[The Soul Is A Muscle, And It Needs To Be Exercised A Little Every Day. Say A Morning Prayer Just To Say Something.]

Author: Catherine Hicks Quotes

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Amanda Browning Quotes

"You stupid, conceited fool! You know nothing! Youre like a child, blind to everything but its own empty stomach! Well, grow up, Carl, and join the real world. Until you do, for Gods sake leave me be!"

Connie Willis Quotes

"I picked out F. Scott Fitzgeralds "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" and a couple of mysteries, which always have simple, solvable problems like "How did the murderer get into the locked room?" instead of hard ones like "What causes trends?" and "What did I do to deserve Flip?" and then went over to the eight hundreds."

David Bowles Quotes

"Man had discovered fire when lightning struck and set a tree or two alight, but he was clumsy and greedy and stupid and could not keep the flame alive."

Jennifer Allison Quotes

"Gilda: How severe is the corporal punishment here?Mrs. McCracken: Honey, nobodys going to spank you here. Dont worry."

Lisa Wingate Quotes

"Trust.It was possible to trust that which you could not predict, or plan, or control.In fact, it was essential. It was the only way to really live."

Kitty Carlisle Quotes

"So I got caught up in the same wave as everybody else and went right out to Hollywood, to make movies."

Robert James Graves Quotes

"From the very commencement the student should set out to witness the progress and effects of sickness and ought to persevere in the daily observation of disease during the whole period of his studies."

The Searcher Quotes

"When you cannot find, make."

Emanuel Steward Quotes

"I went to a motivational training course once, a course of self-discovery, and I found out after a week that my fear - it was not a fear of not being accepted - was a very violent fear of failure."

As I See Quotes

"Double of wife , mean you a live Double of life."

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Quotes About Life Verses

"I know the names of every intelligent being, the spots on the wings of every butterfly that broke out of a cocoon, the genetic codes of the simplest and most complex of creatures. I know how suns functioned, how worlds formed, how life evolved. All of the secrets of the old universes are mine. They can be yours too, if you want me to share, though I suspect you arent bothered." - Author: Darren Shan

Quotes About Dorian Gray

"I did not want any external influence in my life. You know how independent I am by nature. I have always been my own master; had at least always been so, till I met Dorian Gray." - Author: Oscar Wilde

Quotes About Seeker

"The modern food and drug industry has converted a significant portion of the worlds people to a new religion—a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, candy, chocolate, alcohol, processed foods, fast foods, and concentrated dairy fat (cheese) in a self-indulgent orgy of destructive behavior. When the inevitable results of such bad habits appear—pain, suffering, sickness, and disease—the addicted cult members drag themselves to physicians and demand drugs to alleviate their pain, mask their symptoms, and cure their diseases. These revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addictive thinking that they can no longer tell the difference between health and health care." - Author: Joel Fuhrman

Quotes About Nylon

"Así por la escritura bajo al volcán, me acerco a las Madres, me conecto con el Centro –sea lo que sea. Escribir es dibujar mi mándala y a la vez recorrerlo, inventar la purificación purificándose; tarea de pobre shamán blanco con calzoncillos de nylon." - Author: Julio Cortázar

Quotes About Reaching Climax

"The term - Fairy-Tales is so ironical in itself, when I sometimes sit to write love stories with a happy ending, it usually drags me into a dilemma whether, I should even begin with a love story at first place or not? Because honestly, I havent seen many of them reaching climax, most of them just die out in the mid. Then comes the concept of fairy tales or what we say fiction, where nothing is impossible!But over time, if Ive realized something, it is that theres no such term called fiction when it comes to reality! Its harsh, in-your-face-sarcastic, ironical and highly irrational. You cant expect whats coming up next, and how its going to blow you. In the real life, the entire meaning of fiction ceases to exist. Conclusively, we writers, deal with harsh reality and write lively fictions, this job in itself is so ironical but, thats life..." - Author: Mehek Bassi

Quotes About The World Evolving

"Our immune system is evolving through trials of use in fighting illnesses and the bombardment of our modern world toxins and that this evolution not only engages the strengthening of the body and its T-Cell use but also our emotional intelligence and a higher awareness of our human nature and its original DNA coding as a highly self-reflective and intelligence evolving entity." - Author: Martha Char Love

Quotes About Surprising Happiness

"She wasnt looking her best; her hair was coming down, for she had shed hairpins as shed run, and her face lacked powder and lipstick. She looked hot and tired and surprisingly happy. He thought that he had never seen anyone quite as beautiful, so absolutely necessary to his happiness. It wasnt the first time he had fallen in love, but he knew that this was the last." - Author: Betty Neels

Quotes About Between Love And Friendship

"[A]s people are beginning to see that the sexes form in a certain sense a continuous group, so they are beginning to see that Love and Friendship which have been so often set apart from each other as things distinct are in reality closely related and shade imperceptibly into each other. Women are beginning to demand that Marriage shall mean Friendship as well as Passion; that a comrade-like Equality shall be included in the word Love; and it is recognised that from the one extreme of a Platonic friendship (generally between persons of the same sex) up to the other extreme of passionate love (generally between persons of opposite sex) no hard and fast line can at any point be drawn effectively separating the different kinds of attachment. We know, in fact, of Friendships so romantic in sentiment that they verge into love; we know of Loves so intellectual and spiritual that they hardly dwell in the sphere of Passion." - Author: Edward Carpenter

Quotes About Her Booty

"These are not sentimental keepsakes. She never looks at them, and often forgets what she has there. They are not booty, they dont have ritualistic significance. She does not take something every time she goes to Gordons house, or every time she stays over, or to mark what she might call memorable visits. She doesnt do it in a daze and she doesnt seem to be under a compulsion. She just takes something, every now and then, and puts it away in the dark of the old tobacco tin, and more or less forgets about it." - Author: Alice Munro

Quotes About Carlisle

"The valet blanched at the thought of four hours in a carriage. "Ive sent for Dr. Fansher." As if that would shorten their errand.He gave McNaught an even look. "I never told you not to."McNaught lifted the curtain and peered out the window, letting in the pale light of dawn. He settled back on the seat. "At least theres decent inns in Carlisle." Frowning, he said, "I wish youd told me, my Lord. Id have packed a change of clothes.""Were not staying the night.""But well be the entire day on the road. Dr. Fansher would never approve of this.""With Andrews horses, I expect well make good time."McNaught shook his head. "Worse than a cat after a mouse when youve got an idea in your head, you are.""My one virtue.""Small consolation when both man and mouse are dead.""So long as you bury us both at sea, I dont give a damn." - Author: Carolyn Jewel