[The Old Man Must Have Stopped Our Car Two Dozen Times To Climb Out And Gather Into His Hands The Small Toads Blinded By Our Lights And Leaping, Live Drops Of Rain. The Rain Was Falling, A Mist About His White Hair And I Kept Saying You Can't Save Them All Accept It, Get Back In Wev'e Got Places To Go. But, Leathery Hands Full Of Wet Brown Life Knee Deep In Summer Roadside Grass, He Just Smiled And Said They Have Places To Go Too.]

Author: Joseph Bruchac Quotes

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"Mistrust first impulses; they are nearly always good."

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"Love is an image that we can recreate everyday."

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"Time is money, and honey."

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"I had always turned it down-to me, smoking pot was absolutely the worst thing in the world. I thought of it as an addiction, and all my friends who smoked it, I felt they really needed help."

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"They told me that they are starting a classic label, and wanted me to be the first artist. So I signed, and am producing myself, and writing my own music, but Im their first artist on their classic label. And I have creative control."

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"You talk to God, youre religious. God talks to you, youre psychotic."

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"Abba is not Hebrew, the language of liturgy, but Aramaic, the language of home and everyday life … We need to be wary of the suggestion … that the correct translation of Abba is ‘Daddy. Abba is the intimate word of a family circle where that obedient reverence was at the heart of the relationship, whereas Daddy is the familiar word of a family circle from which all thoughts of reverence and obedience have largely disappeared … The best English translation of Abba is simply ‘Dear Father."

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"I find that often simple words say all that needs to be said in less time, using less energy, with all the details wanted- fully in tact. Love it."

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"... la alegría infantil de sumergirse en una conversación inesperada con un completo desconocido para descubrirse, horas después -y bajo toneladas hipercalóricas de "¿leíste a tal?". "¡Sí! ¿Y leíste a tal?". "¡Sí! ¿Y leíste a tal?"-, pensando que ése, sí, es el comienzo de una gran amistad."

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"Gold has an almost atavistic lure. People feel it has a panacea effect."

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"It was on the fifteenth of June, 1767, that Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò, my brother, sat among us for the last time. And it might have been today, I remember it so clearly. We were in the dining room of our house at Ombrosa, the windows framing the thick branches of the great holm oak in the park. It was midday, the old traditional dinner hour followed by our family, though by then most nobles had taken to the fashion set by the sluggard Court of France, of dining halfway through the afternoon. A breeze was blowing from the sea, I remember, rustling the leaves. Cosimo said: "I told you I dont want any, and I dont!" and pushed away his plateful of snails. Never had we seen such disobedience." - Author: Italo Calvino

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"For my money, noir boils down to bleak humanism – or, to put it more plainly: shit options, bad decisions, and direconsequences. The difference between Greek tragedy and noir aint the height of the fall, but the reason: those who fall in Greek tragedy do so because theyre destined to; those who fall in noir choose to their damn selves.In short, free wills a bitch.But regardless of whose definition you go with, youll notice somethings lacking: namely, any mention of genre. Thats because for as much as noirs assumed to be a subset of crime fiction, its more vibe than subgenre. And, as many an enterprising modern writer seems intent on proving, that vibe is one that plays just as well with fantasy and science fiction as it does with crime." - Author: Chris F. Holm

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"Independent study, community service, adventures and experience, large doses of privacy and solitude, a thousand different apprenticeships — the one-day variety or longer — these are all powerful, cheap, and effective ways to start a real reform of schooling. But no large-scale reform is ever going to work to repair our damaged children and our damaged society until we force open the idea of "school" to include family as the main engine of education. If we use schooling to break children away from parents — and make no mistake, that has been the central function of schools since John Cotton announced it as the purpose of the Bay Colony schools in 1650 and Horace Mann announced it as the purpose of Massachusetts schools in 1850 — were going to continue to have the horror show we have right now." - Author: John Taylor Gatto

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"Randy is a member in good standing of American society again, having cheerfully endured the process of being ritually goosed by the Government. He feels a strong impulse to drive straight to the nearest gun store and spend about ten thousand dollars. Not that he wants to hurt anyone; its just that any kind of government authority gives him the creeps now." - Author: Neal Stephenson