[The Scrape And Snap Of Keds On Loose Alley Pebbles Seems To Catapult Their Voices High Into The Moist March Air Blue Above The Wires.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Lisa Henry Quotes

"...the way she lived and died waiting for every text message, the way she overthought every abbreviation and smiley face, and hunted for every nuance in a medium so brief there was nowhere for nuance to hide."

Jordan Dibb Quotes

"I went outside and discovered that nighttime is for lovers."

Atom Egoyan Quotes

"The programme has ended, something has finished, and he has a sense of something having finished its course, and then all of a sudden he turns away and this other thing has just finished its course, this other person."

Barbara Marx Hubbard Quotes

"Conscious Evolution"Conscious evolution inspires in us a mysterious and humble awareness that we have been created by this awesome process of evolution and are now being transformed by it." Barbara Marx Hubbard "

William Manchester Quotes

"Japanese naval officers in dress whites are frequent guests at Pearl Harbors officers mess and are very polite. They always were. Except, of course, for that little interval there between 1941 and 1945."

Matt Kemp Quotes

"I get bored real easy. Im so used to L.A. and the pace that when I go home now I start thinking, Somethings not right, somethings not feelin right. I just gotta do what I gotta do in Oklahoma and get back to the fast-paced city."

David Gray Quotes

"Was wahre Sadisten ausmacht ist nicht Blutdurst, sondern Fantasie"

Justin Chatwin Quotes

"Shameless is going to shake up television. Any drama is good drama. Bring it."

Ken Russell Quotes

"Reality is a dirty word for me, I know it isnt for most people, but I am not interested. Theres too much of it about."

Stephen Grosz Quotes

"It is less painful, it turns out, to feel betrayed than to feel forgotten."

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Quotes About Insomniacs

"Insomniacs know better than anyone how it would be to haunt a house." - Author: Michael Cunningham

Quotes About 258

"¿Es posible amar y ser amado por un muerto? [pp. 258]" - Author: Francesc Miralles

Quotes About Cute Cheeks

"to me is going to get bitch-slapped. Its bad enough that Im stuck working with chimney-scented Santa, but they also have to pair me up with her? Brittani grins at me in her glittering green elf outfit, and wiggles the tips of her fingers in a cutesy-style wave. She looks like something a unicorn barfed up, and I dont look much better. Were both decked out in Christmas tree-colored polyester green uniforms, green tights, and green elf shoes—which means the toes curl and have a bell, because what elf would be caught dead without a set of bells on their toes—along with make-up to make the tip of my nose and my cheeks look rosy." - Author: H.M. Ward

Quotes About Keyboard Piano

"Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul." - Author: Wassily Kandinsky

Quotes About Bears And Strength

"Perhaps you know someone whose heart clutches onto the bittersweet memory of the one who got away. Someone who secretly bears the weight of this imperceptible burden wherever he or she goes, every day of his or her life. Someone whod gladly travel back in a time machine to a day when paths diverged, to mend together that which has been torn apart, setting destiny back on its rightful track — if only he or she could. Perhaps you know this someone better than you think. And should this someone happen to be you, may you find strength and support in the millions of others who shoulder this burden with you, and may you be reintroduced one day to true love… in this lifetime and whatever comes after." - Author: Sebastian Cole

Quotes About Ranked

"What seems wrong to you is right for himWhat is poison to one is honey to someone else.Purity and impurity, sloth and diligence in worship,These mean nothing to Me.I am apart from all that.Ways of worshipping are not to be ranked as betteror worse than one another.Hindus do Hindu things.The Dravidian Muslims in India do what they do.Its all praise, and its all right.Its not I thats glorified in acts of worship.Its the worshippers! I dont hearthe words they say. I look inside at the humility.That broken-open lowliness is the Reality,not the language! Forget phraseology.I want burning, burning.Be Friendswith your burning. Burn up your thinkingand your forms of expression!" - Author: Karen Armstrong

Quotes About Xcor

"It is one of the many ironies of this period that, at a time when the intelligentsia were excoriating Mellon for tax-evasion, and contrasting the smooth-running Soviet planned economy with the breakdown in America, he was secretly exploiting the frantic necessities of the Soviet leaders to form the basis of one of Americas most splendid public collections" - Author: Paul Johnson

Quotes About Periphescence

"Dr. Luce introduced the concept of "periphescence". The word itself means nothing; Luce made it up to avoid any etymological associations. The state of periphescence, however, is well known. It denotes the first fever of human pair bonding. It causes giddiness, elation, a tickling on the chest wall, the urge to climb a balcony on the rope of the beloveds hair. Periphescence denotes the inital drugged and happy bedtime where you sniff your lover like a scented poppy for hours running. (It lasts, Luce explained, up to two years--tops.)" - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

Quotes About February Born

"If you can believe it, Hollywood wanted to change my birthdate. I was born after Valentines Day, so they wanted to change it to February 14. A Latin lover should be born on Valentines Day. I said no." - Author: Cesar Romero

Quotes About Luna Lovegood

"Pada akhirnya nanti, semua yang pernah hilang atau diambil dari diri kita akan kembali lagi kepada kita, walaupun dengan cara yang tidak pernah kita duga. (Luna Lovegood)" - Author: J.K. Rowling