[The Town Office Building Has A Giant Filing Cabinet Full Of Death Certificates That Say Choked To Death On His Own Anger Or Suffocated From Unexpressed Feelings Of Unhappiness.]

Author: Miriam Toews Quotes

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Marc Curtis Quotes

"Born at Letterman Army Hospital. I never actually lived in San Francisco. Its not my home town, but then, I dont have one. Im a nomad...a gypsy...an Army Brat. Put me on an airplane, send me anywhere. Thats where I belong...anywhere."

Ryan Trecartin Quotes

"I think technology is us, not something we invented. I think we are more psychic now because we have cell phones and you can look and see whos calling you. When people start seeing technology as us, as humanity, our whole idea of what existence is, is going to shift."

Thelma Ritter Quotes

"When a man and a woman see each other and like each other they ought to come together - wham - like a couple of taxis on Broadway, not sit around analyzing each other like two specimens in a bottle."

George Garrett Quotes

"All malice, real and imagined, Raleghs and the KIngs, will die upon the instant stroke of an axe. Be buried with him. His faith, then? Whatever remains will be parted. Some will go with the head and some with the headless body. Let them look for each other on Judgment Day. Perhaps on that day, in the haste of it, the bodies of traitors will have to settle for heads other than their own. Some inevitable mismatching of villians and rogues will take place. And one fine bony fellow will spy his skull upon anothers body. Then another. And then maybe we shall be witness to the brawl and battle of the bones..."

Tom Savini Quotes

"Film is a truly magical medium."

Frederick William Faber Quotes

"Happiness is a great power of holiness. Thus, kind words, by their power of producing happiness, have also a power of producing holiness, and so of winning men to God."

Barbet Schroeder Quotes

"I chose to treat the homosexuality like I would treat any other form of sexuality."

Mohamed Gamal Aboueid Quotes

"في فناء السجن الواسع تجمع نزلاء الزنزانة رقم 1 فرحين بالنور يرقصون و يهتفون للحرية وللحياة بعدما حطموا الابواب الحديدية وتغلبوا علي الحراس..ولم يمر وقت طويل حتي ثار النزلاء في الزنزانة رقم 2 وبدؤا يهتفون ويدقون علي الجدران ويحطمون النوافذ ثم اشتبكوا مع الحراس ليسقط منهم قتلي وجرحي.. وفي الزنزانة رقم 3 بدأ الهتاف يعلو بينما كان المساجين في كافة أرجاء السجن العربي الكبير يسترقون السمع ويحلمون...."

Margaret Fuller Quotes

"Drudgery is as necessary to call out the treasures of the mind, as harrowing and planting those of the earth."

Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

"The first time we did cavalry charge I was so breathless with excitement I nearly fell off the horse. I actually saw stars in front of my eyes and thought I was going to faint. The second time I had a bit more control but was still giddy with excitement. And the third time I was an emotional wreck. I had to really try hard not to cry."

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Quotes About Tropical Paradise

"Hal frowned. "Are you sure this is a good idea?""Uh, live in a tropical paradise for a week and sip fruity drinks with umbrellas in them by the pool? Yeah, Hal," I said, cranking up the sarcasm far past eleven, "thats a fate worse than death. I dont know what I was thinking.""No," he said, stretching the word out longer than was healthy for it, "I was thinking more like going on a honeymoon without a wife."I dropped a sock and looked up at him, stung. "Dont rub it in, man." - Author: Cary Attwell

Quotes About Waking Up Feeling Great

"My heart burnt within me with indignation and grief; we could think of nothing else. All night long we had only snatches of sleep, waking up perpetually to the sense of a great shock and grief. Every one is feeling the same. I never knew so universal a feeling." - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell

Quotes About Femei

"Femeile frumoase au datoria de a ne scoate din minţi." - Author: Molière

Quotes About Wounds Healing

"What inflicts the mind, inflicts the body. What inflicts the soul inflicts the body. Physical wounds heal much quicker but spiritual, emotional and spiritual wounds takes much longer of healing." - Author: Ann Marie Aguilar

Quotes About Opheliac

"You know the games I play And the words I say When I want my own way You know the lies I tell When youve gone through hell And I say I cant stay You know how hard it can be To keep believing in me When everything and everyone Becomes my enemy and when Theres nothing more you can do Im gonna blame it on you Its not the way I want to be I only hope that in the end you will see Its the Opheliac in me" - Author: Emilie Autumn

Quotes About Always Thinking About Someone

"her laptop. Thats where the good stuff would be anyway. It always was. Even at my old school, kids had always been frantic when theyd lost their laptops, thinking about all the incriminating stuff that someone might find on them. Like e-mails about how drunk the kids had gotten with their friends the weekend their parents thought they went to band camp. Papers theyd downloaded and plagiarized for AP English. Porn." - Author: Jennifer Estep

Quotes About Let Down By Friend

"Why, I ask, can I not finish the letter that I am writing? For my room is always scattered with unfinished letters. I begin to suspect, when I am with you, that I am among the most gifted of men. I am filled with the delight of youth, with potency, with the sense of what is to come. blundering, but fervid, I see myself buzzing round flowers, humming down scarlet cups, making blue funnels resound with my prodigious booming. How richly I shall enjoy my youth (you make me feel). And London. And freedom. But stop. You are not listening. You are making some protest, as you slide, with an inexpressibly familiar gesture, your hand along your knee. By such signs we diagnose our friends diseases. "Do not, in your affluence and plenty," you seem to say, "pass me by." "Stop," you say. "Ask me what I suffer." - Author: Virginia Woolf

Quotes About Killing Caesar

"Men like Caesar and Pompey--theyre not heroes, Meto. Theyre monsters. They call their greed and ambition "honour," and to satisfy their so-called honour theyll tear the world apart. But who am I to judge them? Every man does what he must, to protect his share of the world. Whats the difference between killing whole villages and armies, and killing a single man? Caesars reasons and mine are different only in degree. The consequences and the suffering still spread to the innocent (Gordianus the Finder to his son Meto)" - Author: Steven Saylor

Quotes About Spoilers

"Spoilers followI started reading the third act of Hamlet, and I got about two pages in when I realized theres no point.I am never going back to school.I am never going to the university.I am never going to watch wolves stalk through the northern forests or elephants graze on the savanna. I am never going to have sex or get married or raise a family. Im never going to have a first apartment, a first house, a first car. Im never" - Author: Megan Crewe

Quotes About Issue

"Those of us who have seen violent death up close, who have seen what high-powered bullets can do to living human tissue, have a horror of inflicting that nightmarish, never forgotten damage on a fellow human being. Perhaps the only more terrifying prospect is that such a fate should befall us or our loved ones. This is why we, a representative cross-section of Americas population, keep deadly weapons for personal defense." - Author: Massad Ayoob