[The Tongue Like A Sharp Knife... Kills Without Drawing Blood.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Tracie Peterson Quotes

"Often admitting our weakness and fear is the first step to finding rest in God. Our trust in Him isnt conveyed though superhuman confidence as much as it comes in the way of childlike reliance on Him."

Julie White Quotes

"I think that, on television and in film, I will continue to be the mother to hot boys until, inevitably, I am their grandmother."

Will Allison Quotes

"I save her marked-up manuscripts as an unluckier husband might save love letters."

Chiaki Kuriyama Quotes

"It was pretty much the way that it was when I first read it, although one exception would be that some ideas that I had were also incorporated into the script."

Barbara Corcoran Quotes

"A complainer is like a Death Eater because theres a suction of negative energy. You can catch a great attitude from great people."

Allison Van Diepen Quotes

"I dont get it. Why are many people drawn to someone whos hurt them? Maybe its an ego thing- being hurt sucks, and you think you can erase that hurt by going back to the person who caused it. Then it will be like it never happened in the first place. Only problem is that it did happen."

Rich Lowry Quotes

"John Kerry couldnt even order a Philly cheesesteak properly."

Rae Hachton Quotes

"Ive never wanted a heart as much as I want yours."

Lee Morgan Quotes

"Would you teach me, Seth?Seth smiled and leaned back in his seat. ‘You do realise, of course, that you have no idea what you ask of me? Seth replied after a moment.‘Of course, Christopher replied quietly. ‘Could you tell me?‘No. That is the problem you see, Seth said. ‘Magic is something you can never prepare someone for. Magic will make you, Christopher. It will find all the secret empty places of longing in you and fill them more surely than any other love. And magic will break your heart. A slight, rather sad smile crossed Christophers face for a moment. ‘I know what youre thinking. You think your heart is already broken, you think that this crooked and winding way is the only path left for you now. But youre wrong. The heart breaks like every wave on the beach and theres a darkness youll have to pass through that you cant even see from where you are now."

AE Coppard Quotes

"He asked with a stiff smile What is love?For me, said Orianda, fumbling for a definition, for me it is a compound of anticipation and gratitude. When either of these two ingredients is absent love is dead."

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Quotes About Companion

"Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life." - Author: Pythagoras

Quotes About Espelho

"Quando olhamos para um espelho, não é o espelho que vemos. O que vemos é a nossa imagem reflectida nele. Você é como um espelho para essa mulher. Ela nem sequer repara em você, filho, está apaixonada pelo próprio reflexo. Do que ela gosta é do seu deslumbramento, gosta da forma como você a vê." - Author: José Eduardo Agualusa

Quotes About Confirmation Bias

"When we are in the grasp of illusion – or, for that matter, whenever we have a new idea – instead of searching for ways to prove our ideas wrong, we usually attempt to prove them correct. Psychologists call this the confirmation bias, and it presents a major impediment of our ability to break free from the misinterpretation of randomness." - Author: Leonard Mlodinow

Quotes About Doing Good Things For Others

"Being generous or doing things for others actually makes me feel good so I dont do it because I hope karma will come round and get me and Ill benefit from it." - Author: David Schwimmer

Quotes About Another Day Tomorrow

"Once youve lived a little you will find that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you in one way or another. It may be today, tomorrow, or years from now, but it happens; usually when you least expect it, usually in a form thats pretty different from the original. Those coincidental moments that change your life seem random at the time but I dont think they are. At least thats how its worked out in my life. And I know Im not the only one." - Author: Slash

Quotes About Vie

"I think the resolution involved in the high-def, Blu-ray image demands we pay attention to every detail to a level weve never seen before. The audiences have to believe everything theyre seeing. As viewers, were all so experienced and so much smarter than we realize. With Blu-ray, there will be less tricking of the eye." - Author: Michael Mann

Quotes About Illnesses And Life

"Signs imply ways of living, possibilities of existence, they are the symptoms of an overflowing (jaillissante) or exhausted (épuisée) life. But an artist cannot be content with an exhausted life, nor with a personal life. One does not write with ones ego, ones memory, and ones illnesses. In the act of writing theres an attempt to make life something more personal, to liberate life from what imprisons it...There is a profound link between signs, the event, life, and vitalism. It is the power of nonorganic life, that which can be found in a line of a drawing, a line of writing, a line of music. It is organisms that die, not life. There is no work of art that does not indicate an opening for life, a path between the cracks. Everything I have written has been vitalistic, at least I hope so, and constitutes a theory of signs and the event." - Author: Gilles Deleuze

Quotes About Madly

"The boy I fell madly in love with – the boy made entirely of goodness and light – has been snuffed out by the bloodthirsty creature that glowers before me." - Author: Alyson Noel

Quotes About Hubris

"Such terrifying powers we possess, but what a sorry lot of gods some men are. And the worst of it is not the cruelty but the arrogance, the sheer hubris of those who bring only violence and fear into the animal world, as if it needed any more of either. Their lives entail enough frights and tribulations without the modern fire-makers, now armed with perfected, inescapable weapons, traipsing along for more fun and thrills at their expense even as so many of them die away. It is our fellow creatures lot in the universe, the place assigned them in creation, to be completely at our mercy, the fiercest wolf or tiger defenseless against the most cowardly man. And to me it has always seemed not only ungenerous and shabby but a kind of supreme snobbery to deal cavalierly with them, as if their little share of the earths happiness and grief were inconsequential, meaningless, beneath a mans attention, trumped by any and all designs he might have on them, however base, irrational, or wicked." - Author: Matthew Scully

Quotes About Consoling Death

"Religion provides the only story that is fundamentally consoling in the face of the worst possible experiences - the death of a parent, for instance. In fact, many religions take away the problem entirely, because their adherents ostensibly believe that theyre going to be reunited with everyone they love, and death is an illusion." - Author: Sam Harris