[The Portuguese Call It Saudade: A Longing For Something So Indefinite As To Be Indefinable. Love Affairs, Miseries Of Life, The Way Things Were, People Already Dead, Those Who Left And The Ocean That Tossed Them On The Shores Of A Different Land - All Things Born Of The Soul That Can Only Be Felt.]

Author: Anthony De Sa Quotes

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"La juventud muere cuando muere su voluntad de seducción."

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"The Elle Lettres READERs Prize Winner!"

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"wake up who cares about little boys that talk too much"

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"If people are asking me for clubbing tips, then theyre in real trouble. My clubbing tip is never go to a club, because theyre horrible and I hate them. Im more of a dinner party guy."

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"If it feels good saying it. Its probably not a good thing to say."

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"You could have a hundred beautiful females telling you that they love you on a daily basis,but nothing is more heartfelt when the one who truly loves you tells you that they loves you"

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"I want to lie down on the bench then, or better yet, on the grass, rest on something living and see if I can hear the dead underneath."

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"I was starving before I hit Journey. Very, very rough times...I didnt know where the next pay check was gonna come."

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"Fundraising is an extreme sport!"

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"A prison chaplain in the West of England confessed he had given up one prisoner as hopeless, so stubborn was he against any approach by him, and known throughout the jail as the most truculent and obstinate troublemaker.But one day the governor was told of a visitor who insisted on seeing him. To his surprise, it was a little girl. "Hes my daddy," she explained, "Its his birthday." The governor allowed the prisoner to be sent for."Daddy," said the child as he was brought in, "this was your birthday, so I wanted to come and see you." Then taking a lock of hair out of her pocket, she offered it to him. "I had no money to buy a present for you. But I brought this, a lock of my own hair."The prisoner broke down and clasped her in his arms, sobbing. He became a changed man after that and guarded, as his most precious possession, the lock of hair that reminded him that somebody still loved him."

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