[The Smallest Deed Is Better Than The Greatest Intention.]

Author: John Burroughs Quotes

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Mike Resnick Quotes

"The Boy looked at him for a long time before responding. "Well, as long as youre my friend, Ill never ignore you," he said with conviction. "I know what its like to be invisible to other people."

Wordsworth William Quotes

"Poetry is the image of man and nature"

Christina Ricci Quotes

"I take Wellbutrin because Im afraid to go into stores. Im afraid people are going to yell at me."

Busta Rhymes Quotes

"I started growing my hair in December 89. I was seventeen. I signed my record deal and said I aint combing my hair no more. I dont have too."

Mohammed Ali Bapir Quotes

"Let your action manifest your thought, your belief and your passion."

William Sanderson Quotes

"Its hard to watch something youve done many years ago."

Hajime Isayama Quotes

"The difference in judgement between you and me originates from different rules derived from past experience."

Kathy Kenney Marshall Quotes

"InsomniaI cannot get to sleep tonight.I toss and turn and flop.I try to count some fluffy sheepwhile oer a fence they hop.I try to think of pleasant dreamsof places really cool.I dont know why I cannot sleep -I slept just fine at school."

Ethan Zohn Quotes

"My hair is my identity."

Bruce Schneier Quotes

"I am regularly asked what the average Internet user can do to ensure his security. My first answer is usually Nothing; youre screwed."

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Quotes About Facts And Reality

"It comforts me to think that if we are created beings the thing that created us would have to be greater than us, so much greater, in fact, that we would not be able to understand it. It would have to be greater than the facts of our reality and so it would seem to us, looking out from within our reality that it would contradict reason. But reason itself would suggest it would have to be greater than reality or it would not be reasonable." - Author: Donald Miller

Quotes About Staying True To Self

"All of us have access to a higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstance. This intelligence is cultivated by deply immersing ourselves in a field of study and staying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach might seem to other. Through such intense immersion over many years we come to internalize and gain an intuitive feel with the rational processes, we expand our minds to the outer limits of our potential and are able to see into the secret core of life itself. We then come to have powers that approximate the instinctive force and speed of animals, but with the added reach that our human consciousness brings us. This power is what our brains are designed to attain, and we will naturally led to this type of intelligence if we follow our inclinations to their ultimate ends." - Author: Robert Greene

Quotes About Customer Relationship Management

"Corporations invest in sophisticated CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, programs to effectively oversee their relationship with their customers at every point during the buying process." - Author: Marc Ostrofsky

Quotes About Pregnant With A Boy

"For years Id been awaiting that overriding urge Id always heard about, the narcotic pining that draws childless women ineluctably to strangers strollers in parks. I wanted to be drowned by the hormonal imperative, to wake one day and throw my arms around your neck, reach down for you, and pray that while that black flower bloomed behind my eyes you had just left me with child. (With child: Theres a lovely warm sound to that expression, an archaic but tender acknowledgement that for nine months you have company wherever you go. Pregnant, by contrast, is heavy and bulging and always sounds to my ear like bad news: "Im pregnant." I instinctively picture a sixteen-year-old at the dinner table- pale, unwell, with a scoundrel of a boyfriend- forcing herself to blurt out her mothers deepest fear.) (27)" - Author: Lionel Shriver

Quotes About Women

"Many women say that verbal violence causes more harm than physical violence because it damages self-esteem so deeply. Women have not wanted to hear battered women say that the verbal abuse was as hurtful as the physical abuse: to acknowledge that truth would be tantamount to acknowledging that virtually every woman is a battered woman. It is difficult to keep strong against accusations of being a bitch, stupid, inferior, etc., etc." - Author: Suzanne Pharr

Quotes About Being Too Tolerant

"I say that every prince must desire to be considered merciful and not cruel. He must, however, take care not to misuse this mercifulness. … A prince, therefore, must not mind incurring the charge of cruelty for the purpose of keeping his subjects united and confident; for, with a very few examples, he will be more merciful than those who, from excess of tenderness, allow disorders to arise, from whence spring murders and rapine; for these as a rule injure the whole community, while the executions carried out by the prince injure only one individual. And of all princes, it is impossible for a new prince to escape the name of cruel, new states being always full of dangers. … Nevertheless, he must be cautious in believing and acting, and must not inspire fear of his own accord, and must proceed in a temperate manner with prudence and humanity, so that too much confidence does not render him incautious, and too much diffidence does not render him intolerant." - Author: Niccolò Machiavelli

Quotes About Assurance In A Relationship

"How sweet is the assurance, how comforting is the peace that come from the knowledge that if we marry right and live right, our relationship will continue, notwithstanding the certainty of death and the passage of time. Men may write love songs and sing them. They may yearn and hope and dream. But all of this will be only a romantic longing unless there is an exercise of authority that transcends the powers of time and death." - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley

Quotes About Rosanne

"I think books find their way to you when you need them. Whenever I feel like Im not going to live to read all the books I want to read, I remind myself that the important ones find their way to me" (Rosanne Cash (Musician/Write)" - Author: Rosanne Cash

Quotes About Leaving Home For Love

"I thought leaving you would be easy, just walking out the door but I keep getting pinned against it with my legs around your waist and its like my lips want you like my lungs want air, its just what they where born to do so I am sitting at work thinking of you cutting vegetables in my kitchen your hair in my shower drain your fingers on my spine in the morningwhile we listen to Muddy Waters, I knowyou will never be the one I call home but the way you talk about poems like marxists talk of revolution it makes me want to keep trying. Im still looking for reasons to love you.Im still looking for proof you love me." - Author: Clementine von Radics

Quotes About Adaptations

"Television theatre, as is implied in its name, should rely on adaptations of scripts written for the theatre." - Author: Andrzej Wajda