[The Real Made Me Contemplate The Light Of The Veils As The Star Of Strong Backing Rose, And He Said To Me, "Do You Know How Many Veils I Have Veiled You With?""No", I Replied.He Said, "With Seventy Veils. Even If You Raise Them You Will Not See Me, And If You Do Not Raise Them You Will Not See Me.""If You Raise Them You Will See Me And If You Do Not Raise Them You Will See Me.""Take Care Of Burning Yourself!""You Are My Sight, So Have Faith. You Are My Face, So Veil Yourself]

Author: Ibn Arabi Quotes

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"She didnt drink a lot, but she drank me into wonderland where we spent the time giggling and laughing. However, know this if you are able or leave while you still can. Love is unstable when built on what must come and go with the wind and sand.After awhile, I heard the increasing activity from the hall as the campus was starting to come alive and I said to Penny, "I think we need to get to the bistro" and she responded by slipping one brown shoe delicately over her white nylon socking."

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"He looks again towards the door, expecting Mum to walk in and remind him of something hes forgotten. He smiles awkwardly. Is that it, Dad? Ive got to go. Your Mum said I should mention ... um ... satisfaction. What! She said young men should know things, should be told things so that the girl wont be ... his eyes plead for understanding, ... disappointed.[...] No worries, Dad. My biology teacher said I was a natural. Dad looks confused.Im kidding, Dad. [...] Poor bloke, having to do the dirty work while Mums off with her gang. Dad? What did Grandpa tell you about sex? He said if I got a girl pregnant, hed kill me."

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"Some men prefer the heady tang of revenge to the comfort of cash."

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"Alex: "You asked earlier why us humans fear death. I suppose it is the unknown - not knowing what awaits on the other side. But now I know, and I still fear it."The Darkness: "?"Alex: "But now I fear the living - in fact, I now fear life more than death!"

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