[The Point Of The Overall Meditative Path Is To Have Wakefulness (or Consciousness As Such) Transcend And Include All State-realms, So It Ceases To "black Out" Or "forget" Various Changes Of State (such As Dreaming And Deep Sleep), And Instead Recognizes A "constant Consciousness" Or Ever-present Nondual Awareness, The Union (and Transcendence) Of Individual Finite Self And Infinite Spirit.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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"I dont mean to mock the gods, but Freyja seems to me a bitch.- Hjalti Skjeggjason"

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"I love playing really strung out characters, and characters that are really pushed to their limits and losing their mind."

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"It is easier and much more satisfying to rail against the Right than to suggest that we go back to Genesis 1 and study together. Liberals can be just as intolerant as fundamentalists, and we have arrived at a moment in human history when intolerance and hope are mutually exclusive. (p. 6)"

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"I think its more and more important to spend time with your children, because it seems to be harder and harder for them to succeed as their parents have succeeded."

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"I am clearly vulnerable on the question of socializing under circumstances not appropriate for a married man."

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"Police can only act on intelligence."

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