[The Principal Purpose Of The Democratic Party Is To Use The Force Of Government To Take Property Away From The People Who Earn It And Give It To People Who Do Not.]

Author: Neal Boortz Quotes

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Savinien Cyrano De Bergerac Quotes

"Perish the universe, provided I have my revenge!"

Jill Scott Quotes

"I like a man who smells good. Puts on cologne; lotions his body. It keeps me wanting. I like feeling that way."

Robert Asprin Quotes

"Between you and me, I think that may be one of the things that will help with the collaboration, because there are things Eric thinks Im moving too quickly on, and there are things I think hes dragging out. When it gets to the editor they can arbitrate."

James Kelman Quotes

"There existed very long saxophones from years ago. The player sat on their chair like a cellist; that same sort of feeling to it as well - unlike for example the way a harpist would be: the whole act differing in a very fundamental sense. Although harpists are fine. There is nothing to be said against harpists by any means whatsoever."

Suzanne Goldsmith Quotes

"Communities are not built of friends, or of groups of people with similarstyles and tastes, or even of people who like and understand each other.They are built of people who feel they are part of something that isbigger than themselves: a shared goal or enterprise, like righting a wrong,or building a road, or raising children, or living honorably, or worshippinga god. To build community requires only the ability to see value in others:to look at them and see a potential partner in ones enterprise."

Maurice Greene Quotes

"You have got to believe in yourself every time you go out there and race. If you have no faith in your ability all that training has been a waste of time."

Jack Griffen Quotes

"I dont like to ask myself how much time there is left, rather how much time have I had."

Cream Quotes

"The elephants are dancing on the graves of squeeling mice."

Joanna Baillie Quotes

"Pampered vanity is a better thing perhaps than starved pride."

Iggy Azalea Quotes

"I do absolutely nothing, actually, believe it or not. People will probably hate me for saying that, but I guess Im one of those lucky horrible people who, no matter what I eat, I dont gain a pound. My whole family is just like that. Theyre all skinny and tall, and I guess, so am I."

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Quotes About Roland Weary

"Roland Weary and the scouts were safe in a ditch, and Weary growled at Billy, "Get out of the road, you dumb motherfucker." The last word was still a novelty in the speech of white people in 1944. It was fresh and astonishing to Billy, who had never fucked anybody—and it did its job. It woke him up and got him off the road." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About Fainting

"But a topee is not a turban, and I had been my teachers pupil before I became my husbands wife, learning to my bones that half a disguise is none at all...The moment my short-cropped, pomade-sleek, unquestionably masculine hair passed beneath his nose was the closest thing Ive ever seen Holmes to fainting dead away." - Author: Laurie R. King

Quotes About Ignorance In Politics

"But his political sense kept up a persistent itch that said: A, Given ignorance in the mix, stupidity was at least as common in politics as astute maneuvering; B, Crisis always drew insects; and, C, Inevitably the party trying to resolve a matter had to contend with the party most willing to exploit it." - Author: C.J. Cherryh

Quotes About Le Petit Prince

"Tu sais… quand on est tellement triste on aime les couchers de soleil…-Le jour des quarante-trois fois tu étais donc tellement triste? Mais le petit prince ne répontit pas." - Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Quotes About Swimming Holes

"My swimming cap was really sprouting leaks these days. The thing is, you could patch over the holes, but it would never be the same. Like my love life." - Author: Helen Salter

Quotes About Purpose

"Tell me what this means," Dax said. "Im a busy woman with a ship to run and a crisis to handle and Ive surrounded myself with smart, dedicated people for the sole purpose of interpreting unintelligible squiggles for me." - Author: Una McCormack

Quotes About Loudmouths

"She who reconciles the ill-matched threadsOf her life, and weaves them gratefullyInto a single cloth – Its she who drives the loudmouths from the hallAnd clears it for a different celebration." - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

Quotes About Mardi

"She was a full lipped and hipped italian tomato with Rome burning in her eyes. She had the look of a carnival in Rio, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or bullfights in Spain, or Saturday night in my apartment." - Author: Richard S. Prather

Quotes About Feeling Perplexed

"Five Truths About Your Inner Voice:1. It is here, always available, wherever you are, however you feel, whatever you have done.2. It is solely on your side.3. It knows whats absolutely right for you.4. It is your friend, your ally, your guide, your ultimate supporter. 5. It is always with you and for you. Whenever youre feeling perplexed, uneasy, anxious, mad, frustrated, sick, or any other other way you dont want to feel, ask your Inner Voice. Listen." - Author: Noelle Sterne

Quotes About Neglecting Friends

"Im a huge video gamer, sometimes a little too much. Ill shut myself in my room just so I can play video games all day and I end up neglecting my friends." - Author: Lucas Till