[The Poet Does Not Know - Often He Will Never Know - Whom He Really Writes For.]

Author: Eugenio Montale Quotes

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Benjamin Silliman Quotes

"Astronomy is, not without reason, regarded, by mankind, as the sublimest of the natural sciences. Its objects so frequently visible, and therefore familiar, being always remote and inaccessible, do not lose their dignity."

Atlanta Hunter Quotes

"So when life throws a curve ball, do your best to hit it and run to first base. If it tries to get you out of the game, do your best to get to the home plate. Yes there will be those looking for you to fail, but there are also those who are cheering you on. If not then cheer for yourself!"

Ganeshsaidheeraj Quotes

"to judge professional be professional"

Milton Avery Quotes

"Why talk when you can paint?"

Alphonso Jackson Quotes

"As you know, in this country Anglo-Americans are about 75 to 76 percent home ownership in this country, where Hispanics, African Americans are less than 50 percent."

Ed Gorman Quotes

"David Goodis didnt write novels, he wrote suicide notes."

Sir John Eliot Quotes

"Upon this dispute not alone our lands and goods are engaged, but all that we call ours. These rights, these privileges, which made our fathers freemen, are in question."

Antonio Olinto Quotes

"...its fat women who are really beautiful. The fatter the better."

Jody Wallace Quotes

"I thought the first rule was do not talk about strip club.""Depends on who you talk to," Officer Sexy said. "Tonight the first rule is not to strip for your neighbors."

Valerie Simpson Quotes

"I guess Im in a state of becoming. Even though Ive had a full career and Ive been around a long time, its like dinosaurs are coming back. Its all new. Im having to be on my own and seeing how exciting life can be now."

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Quotes About Your Mattering

"It was the end and he couldnt decide if the truth had been worth telling. All he knew was that it was time to go. Because sometimes doing what was best for someone you loved was more important than taking care of yourself. Because sometimes the things that were never meant to last were what ended up mattering the most. Because sometimes even a door thats always been open has to close." - Author: Megan Hart

Quotes About Adhem

"Ostwald was a great protagonist and an inspiring teacher. He had the gift of saying the right thing in the right way. When we consider the development of chemistry as a whole, Ostwalds name like Abou ben Adhems leads all the rest ... Ostwald was absolutely the right man in the right place. He was loved and followed by more people than any chemist of our time." - Author: Wilder Dwight Bancroft

Quotes About Alife

"For instance, supposing that the planet earth were not a sphere but a gigantic coffee table,how much difference in everyday life would that make? Granted, this is a prettyfarfetched example; you cant rearrange facts of life so freely. Still, picturing the planetearth, for convenience sake, as a gigantic coffee table does in fact help clear away theclutter—those practically pointless contingencies such as gravity and the internationaldateline and the equator, those nagging details that arise from the spherical view. I mean,for a guy leading a perfectly ordinary existence, how many times in the course of alifetime would the equator be a significant factor?" - Author: Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Import

"‎"Your heart is in your chest. It supplies the blood to your cells. Even if you dont think about it, your heart is always pumping. The heart is the most important organ in the body. Without it, you will die."What grade are you teaching these days? Joel asked. Because either this is really sad...or really profound." - Author: Jordan Castillo Price

Quotes About Naivety

"Might there come a timeWhen we stand over a graveAnd mourn ourselves?Mourn the past, a previous life?Shall we weep for the passing of time?Shall we grieve for unfulfilled dreams?In my naivety; in my beliefIn immortal youth, I sleep walk through life.Someone... wake me up.Please.Wake me up." - Author: Samantha Young

Quotes About Bunghole

"Theyre both bungholes who think theyre too noble to shit," - Author: George R.R. Martin

Quotes About Informed Public

"Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a childs spirit; for such mutilation undercuts the life principle of trust, without which every human act, may it feel ever so good and seem ever so right is prone to perversion by destructive forms of conscientiousness." - Author: Erik Erikson

Quotes About Spices

"The food in such places is so tasteless because the members associate spices and garlic with just the sort of people theyre trying to keep out." - Author: Calvin Trillin

Quotes About Argent

"Oui, cest votre idée, à vous tous, les ouvriers français, déterrer un trésor, pour le manger seul ensuite, dans un coin dégoïsme et de fainéantise. Vous avez beau crier contre les riches, le courage vous manque de rendre aux pauvres largent que la fortune vous envoie... Jamais vous ne serez dignes du bonheur, tant que vous aurez quelque chose à vous, et que votre haine des bourgeois viendra uniquement de votre besoin enragé dêtre des bourgeois à leur place." - Author: Émile Zola

Quotes About External Forces

"The poet who sees himself as a hero or a prophet, or a priest of the socio-political forces to which he is loyal, which he believes are the historical necessities of his times, too easily becomes a puppet. He has no external measure with which to assess reality. Whether he submits to the forces or rejects them, he becomes a parody of himself, and then without knowing it submits his gifts to the demons of his era. He loses his place in the continuity of time. He becomes dependent on social affirmation and the drug of exalted feelings common to all revolutionaries. He destroys, even as he thinks he creates." - Author: Michael D. OBrien