[The Soul Is A Muscle, And It Needs To Be Exercised A Little Every Day. Say A Morning Prayer Just To Say Something.]

Author: Catherine Hicks Quotes

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Vicki Harrison Quotes

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim."

William Wordsworth Quotes

"Be mild, and cleave to gentle things, thy glory and thy happiness be there."

Keith Waterhouse Quotes

"I turn over a new leaf every day. But the blots show through."

James Emery White Quotes

"The great opposition to reading is what I allow to fill my time instead of reading. To say we have no time to read is not really true; we simply have chosen to use our time for other things, or have allowed our time to be filled to the exclusion of reading. So dont add reading to your to-do list. Just stop doing the things that keep you from doing it. But read."

Agnes Mary Clerke Quotes

"What has been done is little—scarcely a beginning; yet it is much in comparison with the total blank of a century past. And our knowledge will, we are easily persuaded, appear in turn the merest ignorance to those who come after us."

Pepper Pace Quotes

"Christopher…you are the one thats beautiful." She lifted her head. "And not just on the inside. Youre beautiful on the outside, too. To me…youre perfect." She could see several emotions move across his face before his eyes half closed..."You say that to me…and if youre not careful you might end up stuck with me." It was a warning."

Joshua Slocum Quotes

"Captain Fisher, the commander, with a party of young ladies from the city and gentlemen belonging to his ship, came one day to pay me a visit in the midst of a deluge of rain."

Andrew Taylor Still Quotes

"I began to see during the civil war, in that part of the states of Missouri and Kansas where the doctors were shut out, the children did not die."

Kasey Michaels Quotes

"The world rains on everybody, Laura. We just have to figure out a way to get a bigger umbrella than a lot of other people need, thats all. ~from-Here Comes The Heroes~"

Ieyasu Tokugawa Quotes

"Forbearance is the root of quietness and assurance forever."

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Quotes About Thinking About Someone

"Oh God T.J., Im sorry. I wasnt thinking" Nothing like going on about having kids in front of someone whose fertility had been exchanged for survival." - Author: Tracey Garvis Graves

Quotes About Treall

"TreallTabhair dom casúrnó tuago mbrisfead isgo millfeadan teach seo,go ndéanfad tairseachden fhardorasgus urláir de na ballaí,go dtiocfaidh scraithagus díon agussimléir anuasle neart mo chuid allais...Sín chugam anoisna cláir is na tairnnígo dtógfadan teach eile seo...Ach, a Dhia, táim tuirseach!" - Author: Caitlín Maude

Quotes About Apostles

"Be patient, you are in good company. Our Lord Himself, our Lady, the apostles, and countless saints, both men and women, have been poor." - Author: Francis de Sales

Quotes About Vice And Virtue

"Mans merit lieth in service and virtue and not in the pageantry of wealth and riches." - Author: Baháulláh

Quotes About Begging For Time

"I smoked my first pipe with Seth. I knew the stuff was bad, but I was so tired of being the cop, begging and ragging at him, throwing Pampers in his face when he walked in the door. I wanted to be on the same side again. So I smoked with Seth one afternoon when the girls were napping, and oh my God, I can only think about this for a minute or every part of me will turn into a mouth wanting more: the sexiness of it, fucking Seth like wild for the first time in months, going on even when the girls started to whimper and bang on the door. Then looking out the window and seeing the world shake itself to life: the heavy trees, the sky. And I was back on top. We were going to make it, Seth and I. The voice in my head was back again, telling me stories, too many to write down or even tell one from another." - Author: Jennifer Egan

Quotes About Laid Off

"Mr. Bingham said, "Hey, you guys are supposedly psychic. Why didnt you see that coming and warn the girl?"Mom sighed. "Again, we dont see the future.""Yeah. Youre a bunch of frauds."Id had it. My frustration boiled over. I turned to Mrs. Bingham. "Do you know a Jane Sutherland?"Confusion swept over her delicate features. "Yes, she used to be my husbands secretary before he was laid off. What about her?""He wasnt laid off. He was fired. The company has rules against boinking your secretary, even though your husband apparently has no qualms with the matter.""Clarity!" Mom screamed." - Author: Kim Harrington

Quotes About Scotland By Robert Burns

"The point was - he wasnt acting. It was as if hed forgotten how! Jack still knew his lines, but he was out of character... Jack had stopped acting. He was just Jack Burns - the real Jack Burns at last." - Author: John Irving

Quotes About Honest Work

"Well, I am becoming doddering and old but I have - Im writing two books a year now. Its like 220,000 words or something like finished, and, honest to God, I cant do that. I really do need the help of, you know, other people working with me." - Author: John Sandford

Quotes About Self Aggrandizement

"For an Apple is in it self a little Universe; the Seed, hotter than the other parts thereof, is its Sun, which diffuses about it self that natural Heat which preserves its Globe: And in the Onion, the Germ is the little Sun of that little World, which vivifies and nourishes the vegetative Salt of that little mass." - Author: Cyrano de Bergerac

Quotes About Spiritualist

"I am a spiritualist, a proud wearer of the spiritualist badge." - Author: Dan Aykroyd