[The Silver Trump Of Freedom Roused In My Soul Eternal Wakefulness.]

Author: Frederick Douglass Quotes

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Anthony Daniels Quotes

"I have a greater appreciation for kitchen appliances, having played one."

Kate Lebo Quotes

"Bad bananas are like push-up bras--a promise of tenderness can deliver tasteless mush, and were not supposed to complain."

Farrah Naseem Quotes

"Self-defense was an accepted motive for murder."

Thomas Amo Quotes

"A pretty face can sometimes hide an evil mind."

Vihang A Naik Quotes

"If poetry dies, nothing lives !"

Putu Fajar Arcana Quotes

"Kami antarsaudara terpaksa saling bunuh hanya karena kekuasaan. Itulah yang nyaris terjadi di setiap negara. Demokrasi yang sekarang menggejala, apakah benar akan mengantarkan manusia pada kesadaran untuk berhenti saling membunuh? Tidak juga. Di negeri seberang, di mana kudengar demokrasi diberikan begitu leluasa, malah kejahatan, pembunuhan, pemerkosaan terhadap perempuan, saling fitnah, saling rebut kekuasaan hampir terjadi setiap hari."

William Kennedy Quotes

"Love, is always insufficient, always a lie. Love, you are the clean shit of my soul. Stupid love, silly love."

Angel Olsen Quotes

"If, you know, all your life youre making films or whatever, and somehow along the way you lose meaning in whatever youre doing when youre making the films, theyre just not the same as they used to be to you. That doesnt mean your life is over; it just means maybe go try to live a different life."

Edith Sitwell Quotes

"Answers I kept my answers small and kept them near;Big questions bruised my mind but still I letSmall answers be a bullwark to my fear.The huge abstractions I kept from the light;Small things I handled and caressed and loved.I let the stars assume the whole of night.But the big answers clamoured to be moved Into my life. Their great audacityShouted to be acknowledged and believed.Even when all small answers build up toProtection of my spirit, still I hearBig answers striving for their overthrow.And all the great conclusions coming near"

Nick McDonell Quotes

"The more I have written, the less it has been about exploring myself, and the more it has been about exploring the world around me."

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"In our passage from the Cape of Good Hope the winds were mostly from the westward with very boisterous weather: but one great advantage that this season of the year has over the summer months is in being free from fogs." - Author: William Bligh

Quotes About Taking A Risk In Business

"While Washington pays lip service to the challenges facing small businesses, it repeatedly chooses its own expansion over results. In effect, government has become a huge silent partner in all businesses, often taking a majority of the profits and forcing many unprofitable business decisions without the risk that it will be fired." - Author: David Malpass

Quotes About Organizar

"Hubiera sido tan fácil organizar un esquema coherente, un orden de pensamiento y de vida, una armonía. Bastaba la hipocresía de siempre, elevar el pasado a valor de experiencia, sacar partido de las arrugas de la cara, del aire vivido que hay en las sonrisas o los silencios de más de cuarenta años. Después uno se ponía un traje azul, se peinaba las sienes plateadas y entraba en las exposiciones de pintura, en la Sade y en el Richmond, reconciliado con el mundo. Un escepticismo discreto, un aire de estar de vuelta, un ingreso cadencioso en la madurez, en el matrimonio, en el sermón paterno a la hora del asado o de la libreta de clasificaciones insatisfactoria. Te lo digo porque yo he vivido mucho. Yo que he viajado. Cuando yo era muchacho. Son todas iguales, te lo digo yo. Te hablo por experiencia, mhijo. Vos todavía no conocés la vida." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Hazmat

"I took a very careful hold of the metal door handle. No shocks and nothing exploded. I pulled gently and the door yielded, but I stayed on the balls of my feet. If I felt the tension of a wire or heard a click, I was going to set a new land speed record for a scared white guy in a hazmat suit." - Author: Jonathan Maberry

Quotes About Nurturing Yourself

"The goal is to learn to be nurturing with yourself so you can feel free." - Author: Deborah Day

Quotes About Practica

"The wooing of those days was prompt and practical. There was no time for the gradual approaches of an idler and more conventional age. It is related of one Stout, one of the legendary Nimrods of Illinois, who was well and frequently married, that he had one unfailing formula of courtship. He always promised the ladies whose hearts he was besieging that "they should live in the timber where they could pick up their own firewood." - Author: John Hay

Quotes About Ascanio

"We took a right at the fork, heading farther north. The charred houses continued. To the right, a large sign nailed to an old telephone post shouted DANGER in huge red letters. Underneath in crisp black letters was written:IM-1: Infectious Magic AreaDo Not EnterAuthorized Personnel OnlyA second smaller sign under the first one, written on a piece of plastic with permanent marker, read:Keep out, stupid."We arent going to keep out, are we?" Ascanio asked."No.""Awesome." - Author: Ilona Andrews

Quotes About Percintaan

"Sebagai manusia, dalam hidup ini ada hal-hal yang dapat kita tentukan kejadiannya dan ada pula yang tidak dapat. Itu mengapa pernikahan dan percintaan menjadi dua hal yang pelik. Kamu boleh saja menentukan pernikahan tapi kamu tidak bisa menentukan akan jatuh cinta kepada siapa." - Author: Danu Saputra

Quotes About Ten

"At the deepest level people are madder than they want to believe. You will find that they fear being eaten, and are alarmed by their desire to devour others." - Author: Hanif Kureishi

Quotes About Cologne

"But then, look at me. My brain is incorrectly formed, and Im shaped like a tube. Plus, Im an alcoholic, a "survivor" of childhood sexual abuse, was raised in a cult and have no education. So, really, if you think about it, the only thing that separates me from the guy with the stinky foot and no teeth is a book deal and some cologne." - Author: Augusten Burroughs