[The Sanscrit Language, Whatever Be Its Antiquity, Is Of A Wonderful Structure; More Perfect Than The Greek, More Copious Than The Latin, And More Exquisitely Refined Than Either, Yet Bearing To Both Of Them A Stronger Affinity, Both In The Roots Of Verbs And The Forms Of Grammar, Than Could Possibly Have Been Produced By Accident; So Strong Indeed, That No Philologer Could Examine Them All Three, Without Believing Them To Have Sprung From Some Common Source, Which, Perhaps, No Longer Exists; There Is A Similar Reason, Though Not Quite So Forcible, For Supposing That Both The Gothic And The Celtic, Though Blended With A Very Different Idiom, Had The Same Origin With The Sanscrit; And The Old Persian Might Be Added To The Same Family.]

Author: William Jones Quotes

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