[The Oracle Handed Her A Small, Leather Bound Booklet, About As Thick As A Pamphlet, And Said, "You Are A Teacher, Yes?"It Was Nice Of The Oracle To Phrase Things In The Form Of A Question And Let People Feel They Were Imparting Information. "Yes, I Am.""Excellent. I Know Teachers Value Learning, And This Book Has Very Valuable Information On Gargoyles. If Terak Remains Part Of Your Life, This You'll Want To Know."Larissa Weighed It In Her Hand. "This Is A Very Light History."The Oracle Arched One Fine Brow. "Why Would I Bother With That? This, My Dear, Is About How Gargoyles Mate.]

Author: Danielle Monsch Quotes

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"The problem is, when you come back in youre sweating, so I wait until the very last minute before putting on my shirt so that its not covered in sweat."

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"He was numb except for dreading the loss of numbness."

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"I shrug and smile amiably the way you do when youre in a foreign country and have no idea what anyone is saying, so you end up grinning and nodding your way into a three-way with a henna vendor and a camel."

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"A warrior always, you lift a hand to create or destroy as you will, and heed no ones call but your own. And all the while, my one breathless thought, repeating as though I know nothing else...Take me with you."

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"You cant afford to get sick, and you cant depend on the present health care system to keep you well. Its up to you to protect and maintain your bodys innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live."

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"New Years Eve, were going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section."

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"Words are fossilized butterfly wings,pretty to look at sometimes,but only good for Museums.I want to miserably burn down the Museums."

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"Im appreciative that people appreciate the care Ive taken of my feet."

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"...I know that if you ask me to jump I will say how high. So I will stay away from you and hope that you never ever say jump."

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"Chansey Leclaire is a Daughter of Anteros, which makes her your agápe. She is your gift....and your curse."- Sebastian from Blood of Anteros"

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"For several years Quinn had been having the same conversations with this man, whose name he did not know. Once, when he had been in the luncheonette, they had talked about baseball, and now, each time Quinn came in, they continued to talk about it. In the winter, the talk was of trades, predictions, memories. During the season, it was always the most recent game. They were both Mets fans, and the hopelessness of that passion had created a bond between them." - Author: Paul Auster

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"Rankin put down his glass and stared at him coldly. "I beg your pardon?" he said. "I gather this is some more of your officious—"Laurence paid no attention, but seized the back of his chair and heaved. Rankin fell forward, scrabbling to catch himself on the floor. Laurence took him by the scruff of his coat and dragged him up to his feet, ignoring his gasp of pain."Laurence, what in Gods name—" Lenton said in astonishment, rising to his feet."Levitas is dying; Captain Rankin wishes to make his farewells," Laurence said, looking Lenton squarely in the eye and holding Rankin up by the collar and the arm. "He begs to be excused." The other captains stared, half out of their chairs. Lenton looked at Rankin, then very deliberately sat back down. "Very good," he said, and reached for the bottle; the other captains slowly sank back down as well." - Author: Naomi Novik

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"Researchers can measure what kind of angles your legs take up during the day when theyre just trailing around behind you in weightless conditions, and what kind of impacts you feel during your exercise. Theyre going to compare that with what we do on the ground." - Author: John L. Phillips

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"Were not obsessed by anything, you see," insisted Ford."...""And thats the deciding factor. We cant win against obsession. They care, we dont. They win.""I care about lots of things," said Slartibartfast, his voice trembling partly with annoyance, but partly also with uncertainty."Such as?""Well," said the old man, "life, the Universe. Everything, really. Fjords.""Would you die for them?""Fjords?" blinked Slartibartfast in surprise. "No.""Well then.""Wouldnt see the point, to be honest." - Author: Douglas Adams

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"His life was crowded , public and impersonal as a city square. The friend of humanity had no single private friend. People came to him; he came close to no one. He accepted all. His affection was golden, smooth and even, like a great expanse of sand; there was no wind of discrimination to raise dunes; the sands lay still and the sun stood high.---Toohey." - Author: Ayn Rand

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"The greatest source of security our children have in this world is a God-honoring, Christ-centered marriage between their parents." - Author: Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

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"Lectura instantánea. Cierto famoso fakir afirmaba en el pueblo que podía enseñar a leer a una persona iletrada mediante una técnica relámpago. Nasrudín salió de entre la multitud. "Muy bien, enséñame, ahora." El fakir tocó la frente del Mulla y dijo: "Ahora ve a casa inmediatamente y lee un libro". Media hora más tarde, Nasrudín estaba de vuelta en el mercado, llevando un libro en sus manos. El fakir se había marchado. "¿Puedes leer ahora, Mulla?", le preguntó la gente. "Sí, puedo leer, pero eso no es lo importante. ¿Dónde está ese charlatán?" "Cómo puede ser un charlatán si ha conseguido que leas sin aprender?" "Porque este libro, que es de incuestionable autoridad, dice: Todos los fakires son farsantes." - Author: Idries Shah

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"Listen--God only exists in peoples minds. Especially in Japan, Gods always been kind of a flexible concept. Look at what happened after the war. Douglas MacArthur ordered the divine emperor to quit being God, and he did, making a speech saying he was just an ordinary person. So after 1946 he wasnt God anymore. Thats what Japanese gods are like--they can be tweaked and adjusted. Some American comping on a cheap pipe gives the order and presto change-o--Gods no longer God. A very postmodern kind of thing. If you think Gods there, He is. If you dont, He isnt.~pages 286-287" - Author: Haruki Murakami

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"Intense pain often pushed me to make changes. The pain of the eating disorder pushed me into recovering from eating-disordered behaviors, and then the emotional turmoil I experienced without those behaviors (not knowing how to cope with perfectionism, feelings, and life in general) took me even further, so that I ultimately found serenity." - Author: Jenni Schaefer

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"The principle tragedy of my life is, like all tragedies, an irony of Destiny. I reject real life as if it were a condemnation; I reject dreams as if they were an ignoble liberation. […]After the end of the stars uselessly whitened in the morning sky and the breeze became less cold in the barely orange tinged in the yellow of the light on the scattered low clouds, I, who hadnt slept, could finally, slowly raise my body, exhausted from nothing from the bed from which I had thought the universe." - Author: Fernando Pessoa