[The Same Way That You Are The Main Character Of Your Story, You Are Only A Secondary Character In Everybody Else's Story.]

Author: Miguel Angel Ruiz Quotes

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Derek Donais Quotes

"What you must remember is that the magic itself is neither good nor bad, no more so than this ship might be used for right or wrong. It might be used by a fisherman to feed a village, for example. Or, the same vessel might be sailed by pirates to murder and pillage...the lumber, rope, nails, cotton, and everything that goes into it-is created by the True One. Humans decide how it is to be put together and how it is used."

Juanes Quotes

"You know, violence, I think, knocks on everyones door."

Kathleen Patel Quotes

"With ignorance comes fear- from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance."

Susanna Fraser Quotes

"Mirrors are liars. They tell us what we expect to see."

Jean Kwok Quotes

"I was a fool. I should have grabbed him when I could have had him all to myself, snatched him up like a ripe mango at the market. But how was I to know that this was what love felt like?"

Jessica Clark Quotes

"Sara was the first film project I worked on as an actress; its a short film."

Lada Ray Quotes

"Alexei was a dream of something more... He was a reminder that I could be so much more..."

Colleen Patrick Goudreau Quotes

"How often do we talk just to fill up the quiet space? How often do we waste our breath talking about nonsense?"

Jonathan R Walton Quotes

"There is no distance so minute and yet so great as the distance between God and man. (The Lonesome God)"

Frances Winkler Quotes

"If I self-loathe with any more passion, I will spontaneously combust."

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Quotes About Jonathan Morgenstern

"My name is Jace," he said. "Not boy. Jace Wayland.""You have no right to the name of Wayland," she said. "You are Jonathan Morgenstern. To claim the name of Wayland makes you a liar. Just like your father.""Actually," said Jace, "I prefer to think that Im a liar in a way that is uniquely my own." - Author: Cassandra Clare

Quotes About Deployment

"I am a Korean War veteran. I support our troops as much as anyone in this body, but I do so by advocating redeployment out of Iraq as soon as it can be safely done." - Author: John Conyers

Quotes About Breast Cancer Survivors

"I personally know women who are Breast Cancer survivors and will do all I can to support the cause. Besides, I love boobies!" - Author: Jane Wiedlin

Quotes About Arcana

"Hantal, çirkin bir büfeyi ardından sürüklemek gülünçtür. Büfenin otuz taksidini ödemek için, büfeyi yedi yıl cilası bozulmadan kullanmak için harcanan bütün çabalar gülünçtür. On lira, yirmi lira için büfeyi dar merdivenlerden yukarı çıkarmaya uğraşan iki hamalın çabalarının anlamı var yalnız." - Author: Sevgi Soysal

Quotes About Youth And Innocence

"I turn away from the light to the holy, inexpressible, mysterious night. Far away lies the world − sunk into adeep vault, its place waste and lonely. Across my heart strings a low melancholy plays. I will fall in drops of dew and merge with the ashes. Distant memories, the wishes of youth, the dreams of childhood, the brief joys and vain hopes of a long life – all arise dressed in grey, like evening mist after sunset. In other lands light haspitched its merry tents. And if it never returned to its children, who would await its dawning with the innocence of faith?" - Author: Novalis

Quotes About Conversation And Love

"Imagine for a moment that we are nothing but the product of billions of years of molecules coming together and ratcheting up through natural selection, that we are composed only of highways of fluids and chemicals sliding along roadways within billions of dancing cells, that trillions of synaptic conversations hum in parallel, that this vast egglike fabric of micron-thin circuitry runs algorithms undreamt of in modern science, and that these neural programs give rise to our decision making, loves, desires, fears, and aspirations. To me, that understanding would be a numinous experience, better than anything ever proposed in anyones holy text." - Author: David Eagleman

Quotes About Monique

"Monique, I realize that its a short list of men in this town you havent tied up, held down or sent to the free clinic, but why dont you just leave Leo alone. At least until he can update his vaccinations." - Author: Barbra Annino

Quotes About Productivity Improvements

"The researchers found that nearly every change they made was followed by a temporary uptick in performance, even when it involved simply undoing a previous change. They concluded that the increases in worker productivity were not due to better lighting or better pay or longer breaks per se. They were just temporary improvements caused by a change in routine." - Author: Hal Herzog

Quotes About Blowing Out Candles

"I get uncomfortable when people give me presents and watch me open them. I dont have birthday parties, because the idea of a group of people singing and looking at me while Im blowing out candles gives me hives." - Author: Brit Marling

Quotes About Spiritual Connection

"I believe in the transformative power of cinema. It is only through this shared dream-experience that we can transcend the oppressive minutiae of daily existence and find some spiritual connection in the deeper reality of our mutual desire." - Author: Daniel Clowes