[The Time Traveller (for So It Will Be Convenient To Speak Of Him) Was Expounding A Recondite Matter To Us.]

Author: H.G. Wells Quotes

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Khaled Hosseini Quotes

"Its a funny thing, Markos, but people mostly have it backward. They think they live by what they want. But really what guides them is what theyre afraid of. What they dont want."

John Scott Quotes

"It seems we are capable of immense love and loyalty, and as capable of deceit and atrocity. Its probably this shocking ambivalence that makes us unique."

Mike Rose Quotes

"We bus to avoid integrating our housing, underscoring the fact that we continually ask our schools to do what we cant seem to do in other domains of our society."

Taryn Simon Quotes

"In my work, I construct texts and images. Between those two points the blur occurs. Each is altered by the other again and again, back and forth."

Dave Matthews Band Quotes

"Some might tell you theres no hope in hand Just because they feel hopeless But you dont have to be a thing like that You be a ship in a bottle set sail"

Linda Austin Quotes

"Organizing ones life to respond to a threat one felt powerless about as a child can be a source of enormous inspiration."

Cindy Welch Quotes

"My continued respect is only given to those who have proven worthy of it. My respect for another person can be revoked in an instant if warranted and never to be regained again. Tread carefully."

Matteo Manassero Quotes

"Playing with Tom Watson, I grew up a little bit. Even if he didnt say something to you, even if he didnt give you advice, you have grown up just watching him. It was great."

Alaya Dawn Johnson Quotes

"Theres a song", I say."Theres always a song", he says."

Veronica Schanoes Quotes

"Learning and skill are things to be proud of; they are the stars that light the sky of ones lifetime."

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Quotes About Cool Climate

"What, in nature," Kit asked, "is the most beautiful thing youve seen? Or the most terrible?""The Dismals," Giles answered promptly. "A beautiful aberration in the lay of the land--North Alabama. A section mysteriously lowered, strewn with boulders, ferny, mossy, cooler--the vegetation, they say, typical of Canada. There the creek runs clear, but all other Alabama rivers and waterways are muddy with sediment. I even like the name--the Dismals. An eternal place, disjunct with the climate, the time, and its location.""You think being dismal is an attractive association with eternity?" I asked."It is a cool Eden in the Southern summer heat. Whats yours, Una?""The Kentucky hills in spring. Layers of pink and white--redbud and dogwood.""And you?" Giles asked Kit."Stars," he said. That was all." - Author: Sena Jeter Naslund

Quotes About Grenouille

"Судя по всему, мать уже две недели постоянно убирается на чердаке и находит одни и те же фотографии с Рождества в Нью-Йорке. Я это Рождество помню смутно. Как она несколько часов выбирала мне платье в сочельник, причесывала длинными, легкими взмахами. Рождественское шоу в Радио-Сити, и как я ела там полосатую карамельку — она походила на исхудавшего напуганного Санта-Клауса. Как отец напился вечером в Плазе, как родители ссорились в такси по дороге в Карлайл, а ночью я слышала их ругань и, конечно, звон стекла за стеной. Рождественский ужин в La Grenouille, где отец порывался поцеловать маму, а та отворачивалась. Но лучше всего, так отчетливо, что меня аж скручивает, я помню одну вещь: в ту поездку мы не фотографировались." - Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Quotes About President Monson Scouting

"Is it that you hate this president or that you hate America?" - Author: Sean Hannity

Quotes About Deliberate

"To boast wonder takes great courage. Being left speechless with joy is not for the weak. We forget to be surprised by everyday miracles, like toast springing up, the mesmerizing blue in the sky, or even simple friendships. To touch and remember this delicate sense of wonder, we travel. We deliberately let ourselves become tourists to welcome in this unique delight." - Author: Edmond Manning

Quotes About Famous Crusades

"I got the famous Oprah hug!" - Author: Taylor Lautner

Quotes About Pretending To Love Someone

"Why is someone telling you they loved you so awful? I ask.‘Its not just that he told me he loved me, its more about he expected me to say it back. I dont like feeling cornered into saying stuff I dont feel and doing stuff I dont want to do. And anyway, love at our age is ridiculous, Renee says, tapping her toe in a puddle of water.Putting it like that makes more sense. People live whole lives together pretending to be in love. I guess Mum and Dad did that for most of their relationship. Then they realised they couldnt pretend any more but they were stuck with each other, and look where that got them. Ive never really thought about love being such a big deal before. I just presumed that if someone was kind enough to say it to me, I would be kind enough to say it back, but maybe you shouldnt just say ‘I love you. You have to mean it." - Author: Dawn OPorter

Quotes About Contradicting Life

"It is my firm conviction that man has nothing to gain, emotionally or otherwise, by adhering to a falsehood, regardless of how comfortable or sacred that falsehood may appear. Anyone who claims, on the one hand, that he is concerned with human welfare, and who demands, on the other hand, that man must suspend or renounce the use of his reason, is contradicting himself. There can be no knowledge of what is good for man apart from knowledge of reality and human nature, and there is no manner in which this knowledge can be acquired except through reason. To advocate irrationality is to advocate that which is destructive to human life." - Author: George H. Smith

Quotes About Wanting A Boy To Like You

"Mrs. Faulkner had sidled up to me and said Good day, Mrs. Elliot?I just looked at her, and I saw in her eyes that she was wanting some kind of approval for her boy because of his career ahead, and she suddenly just looked like an old lady, not fancy and rich and frightening. An old lady whose son admired my husband, and who herself would be as helpless in the Territories as a newborn calf and not nearly as useful. Good day, I said back. It is a funny thing how much more proud people can be of themselves if they never step back and take a good look in a glass." - Author: Nancy E. Turner

Quotes About Abrao

"...A onda sam se sapleo o to „pobeći". Kad odeš, bežiš; kad bežiš, smatraš sebe slabijim. Kad se smatraš slabijim, ili uzmeš da ojačaš ili će tvoj život uvek biti nekakvo bežanje. I onda mi sine: sve je do ugla kamere. Ako si pesimista, uvek ćeš da nađeš nekog tužnog violinistu što svira rekvijem boljem sutra i demaskira ga u „malo sutra". Uvek ćeš da nađeš ubedljiv dokaz da smo propali i da ništa ne vredi ni trud, ni talenat, ni vera u svoju zemlju. Ali, sa druge strane, ako gurneš ruku u gaće i napipaš ono ispod falusa, naći ćeš ne samo žargonski sinonim za hrabrost, nego i sidro koje će te zadržati ovde. Lakim pogledom oko sebe, videćeš ljude koji su uspešni i vredni svojoj zemlji, a nisu lopine. Samo ako si voljan da tako usmeriš kameru. Sve se bira. Ja sam tada odabrao tako, i nikad više nisam razmišljao da odem. (...) I dalje mi je žao prosjaka s violinom, ali sam uveren da takav postoji i u Americi." - Author: Marko Šelić

Quotes About Jane Birkin

"French girls still have the Jane Birkin culture. You can go just like that, without makeup, without managing your hair." - Author: Emmanuelle Alt