[The Oracle Handed Her A Small, Leather Bound Booklet, About As Thick As A Pamphlet, And Said, "You Are A Teacher, Yes?"It Was Nice Of The Oracle To Phrase Things In The Form Of A Question And Let People Feel They Were Imparting Information. "Yes, I Am.""Excellent. I Know Teachers Value Learning, And This Book Has Very Valuable Information On Gargoyles. If Terak Remains Part Of Your Life, This You'll Want To Know."Larissa Weighed It In Her Hand. "This Is A Very Light History."The Oracle Arched One Fine Brow. "Why Would I Bother With That? This, My Dear, Is About How Gargoyles Mate.]

Author: Danielle Monsch Quotes

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"In every day waits fortune like a seed ready to sprout."

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"The word may be mightier than the sword, but except for the s they are pretty much the same. Both are used to kill--and to save."

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"I like a girl who laughs a lot. Thats my main thing."

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"Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again.(From In Those Bygone Years, The Girl We All Went After the novel)"

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"Im probably a bit romantic about it, but I think we humans miss having contact with fire. We need it."

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"Pídele cuentas a la pura verdadque no se pringa, que no tiene piedad;yo sólo me colguémedallas que no gané."

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"But if our hopes are betrayed, if we are forced to resist the invasion of our soil, and to defend our threatened homes, this duty, however hard it may be, will find us armed and resolved upon the greatest sacrifices."

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"The words forse che si, forse che no, perhaps yes, perhaps no, repeat along all paths."

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"good works gathered in a thousand ages, such as deeds of generosity, or offerings to the blissful ones, a single flash of anger shatters them."

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"Losing your parent at a tender age is like losing everything thing. The love, care, support and what have you. It only takes determination, strong will and the love, care and support from others to make a difference in the lives of these ones as they grow to face their future. You and I can impact in their lives...Just a little love, a little care, a little support can make a huge difference in a childs life. Support an orphan today!"

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"Even at that time the hope of leaving behind messages in bottles on the flood of barbarism bursting on Europe was an amiable illusion: the desperate letters stuck in the mud of the spirit of rejuvenesence and were worked up by a band of Noble Human-Beings and other riff-raff into highly artistic but inexpensive wall-adornments. Only since then has progress in communications really got into its stride. Who, in the end, is to take it amiss if even the freest of free spirits no longer write for an imaginary posterity, more trusting, if possible, than even their contemporaries, but only for the dead God?" - Author: Theodor W. Adorno

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"Sanders argued, basically, that the normal Christian, and especially Protestant, readings of Paul were seriously flawed, because they attributed to first-century Judaism theological views which belonged rather to medieval Catholicism. Once we described Judaism accurately, Sanders argued, we were forced to rethink Pauls critique of it, and his whole positive theology in its turn." - Author: N. T. Wright

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"Her elf is going to do just that," he said, the red glow of the ever-after sun turning his hair auburn, almost as red as mine. "I did not work this hard at getting her to accept who she is to let you take your spoiled brat of a little-boy temper tantrum out on her. She stays on my side of the lines." - Author: Kim Harrison

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"The size and height of the tree determines how heavily the ground will shake when it falls. The cassava tree falls and not even the pests in the forest are aware. The baobab tree falls and the whole forest looks empty! Such is human life!" - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

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"in the last month or so, i have read the great gatsby and a separate peace. i am starting to see a real trend in the kind of books bill gives me to read. and just like the tape of songs, it is amazing to hold each of them in the palm of my hand. they are all my favorites. all of them." - Author: Stephen Chbosky

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"I blame Doctor Who. Mr Spock. The Scooby Gang: both the ones in the Mystery Machine and the ones with the stakes. Ive spent my life with stories of people who dont walk away, who go back for their friends, who make that last stand. Ive been brainwashed by Samwise Gamgee." - Author: Andrea K. Höst

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"morning night and noonthe traffic moves throughand the murder and treacheryof friends and loversand all the peoplemove through you.pain is the joy of knowingthe unkindest truththat arrives without warning.life is being alonedeath is being alone.even the fools weepmorning night and noon." - Author: Charles Bukowski

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"As a young man just beginning to publish some short fiction in the t&a magazines, I was fairly optimistic about my chances of getting published; I knew that I had some game, as the basketball players say these days, and I also felt that time was on my side; sooner or later the best-selling writers of the sixties and seventies would either die or go senile, making room for newcomers like me." - Author: Stephen King