[The Old Thing Where It Always Was, Back Again. As When A Man, Having Found At Last What He Sought, A Woman, For Example, Or A Friend, Loses It, Or Realises What It Is. And Yet It Is Useless Not To Seek, Not To Want, For When You Cease To Seek You Start To Find, And When You Cease To Want, Then Life Begins To Ram Her Fish And Chips Down Your Gullet Until You Puke, And Then The Puke Down Your Gullet Until You Puke The Puke, And Then The Puked Puke Until You Begin To Like It. The Glutton Castaway, The Drunkard In The Desert, The Lecher In Prison, They Are The Happy Ones. To Hunger, Thirst, Lust, Every Day Afresh And Every Day In Vain, After The Old Prog, The Old Booze, The Old Whores, That's The Nearest We'll Ever Get To Felicity, The New Porch And The Very Latest Garden. I Pass On The Tip For What It Is Worth.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Reverend Jen Quotes

"Love is like the human appendix. You take it for granted while its there, but when its suddenly gone youre forced to endure horrible pain that can only be alleviated through drugs."

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"i felt emotions overtake me, turning my limbs into water. i felt as if kian had wrapped his whole being around me, so tightly, hugging me tightly with the ends of his soul. i could feel my heart beating quicker, my breath growing shorter as i signed."

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"I was reared in an atmosphere where a great deal of attention was paid to womens hairdressing."

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"I think theres a culture in Rajasthan Royals that has been there before I got here, so Ive come into it. Ive enjoyed being part of it and embraced it. They are quite clear about the fact that bottom lines are important, and there is a certain limit on what you can spend."

Brit M Quotes

"Just because I know what I want doesnt mean I can have it,"

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"Great fiction shows us not how to conduct our behavior but how to feel. Eventually, it may show us how to face our feelings and face our actions and to have new inklings about what they mean. A good novel of any year can initiate us into our own new experience."

Los Angeles Times Quotes

"The reason politics makes strange bedfellows is because they all like the same bunk."

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"Im as apolitical as possible. I dont hang out with too many people. Im a loner. For the most part, when I show up, I read a book or work on my computer, and stay out of everybody elses way."

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"have learned in life, there will always be some things that we really want but they are just not ever going to surface in our life. We have to take a bow and keep it moving because you never know the reason why it was not put there. It could simply be because there is something better just waiting. Never chase after people or things, unless it is a common effort. Patience is a virtue, wasted time is a something you will never get back. - AHCIII"

Susan Waterfield Quotes

"Really good writing has purpose and that purpose should be to shape other minds to desire truth and a more noble purpose in life and to become more thoughtful and knowledgable about important things like being kind and loving towards all living beings on our planet and not just humans but all animals."

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"She gave a frustrated little cry. "Everyone thinks I should be wrapped up in cotton wool and babied-when Im not being pitied, that is! But Im no tame housecat. I never have been. What was done to me didnt alter that. Im attracted to Judds strength-give me a nice gentle puppy dog of a man and Id drive him to tears within the hour." - Author: Nalini Singh

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"Rizal" is a compulsory course in school, but few teachers make Rizals novels interesting. If students are taught to enjoy Rizals works as literature instead of as a lodemine of patriotic allusions I am sure they would not mind reading and rereading the Noli me Tangere." - Author: Ambeth R. Ocampo

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"Im sorry I started all this by trying to fly and Id take it back if I could but I cant, so please think of it from my point of view: if you die I will have a dead brother and it will be me instead of you who suffers.Justin thought of his brother on that warm summer day, standing up on the windowsill holding both their futures, light and changeable as air, in his outstretched arms.Of course, Justin thought, Im part of his fate just as hes part of mine. I hadnt considered it from his point of view. Or from the point of view of the universe, either. Its just a playing field crammed full of cause and effect, billions of dominoes, each knocking over billions more, setting off trillions of actions every second. A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and my brother in Luton thinks he can fly.The child nodded. A piano might fall on your head, he said, but it also might not. And in the meantime you never know. Something nice might happen." - Author: Meg Rosoff

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"For a beverage, you asked for some "cherry-assed Kool Aid." Okay, now youre just adding "assed" in places where it doesnt even make sense. Regardless, we will fulfill your request for Cherry Kool-Aid. However, Halle Berry will not be pouring it from her mouth into yours.For dessert, you asked for your mothers homemade peach cobbler. It is highly unorthodox for someone other than the prison kitchen staff to prepare a final meal. Also, you killed her about eight years ago, remember? So youll have to settle for Hostess." - Author: Colin Nissan

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"We know that this man has a proven record of being a strict constructionist. Our President has given us his word that he will interpret the Constitution rather than make new laws from the bench." - Author: Rod Parsley

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"There are some delightful places in this world which have a sensual charm for the eyes. One loves them with a physical love. We people who are attracted by the countryside cherish fond memories of certain springs, certain woods, certain ponds, certain hills, which have become familiar sights and can touch our hearts like happy events.Sometimes indeed the memory goes back towards a forest glade, or a spot on a river bank or an orchard in blossom, glimpsed only once on a happy day, but preserved in our heart." - Author: Guy de Maupassant

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"The voice that arises out of the silence is something no one can imagine until it is heard. It roars when it speaks, it lies to you and convinces you, it steals from you and leaves you without a single word of comfort." - Author: Alice Hoffman

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"Bryne want kill dinosaur, i said pantomiming what i thought passed for a descent dinosaur killing motion.For the first time in weeks, Ali laughed. Go on. And if youre very good, Ali show Bryn big heaping secret. fiiiiiirrrre. Make tasty warm dinosaur meat." - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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"As soon as Joe was done feeding Ira Kenbys fucking dog, he was going to call social services again, and Casey would be taken to a home that would be more appropriate for a runaway. So really, Joe would say, they owed much of their lives together to a senile old man and a dog tortured by hunger to the point it didnt know better. (Casey would always reply that they would have met again, because there was just no way they could have lived without each other, but Joes faith didnt run that deep. Casey would say that was because Joe didnt have a Josiah Daniels in his life, and Joe would shake his head and walk off, but that was later in their story.)" - Author: Amy Lane