[The Reason Gas Prices Are So High Is Because The Oil Is In Texas And Oklahoma And All The Dipsticks Are In Washington.]

Author: Yakov Smirnoff Quotes

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Immanuel Wallerstein Quotes

"The language of intrinsic human rights represented a significant advance beyond the previous language of world religions in terms of its universal applicability and its thiswordliness."

Thomas Williams Quotes

"in the absence of real power blood seemed the only alternative.though he could walk away, and had to walk away, he could not walk away with impunity. he could never be a mordantly amused or merely interested observer of the beast."

Nichelle Nichols Quotes

"Ive agreed to do several Star Trek conventions this coming year."

Cher Quotes

"Yes, its a mans world, but thats all right because theyre making a total mess of it. Were chipping away at their control, taking the parts we want. Some women think its a difficult task, but its not."

Simona Sora Quotes

"Tu stii ca nu-i nici o fericire sa vezi ce-i inlauntrul omului, pentru ca nici acolo, nici in afara lui lucrurile nu sunt asezate o data pentru totdeauna si se schimba pana sa apuci sa spui ce si cum."

Jack Straw Quotes

"There were five children in my family, and arguing was how we used to entertain ourselves."

Ernst Fischer Quotes

"I dont want life to imitate art. I want life to be art."

Charles Bass Quotes

"U.S. nuclear technology is one of this nations most valuable secrets, and it should have been protected."

Timothy W Tron Quotes

"Before you can walk a mile in someone elses shoes, You first have to put them on..."

Ann M Martin Quotes

"For now, I just want things all safe and familiar. My life may not be perfect, but it is what I have known."

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Quotes About Damon Katherine

"You always were selfish. Your one fault. Not willing to share anything, are you?" Suddenly, Damons lips curved up in a singularly beautiful smile. But fortunately the lovely Elena is more generous. Didnt she tell you about our little liaisons? Why? The first time we met she almost gave herself to me on the spot.""Thats a lie!""Oh, no, dear brother, I never lie about anything important. Or do I mean unimportant? Anyway, your beauteous damsel nearly swooned into my arms. I think she likes men in black." As Stefan stared at him, trying to control his breathing, Damon added, almost gently, "Youre wrong about her, you know, You think shes sweet and docile like Katherine. She isnt. Shes not your type at all, my saintly brother. She has a spirit and a fire in her that you wouldnt know what to do with.""And you would, I suppose."Damon uncrossed his arms and slowly smiled again. "Oh, yes." - Author: L.J. Smith

Quotes About Idealism

"In brief, egoism in its modern interpretation, is the antithesis, not of altruism, but of idealism." - Author: John Buchanan Robinson

Quotes About Our Past Love

"We have been friends for a long time now. Every day spent with you is like a wonderland of surprises. Ive stood back, watched and listened as you told me of your past loves. If you only knew that there is a true love waiting for you--patiently. A hug from you makes me feel brand new. But these are words Ill never say, and so I will just sit back, patiently waiting; loving you in silence." - Author: Bethany Walkers

Quotes About Horseplay

"It is not just a question of blowing up a building or shooting a prime minister. Such bourgeois horseplay is not contemplated. Our operation must be delicate, refined and aimed at the heart of the Intelligence apparat of the West." - Author: Ian Fleming

Quotes About Goddard

"Im always involved with the Aerospace Program and NASA and Goddard Space Flight Center. And if kids feel so inclined, they can log onto NASA and the Optimus Prime Spinoff Award, which we present every year to some of the brilliant young minds that are taking up into the academics of space, science, technology, math." - Author: Peter Cullen

Quotes About Memorable Moments

"He had given himself over to endless wanderings, a life of migration from life-to-life, albeit not necessarily a set of migrations one must view as physical, but rather a set of migrations between circumstances, a set of migrations where the players surrounding him were just as likely to move as he, but nonetheless, a set of migrations calling forth a life unalterable only by its lack of permanence. Along with this came the slow, but dawning realization that he had relinquished his claim over those new memories he could have created alongside the friends and relatives closest to him; and that he had, furthermore, ceased to exist in such peoples minds, except as a faint and indistinct silhouette of what he had once been, situated seamlessly against the vivid and oddly memorable backdrops of spaces and moments which shall never be again." - Author: Ashim Shanker

Quotes About Old Acquaintances

"Look, the Devil has asked me. Were very old acquaintances, he and I, and I couldnt turn him down. My estate is enormous, so he asked me for a little space, since hell has become totally overpopulated and theres no room left whatsoever. He doesnt have any choice in the matter Himself. Nowadays, everyone wants to go to hell, and the Devil, being as decent as he is, cant turn anyone down. You understand, dont you? Theres nobody left in Heaven. Heaven has gone bankrupt,"." - Author: Alexandar Tomov

Quotes About Composition

"Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception." - Author: Stan Brakhage

Quotes About Liam

"From William of Orange to William Pitt the younger there was but one man without whom English history must have taken a different turn, and that was William Pitt the elder." - Author: Albert Bushnell Hart

Quotes About Incarnations

"This prayer in praise of Lord Vishnu be,His incarnations graced earth constantly. शान्ताकारं भुजगशयनं पद्मनाभं सुरेशं विश्वाधारं गगनसदृश्यं मेघवर्णं शुभाङ्गम्।लक्ष्मीकान्तं कमलनयनं योगिभिर्ध्यानगम्यं वन्दे विष्णु भवभयहरं सर्वलोकैकनाथम्।I bow to Vishnu, Master of Universe unquestionably,Who rests on great serpent bed, peaceful perpetually,From His navel sprouts Lotus of Creative Power surely,He the Supreme Lord of cosmos undeniably does be.- 146 - He supports the entire universe and all-pervading be,He dark as clouds with beautiful Lakshmi form glowingly,He the lotus-eyed, whom yogis see by meditation only,He destroyer of `Samsar fear – the Lord of all `loks be.- 147 -" - Author: Munindra Misra