[The Point Is That You Want To Have A System That Is Responsive.]

Author: Bill Joy Quotes

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Josh Dallas Quotes

"I look for fun and smarts - a witty, strong sexy woman."

Benjamin Koldyke Quotes

"From a male perspective, you dont think about how much outward pressure and importance you put on how women look."

Gemma Hatchback Quotes

"If a man is highly sexed hes virile. If a woman is, shes a nymphomaniac. With them its power but with us its a disease! Even the act of sex is called penetration! Why dont they call it enclosure?"

Bob Thurber Quotes

"Ive already got the storm figured out. Some idiot blew up the sun. Some dumb Russian general pushed the wrong button and launched one of their million missiles, or maybe NASA misaimed one of our test rockets. Either way, the sun is gone and were now engaged in a nuclear shootout. Its the end of everything. Batman and Superman arent coming and James Bond doesnt have a trick up his sleeve to save us this time. In a week or a month, well all freeze to death, just like in that Twilight Zone episode where the pretty lady is burning up with fever, dreaming the sun is baking the world dry, when really the Earth has dropped out of orbit, is hurtling further and further away from the sun, rapidly turning into a big ball of ice."

Joseph Kosinski Quotes

"As a director, if you know what you want, then its not scary."

John Lanchester Quotes

"The economic metaphor came to be applied to every aspect of modern life, especially the areas where it simply didnt belong. In fields such as education, equality of opportunity, health, employees rights, the social contract and culture, the first conversation to happen should be about values and principles; then you have the conversation about costs, and what you as a society can afford."

Jean Marie Le Pen Quotes

"As for me, even though I have been accused of anti-Semitism countless times, no one has ever heard me make anti-Semitic statements or engage in anti-Semitic behavior."


"Cheese is the food of life"

James Lee Burke Quotes

"..why is it that in problematic situations almost everyone resorts to axioms and societal remedies that in actuality almost nobody believes in?...ask yourself, have you ever known anyone whose marriage was saved by a marriage counselor, whose drinking was cured by a psychiatrist, whose son was kept out of reform school by a social worker?"

Philip Dunne Quotes

"I didnt lead a very wise life, myself, but it was a full one and a grown-up one. You come of age very quickly through shipwreck and disaster."

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Quotes About Being Stubborn And Love

"the battles in your hands now, but I would lay my armor down, if you said youd rather love than fight." - Author: Taylor Swift

Quotes About Skipping Stones

"The place had enormous possibilities. He realized that at once. The stream, of course, was perfect for sailing toy boats, for skipping stones, and, in the event of failing inspiration, for falling into. Several of the trees appeared to have been specifically designed for climbing, and one huge, white old birch overhanging the stream promised the exhilarating combination of climbing a tree and falling into the water, all at one time." - Author: David Eddings

Quotes About Napa Valley

"Before I lived in America, my husband and I did a Californian road trip. We took a month, starting off in L.A. I love the landscapes of California: one moment youre in the desert, the next youre up in the Napa Valley or by the water in Big Bear." - Author: Ashley Jensen

Quotes About Scout With Page Numbers

"If!" protested Mercy. "I am marrying you, Kit Turner, and theres an end to it!" Tobias nudged James. "I told you shed produce a landslide when she got rolling." Kit, however, was not yet fully aware of the character of the girl whom he had just pledged himself. He put his finger to her lips. "Hush, now, this is between your father and me, Mercy. Let me deal with it." "Oh, dear, oh, dear," muttered James, shaking his head. "Our brother has a lot to learn about the fairer sex. You never, ever do that." Kit was suddenly sitting in a chair, a sharp elbow having found a tender spot. Mercy stood before her father, looking defiant, if somewhat bedraggled after her night in prison." - Author: Eve Edwards

Quotes About Useful Love

"Women have endeavored to guide men to love because patriarchal thinking has sanctioned this work even as it has undermined it by teaching men to refuse guidance…A useful gift all loves practitioners can give is the offering of forgiveness. It not only allows us to move away from blame, from seeing others as the cause of our sustained lovelessness, but it enables us to experience agency, to know we can be responsible for giving and finding love." - Author: Bell Hooks

Quotes About Immediacy

"Im a photographer, period. I love photography, the immediacy of it. I like the craft, the idea of saying Im a photographer." - Author: David LaChapelle

Quotes About Amsterdam Travel

"So they were pen pals now, Emma composing long, intense letters crammed with jokes and underlining, forced banter and barely concealed longing; two-thousand-word acts of love on air-mail paper. Letters, like compilation tapes, were really vehicles for unexpressed emotions and she was clearly putting far too much time and energy into them. In return, Dexter sent her postcards with insufficient postage: ‘Amsterdam is MAD, ‘Barcelona INSANE, ‘Dublin ROCKS. Sick as DOG this morning. As a travel writer, he was no Bruce Chatwin, but still she would slip the postcards in the pocket of a heavy coat on long soulful walks on Ilkley Moor, searching for some hidden meaning in ‘VENICE COMPLETELY FLOODED!!!!" - Author: David Nicholls

Quotes About Criticize

"I live in a world where theres magazines and blogs, and people feel like they are allowed to criticize me, and in the meanest way." - Author: Khloe Kardashian

Quotes About Death Gibran

"Grief causes you to leave yourself. You step outside your narrow little pelt. And you cant feel grief unless youve had love before it - grief is the final outcome of love, because its love lost. […] Its the cycle of love completed: to love, to lose, to feel grief, to leave, and then to love again. Grief is the awareness that you will have to be alone, and there is nothing beyond that because being alone is the ultimate final destiny of each individual living creature. Thats what death is, the great loneliness." - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Dread

"That afternoon, with a sense of infinite relief, Pollock watched the flat swampy foreshore of Sulyma grow small in the distance. The gap in the long line of white surge became narrower and narrower. It seemed to be closing in and cutting him off from his trouble. The feeling of dread and worry began to slip from him bit by bit. At Sulyma belief in Porroh malignity and Porroh magic had been in the air, his sense of Porroh had been vast, pervading, threatening, dreadful. Now manifestly the domain of Porroh was only a little place, a little black band between the lea and the blue cloudy Mendi uplands.("Pollock And The Porroh Man")" - Author: H.G. Wells