[The Odds Are Good, But The Goods Are Odd]

Author: Robert Masello Quotes

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Red Haircrow Quotes

"I welcome questions. I hate assumptions."

Alexander Sutherland Neill Quotes

"If the emotions are free the intellect will look after itself"

Dan Devine Quotes

"A team is a team is a team. Shakespeare said that many times."

Georgette Heyer Quotes

"Do you mean to tell me that Mr. Trevor read my letter?" demanded Lady Buxted indignantly. "Your secretary?""I employ him to read my letters," explained his lordship.(Alverstroke)"Not those written by your nearest and dearest!""Oh, no, not them!" he agreed."

Jessa Slade Quotes

"Your history is not your future."

Sidney Blumenthal Quotes

"If there were any clear investigation of 9/11, they wouldnt let Louie Freeh off the hook."

Rogers Hornsby Quotes

"Ive never been a yes man."

Ian Fleming Quotes

"Those who deserve to die, die the death they deserve."

Valerie Guinot Quotes

"- Azilis mourra. Niniane est immortelle. Comme moi.Le temps des pierres..."

Akshay Quotes

"Dont make anybody Use you,be smart , else Dont curse them when they chew u out and throw you,they were smart not you"

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Quotes About Palate

"Mine Enemy is growing old --I have at last Revenge --The Palate of the Hate departs --If any would avenge Let him be quick -- the Viand flits --It is a faded Meat --Anger as soon as fed is dead --Tis starving makes it fat" - Author: Emily Dickinson

Quotes About Being Alert

"The responses of friendliness, compassion, and appreciation that I felt ...--all situational permutations of basic goodwill--depended on my minds being relaxed and alert enough to notice both what was happening around me and what was happening as my internal response. [p.50]" - Author: Sylvia Boorstein

Quotes About Banjo

"I prefer to make common cause with those whose weapons are guitars, banjos, fiddles and words." - Author: Theodore Bikel

Quotes About Divergent Dystopian

"Divergent was my utopian world. I mean, that wasnt the plan. I never even set out to write dystopian fiction, thats just what I had when I was finished. At the beginning, I was just writing about a place I found interesting and a character with a compelling story, and as I began to build the world, I realized that it was my utopia." - Author: Veronica Roth

Quotes About Being Irrational

"I meet his eyes and he arches his eyebrows. He knows. He knows I dont really like Deepak. He knows Ive been intending to break up with him for the last two months. He knows I would rather be with him. He knows all my deepest darkest secrets. That psychic velvet voiced God! Okay, Im being irrational. He just raised his eyebrows. Its nothing. Maybe its a habit. He probably raises his eyebrows hourly." - Author: Anjali Kirpalani

Quotes About Being Happy After Heartbreak

"She gave me the jabs and said I was covered for every worst-case scenario, including being bitten by a dirty chimp. I told her this is why we have over-population problems. Why are idiots who annoy dirty chimps being protected?" - Author: Karl Pilkington

Quotes About Narziss

"Narziss, I am guilty of having passed rash judgement on you. I had thought you proud, and perhaps I did you an injustice. You are much alone, brother; you have many to admire you, but no friends. I wished to find the pretext to chide you a little. But I find none. I wanted to see you as disobedient as young men of your age so easily are. But you never disobey. Sometimes Narziss, you make me uneasy." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Attitude And Effort

"If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges." - Author: Pat Riley

Quotes About Business Funny

"I dont want any funny business, and above all I dont want to be dragged into other peoples funny business. If its to be my head on the block, I want to know that its doing there, and not that its some stupid things that other people have done." - Author: Hans Fallada

Quotes About Constructed Reality

"All writers are, somewhere or other, mad. Not les grands fous, like Rimbaud, but mad, yes, mad. Because we do not believe in the stability of reality. We know that it can fragment, like a sheet of glass or a cars windscreen. but we also know that reality can be invented, reordered, constructed, remade. Writing is, in itself, an act of violence perpetrated against reality." - Author: Patricia Duncker