, because the first time is always the best, and I will never read this book for the first time ever again." - Author: Laura Nowlin

Quotes About Being Copied

"As Whitney came to realize, the primary problem with being a popular high school student, even with all of its perks – some classmates will do your bidding; you may be invited to more parties; you might find your fashions meticulously copied, your actions obsequiously praised, you can sit at a prime spot in the cafeteria; you might even be treated, as Whitney said to me after one party, "like a mini-celebrity" – is that high school ends." - Author: Alexandra Robbins

Quotes About Sublime Beauty

"Fascism is fundamentally and at bottom an aesthetic conception, and . . . it is your function as creators of beautiful things to portray with the greatest efficacy the sublime beauty and inevitable reality of the Fascist ideal." - Author: Louis de Bernières

Quotes About Silence Is Golden

"If "silence is golden" then we have a 24 carat prime minister...!!!" - Author: Himmilicious

Quotes About Auras

"One must go to Dostoievsky who experienced on occasion ecstatic epileptic auras to which he attached momentous significance, to find an adequate historical parallel. "There are moments, and it is only a matter of five or six seconds, when you feel the presence of the eternal harmony ... a terrible thing is the frightful clearness with which it manifests itself and the rapture with which it fills you. If this state were to last more than five seconds, the soul could not endure it and would have to disappear. During these five seconds I live a whole human existence, and for that I would give my whole life and not think that I was paying too dearly …" - Author: Oliver Sacks

Quotes About Climbing

"And if you decide to kill somebody,make it anybody and not somebody:some men are made of more special, precious parts:do not kill if you will a president or a King or a man behind a desk -these have heavenly longitudesenlightened attitudes.If you decide,take uswho stand and smoke and glower;we are rusty with sadnessandfeverishwith climbing broken ladders" - Author: Charles Bukowski

Quotes About Abusive Power

"Most African women are taught to endure abusive marriages. They say endurance means a good wife but most women endure abusive relationship because they are not empowered economically; they depend on their husbands." - Author: Joyce Banda

Quotes About Boheme

"I got last-minute rush seats to Baz Luhrmanns Boheme, and my favorite singer, Ekaterina Solovyeva, was playing Mimi that day. My face got burned off when she sang the aria Donde Lieta Usci. The woman was technically sobbing and singing opera at the same time. I dont know how you do that." - Author: Nina Arianda

Quotes About Light Dumbledore

"But you know happiness can be found in the darkest of time, when one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore" - Author: J. K. Rowlings

Quotes About Innovation And Future

"If you net a profit, reward the "producers." Allocate a portion to innovation & future growth. Place a portion in cash reserves to weather storms." - Author: Jennifer Ritchie Payette