[The People Of Hong Kong Are Criticized For Only Being Interested In Business, But It's The Only Thing They've Been Allowed To Do.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Soichiro Honda Quotes

"The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred."

CS Harris Quotes

"She had been born with a different name, to a woman with laughing eyes and warmly whispered words of love whod died degraded and afraid on a misty Irish morning."

George Packer Quotes

"Much of the international unease with the Sochi Games has focused on the threat of terrorism, Putins domestic repressiveness, and the Russian campaign of anti-gay propaganda."

Skye Callahan Quotes

"Just because I say what you want to hear, doesnt mean its not the truth."

Michael W Fox Quotes

"Through nature, through the evolutionary continuum, and ecological relatedness and interdependence of all things, we are as much a part of the wolf as the wolf is a part of us. And as we destroy or demean nature, wolves, or any creature, great or small, we do no less to ourselves."

Vish Patil Quotes

"you never know u r drunk until u wake up with a dickhead in the morning."

Alla Nazimova Quotes

"Sincerity and the correct use of the voice are the greatest things in the art of acting."

William Perry Quotes

"I am just relaxing and enjoying myself, doing what I always did."

Doctor Who Quotes

"Wer all just stories at the end just make it a good one...hu?"

Molly Maguire McGill Quotes

"Sometimes Karl, you have to realize your weeknesses and be willing to discuss them with adults."

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"How could I not?" My hand fluttered in her direction, wishing I could make every fucking inch of space separating us disappear. "I lied to you, Aly. That night… " I swallowed hard as my attention shot to the place where Id left her behind before I angled it back on her. "I left knowing I could never forget you, but praying somehow you could forget me. And I know I shouldnt be here. I know I should give you a chance to forget, but, Aly… I miss you." - Author: A.L. Jackson

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"Authors should do multiple submissions to agents. I mean, thats the way the business world works and whether or not the industry likes it or not, they cant stop you from submitting to multiple agents and you know what? If an agent misses out on you because they took too long with your query letter, tough luck for them." - Author: Brad Thor

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"I find more people want to eat a little less. My generation, were all watching our figures. They want to go to the bar and eat a few snacks, have a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine, and go home. People dont sit down at the table and have a whole three or four courses." - Author: Todd English

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"Mr. Herbert DemarestAlexander Hamilton Jr. High2236 Bedford AvenueBrooklyn NYDear Mr Demarest, Then why dont you give him Withering Heights? At least Heathcoat knew how to kick some ass.Chas. Banks3d Base" - Author: Steve Kluger

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"Our strategy is one of preventing war by making it self-evident to our enemies that theyre going to get their clocks cleaned if they start one." - Author: John W. Vessey Jr.

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"By the time of the arrival of Islam in the early seventeenth century CE, what we now call the Middle East was divided between the Persian and Byzantine empires. But with the spread of this new religion from Arabia, a powerful empire emerged, and with it a flourishing civilization and a glorious golden age.Given how far back it stretches in time, the history of the region -- and even of Iraq itself -- is too big a canvas for me to paint. Instead, what I hope to do in this book is take on the nonetheless ambitious task of sharing with you a remarkable story; one of an age in which great geniuses pushed the frontiers of knowledge to such an extent that their work shaped civilizations to this day." - Author: Jim Al Khalili

Quotes About Differential Equations

"If God has made the world a perfect mechanism, He has at least conceded so much to our imperfect intellect that in order to predict little parts of it, we need not solve innumerable differential equations, but can use dice with fair success." - Author: Max Born

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"Bronson always said that, of all the girls, Louisa was most like her mother, and he didnt mean it as a compliment. Both were mercurial, passionate, willful. Louisa had seen despair like Abbas from the inside. She had inherited it the way some daughters came into a silver tray or a set of spoons." - Author: Kelly OConnor McNees

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"What is damage but forcing yourself, memories of yourself, onto someone else? Coloring someone elses body. In reality, its sort of romantic. Its why we love to hurt each other." - Author: E.J. Koh

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"Woodstock happened in August 1969, long before the Internet and mobile phones made it possible to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere. It was a time when we werent able to witness world events or the horrors of war live on 24-hour news channels." - Author: Richie Havens