[The Poet Craves Emotion, And Feeds The Fire That Consumes Him, And Only Under This Condition Is He Baptized With Creative Power.]

Author: George Edward Woodberry Quotes

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Deng Ming Dao Quotes

"All teachings are mere references. The true experience is living your own life. Then, even the holiest of words are only words."

Sandy Boucher Quotes

"Imagine a great net spread across the universe. Each juncture is a "being," and if we imagine that consciousness as a drop of dew, we can see that in each shining drop resides the reflection of every other drop on the net."

Laura L Enright Quotes

"In the hearts of fans everywhere, his protectiveness is where his true appeal lies. Edward feels both pleasure and pain in Bellas company: his heart cries out for her love while his need for her blood, the scent of which intoxicates him, and he must fight the urge to kill her to savor it. His agony would end if he were to fulfill her request to turn her into a vampire, but he refuses. He fears it would mean giving up her soul, and he has made it his mission to safeguard her, body and soul. Even when it seems he is bound by a promise to make her a vampire, he will only do it if she marries him, sanctifying the act in his mind. This magnificent creature, who could have one of his on glorious kind, chooses plain, mortal Bella; puts her on a pedestal; and is willing to protect and honor her. What woman could ask for more?"

Veda Vyasa Quotes

"Before creation I alone was, there was no other existence of the nature of cause and effect different from Me. After the creative cycle ends also, I alone exist. For, this universe is also Myself, and when everything is dissolved in its cause in Pralaya, what remains is only Myself."

Hanna Rosin Quotes

"Factories not what they used to be - theyre all extremely high-tech."

Janet Malcolm Quotes

"The writer ultimately tires of the subjects self-serving story, and substitutes a story of his own."

Johnny Kelly Quotes

"Wherever theres opportunity, the mafia will be there."

Derek Kidner Quotes

"...you have to be godly to be wise ..."

Americo Castro Quotes

"The person who expects to understand history must submerge himself in it, must get rid of patriotism, as well as bitterness. And especially in studying a historic life that consists in insecurity must the historian rid himself of all insecurity. He must accept the totality of the data in all their fullness, the noble with the paltry, thinking of how the two interlock."

John Buck ONeil Quotes

"In our beautiful memoryWe were all handsomeWe could all singWe all had the heart Of the prettiest girl in townAnd we all hit .300"

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"Dr. Parker and all my parents live in a paper-mache world. They just patch up problems with strips of newspaper and a little glue." - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Quotes About Wrapper

"The longest-lived people eat a plant-based diet. They eat meat but only as a condiment or a celebration. Nothing they eat has a plastic wrapper." - Author: Dan Buettner

Quotes About Book Publishing

"Again, the opportunity has come to start off with our best. Make sure all the 365 pages of your book are worth the writing; as well publishing for." - Author: Kaushal Yadav

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"Id get 3-4 cheap home runs every year. You know, little wood shots down either line. They would be pop flies in any other park. But, goodness me, they didnt count the number of long outs!" - Author: Bobby Thomson

Quotes About Crazy Outfits

"He loved me, but I also think he was infatuated with somebody in me I wasnt so crazy about. If Nate was the one who saw Kate Pierson underneath my grubby disaffect when we met, David tried to strip away all of Kates lovely lashes and wigs and iridescent outfits to reveal what he was confident was the mousy, wide-eyed ragamuffin little girl that he wanted to love me as, and who he wanted me to be." - Author: Julie Klausner

Quotes About Shoebox

"Our dreams are made of real things, like a shoebox full of photographs." - Author: Jack Johnson

Quotes About Ending Up Alone

"From the ruins, lonely and inexplicable as the sphinx, rose the Empire State Building. And just as it had been tradition of mine to climb to the Plaza roof to take leave of the beautiful city extending as far as the eyes could see, so now I went to the roof of that last and most magnificent of towers.Then I understood. Everything was explained. I had discovered the crowning error of the city. Its Pandoras box.Full of vaunting pride, the New Yorker had climbed here, and seen with dismay what he had never suspected. That the city was not the endless sucession of canyons that he had supposed, but that it had limits, fading out into the country on all sides into an expanse of green and blue. That alone was limitless. And with the awful realization that New York was a city after all and not a universe, the whole shining ediface that he had reared in his mind came crashing down.That was the gift of Alfred Smith to the citizens of New York." - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Gordura

"Siempre he querido ser gordo. Se trata de un anhelo frívolo, lo sé, pero admiro a los hombres que administran sus carnes con satisfacción y adquieren una contundencia que no admite discrepancias. Un gordo culto convence más fácilmente que uno enjuto. La gordura parece una asimilación del saber; en cambio, los flacos absorbemos cosas sin evidencia. En un hombre público, la gordura produce un respeto que se perfecciona con una calva." - Author: Juan Villoro

Quotes About Cultural Institutions

"A liberal public is interesting to have as an audience. It is for that very reason that corporations make such an effort to ally themselves with cultural institutions." - Author: Hans Haacke

Quotes About Aimi

"In a crowd of a thousand boys claiming to be the prince, there would be only one with the same look of trouble in his eye." - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen