[The Poet Does Not Know - Often He Will Never Know - Whom He Really Writes For.]

Author: Eugenio Montale Quotes

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Robert Brady Quotes

"More than 54,000 jobs in the region are dependent upon the Port of Philadelphia alone."

Eric Avery Quotes

"I said to myself a long time ago that I didnt want to be that hanging-on-for-too-long, aging-rock-musician guy, and thats why I sort of got away from music."

Gerald Brenan Quotes

"A healthy old fellow, who is not a fool, is the happiest creature living."

Miriam Meza Quotes

"En ese momento empezó a sonar If I had a gun de Noel Gallagher y él me tomó en sus brazos, me inclinó para besarme hasta dejarme sin aliento como en esas películas de Hollywood. Una pena que eso también pasó en mi mente"

Hemingway Ernest Quotes

"Lets drop the war.Its very hard. Theres no place to drop it."

Edward Burns Quotes

"Im betting that in two years Ill be talking to you about a film that I shot on an iPhone. Its absolutely coming, I have no doubt in my mind."

Cheryl Aylward Whitesel Quotes

"Kojis mouth twitched in disgust. "Who are you people?" he asked, as he had before. "Youre not..." But he didnt even dare say that dangerous word-- ninja."

Allan McNish Quotes

"My very first car was a grey Alfa Romeo Alfasud, which I got in 1987. But, in our family, all cars were for sale - so they might be there in the morning and were gone at night. In the mid-90s, I joined Porsche and the Carrera was the car, and the Carrera 4S was the one they gave me. As a wee boy from Dumfries, I couldnt believe it."

Cynthia Hand Boundless Quotes

"Is this my purpose?The clouds dont have a lot of answers."

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Quotes About Communicator

"If I already intuitively "get" what youre trying to tell me, why should I obsess about remembering it? The danger, of course, is that what sounds like common sense often isnt.... Its your job, as a communicator, to expose the parts of your message that are uncommon sense.(p.72)" - Author: Chip Heath

Quotes About Nothing Being Promised

"He had theologically redefined the Christian life as something active, not reactive. It had nothing to do with avoiding sin or with merely talking or teaching or believing theological notions or principles or rules or tenets. It had everything to do with living ones whole life in obedience to Gods call through action. It did not merely require a mind, but a body too. It was Gods call to be fully human, to live as human beings obedient to the one who had made us, which was the fulfillment of our destiny. It was not a cramped, compromised, circumspect life, but a life lived in a kind of wild, joyful, full-throated freedom—that was what it was to obey God." - Author: Eric Metaxas

Quotes About Darl

"Noah tomó un sorbo antes de responder. Luego dijo: Alemán, Español, Holandés, Mandarín, y por supuesto, Francés.Impresionante. "Di algo en Alemán" dije, y tomó un trago de la bebida. Era dulce, pero al final fuerte y picante. No estaba segura de gustarme."Scheide" dijo Noah.Decidí darle a la bebida otro trago. "¿Que significa eso?" pregunté, luego tomé un sorbo."Vagina"Casi me ahogué, y cubrí mi boca con mi mano. Después recobré la compostura, hablé: "Encantador. ¿Es todo lo que sabes?""En Alemán, Holandés y Mandarín, sí"Sacudí mi cabeza. ¿Por qué, Noah, sabes la palabra vagina en cada lenguaje?"Porque soy Europeo, y por lo tanto más culto que tú" - Author: Michelle Hodkin

Quotes About Retelling Stories

"Its corny, but I think poems are echoes of the voices in your head and from your past. Your sisters, your father, your ancestors taking to you and through you. Some of it is primal, some of it is hallucinatory bullshit. That madness those boys rapping aint nothing but urban folklore. They retelling stories passed down from chicken coop to apartment stoop to Ford coupe. Hear that rhyme, boy. Shit, I could get down and rap if I had to. MC Big Mama Osteoporosis in the house." - Author: Paul Beatty

Quotes About Beloved Parents

"And the Word that had most recently come from the mouth of God was, "This is my beloved in whom I am well pleased." Identity. Its always Gods first move. Before we do anything wrong and before we do anything right, God has named and claimed us as Gods own. But almost immediately, other things try to tell us who we are and to whom we belong: capitalism, the weight-loss industrial complex, our parents, kids at school—they all have a go at telling us who we are. But only God can do that. Everything else is temptation." - Author: Nadia Bolz Weber

Quotes About Impulse Control

"Theres childhood and early onset bipolar, but it transitions in your early adulthood into something a little bit different, and extremely severe. It was at that time that my impulse control just went out the window. Impulse control when youre manic just disappears." - Author: Marya Hornbacher

Quotes About Girlie

"Well, I have a farm in Vermont thats my main residence, where I do lots of digging and mowing, and ride tractors - just so you dont get the wrong idea that Im too girlie!" - Author: Tim Daly

Quotes About Empirical Evidence

"My brother the vampire, whose kiss was a slow death sentence, had a stable and loving relationship with a girl who was crazy about him. By contrast, I could barely talk to a woman, at least about anything pertaining to a relationship. Given that my only long-term girlfriends had faked their own death, died, and broken free of enslaving enchantments to end the relationship, the empirical evidence seemed to indicate that he knew something I didnt. Keep your life tonight, Harry. Complicate it tomorrow." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Ended Friendship

"I deny not the course itself of events, which lies open to every ones inquiry and examination. I acknowledge, that, in the present order of things, virtue is attended with more peace of mind than vice, and meets with a more favourable reception from the world. I am sensible, that, according to the past experience of mankind, friendship is the chief joy of human life, and moderation the only source of tranquillity and happiness. I never balance between the virtuous and the vicious course of life; but am sensible, that, to a well-disposed mind, every advantage is on the side of the former. And what can you say more, allowing all your suppositions and reasonings?" - Author: David Hume

Quotes About Abusive Family

"When you live in an alcoholic family or an abusive family, you tiptoe, you dont want to step on any mines." - Author: Glenn Beck