[The Old Thing Where It Always Was, Back Again. As When A Man, Having Found At Last What He Sought, A Woman, For Example, Or A Friend, Loses It, Or Realises What It Is. And Yet It Is Useless Not To Seek, Not To Want, For When You Cease To Seek You Start To Find, And When You Cease To Want, Then Life Begins To Ram Her Fish And Chips Down Your Gullet Until You Puke, And Then The Puke Down Your Gullet Until You Puke The Puke, And Then The Puked Puke Until You Begin To Like It. The Glutton Castaway, The Drunkard In The Desert, The Lecher In Prison, They Are The Happy Ones. To Hunger, Thirst, Lust, Every Day Afresh And Every Day In Vain, After The Old Prog, The Old Booze, The Old Whores, That's The Nearest We'll Ever Get To Felicity, The New Porch And The Very Latest Garden. I Pass On The Tip For What It Is Worth.]

Author: Samuel Beckett Quotes

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Tracy Cooper Posey Quotes

"Some say were already damned," Nathanial replied coolly, sitting back in his chair. "So youre too late to send him to Hell." -- BLOOD KNOT"

Don Rose Quotes

"Radio is not a partner in the industry. I think that the music industry has continued to depend upon radio, but has ended up pandering to a medium that doesnt care."

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"Baby, dont build a monument for me of your sadness. You wouldnt have wasted your tears when I was alive. Why make an ocean of them now when its over? The future you dreamed is a dream. Dream something else."

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"Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake?"

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"We hold that you cant own anything that four strong men cant lift."

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"Tinha um velho que morreu agarrando o pinto, acho que ficou com medo da morte, o pobrezinho, tanto medo e na hora do medo agarrou o pinto. Foi enterrado assim."

Matthew Bunker Ridgway Quotes

"The hard decisions are not the ones you make i in the heat of battle. For harder to make are those involved in speaking your mind about some harebrained scheme which proposes to commit troops to action under conditions where failure is almost certain and the only results will be the needless sacrifice of priceless lives."

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"I wasnt really living anywhere... I was just kinda hanging out. I would live from week to week in places."

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"The sky would be empty without the birds."

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"I prefer the emotion that corrects the rule."

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"Reaver was about to go where angels feared to tread. He supposed that really did make him a—"Fucking idiot."Reaver stared at Eidolon. "I was going to go with ‘fool. Also, only a fucking idiot would call an angel a fucking idiot."The demon doctor stared back, his dark eyes glittering with gold flecks. "A fool would merely consider entering hell without a plan. Only a fucking idiot would be serious about waltzing into the Prince of Evils living room in the very center of hell to kidnap Satans little girl. Without a plan.""I have a plan," he muttered.Eidolon parked a tray of surgical tools next to the exam table Reaver was sitting on. "And your plan is?""Ah…it mostly involves sneaking in and sneaking out." - Author: Larissa Ione

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"There is a quiet revolution going on in the study of the Bible. At its center is a growing awareness that the Bible is a work of literature and that the methods of literary scholarship are a necessary part of any complete study of the Bible." - Author: Leland Ryken

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"Theres a Good Book about goodness and how to be good and so forth, but theres no Evil Book about how to be evil and how to be bad. The Devil had no prophets to write his Ten Commandments, and no team of authors to write his biography. His case has gone completely by default. We know nothing about him but a lot of fairy stories from our parents and schoolmasters. He has no book from which we can learn the nature of evil in all its forms, with parables about evil people, proverbs about evil people, folklore about evil people. All we have is the living example of people who are least good, or our own intuition." - Author: Ian Fleming

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"Cat doesnt have to work. Shes a woman of independent means. I settled enough money on her to allow her the freedom to do anything she wished. She went to boarding school for four years, and stayed to teach for another two. Eventually she came to me and said shed accepted a position as a governess for the Hathaway family. I believe you were in France with Win atthe time. Cat went for the interview, Cam and Amelia liked her, Beatrix and Poppy clearly needed her, and no one seemed inclined to question her lack of experience.""Of course not," Leo said acidly. "My family would never bother with something so insignificant as job experience. Im sure they started the interview by asking what her favoritecolor was." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

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"Des quantités de livres dorment ainsi en moi, des bons et des mauvais, de tout genre. Des phrases, des mots, des alinéas et des vers qui, pareils à des locataires remuants, reviennent brusquement à la vie, errent solitaires ou entament dans ma tête de bruyants bavardages que je suis incapable de faire taire." - Author: Imre Kertész

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"Dont have work-life balance - at least in the sense of trying to escape from work so you can have a life. Work should be fun - so make work enjoyable and satisfying for everyone - among other reasons because it pays off." - Author: Don Tapscott

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"We could go work on curing cancer. We could go work on building spaceships. We could go work on art projects. Whats fun about working at Asana is we get to work on all of them at the same time." - Author: Justin Rosenstein

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"[...] I was afraid to board a streetcar because of the conductor; I was afraid to enter the Kabuki Theater for fear of the usherettes standing along the sides of the red-carpeted staircase at the main entrance; I was afraid to go into a restaurant because I was intimidated by the waiters furtively hovering behind me waiting for my plate to be emptied." - Author: Osamu Dazai

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"To teach Shelley to be more forceful, I resorted to a method you wouldnt find in any instructional. I made her plan and run a practice. She had to design the workout, set up the drills, push her teammates through them, and decide when something had been done well enough. I never said a word. For a good hour and a half she just stood there and watched. I was drained. Not only do you have to talk, you are in the drill. I just remember being mentally exhausted after that practice. But what a great way to develop leadership and ownership. —SHELLEY SEXTON COLLIER" - Author: Pat Summitt