[The Two Bond Over Their Mutual Lack Of Family Ties: Saul From His Disownment, Miriam From The Car Accident That Orphaned Her As A College Junior. Both Want Children. Miriam Has Inherited Her Parents' Idea Of Procreative Legitimacy, Wants To Compensate For Her Only-child-dom. She Sees In Saul The Househusband Who Will Enable Her Parental Ambitions Without Disabling Her Autonomy. In Miriam, Saul Sees The Means To A Book-lined Study And A Lifestyle Conducive To Mystical Advancement. They Are Both Absolutely Certain These Things Equal Love.]

Author: Myla Goldberg Quotes

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"My mental approach is totally different. My coach predicated everything on defense. He always talked about defense, defense, defense. I took it to heart that if you play defense, you can take the heart from an offensive player."

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"Peace may sound simple - one beautiful word - but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal."

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"For while the threat of nuclear holocaust has been significantly reduced, the world remains a very unsettled and dangerous place."

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"Knowing it without understanding it is enough for one to be qualified a fool;Understanding without relative adherence, masters one in foolishness."

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"Franz said Your picture, Viki, suggests that sense of breaking-up we feel in the modern world. Families, nations, classes, other loyalty groups falling apart. Things changing before you get to know them. Death on the installment plan – or decay by jumps. Instantaneous birth. Something out of nothing. Reality replacing science fiction so fast that you cant tell which is which. Constant sense of deja-vu - I was here before, but when, how? Even the possibility that theres no real continuity between events, just inexplicable gaps. And of course every gap – every crack – means a new perching place for horror."

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"Friendship can only exist between persons with similar interests and points of view. Man and woman by the conventions of society are born with different interests and different points of view."

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"But I think it is more difficult to do a career as a lieder singer, and there have been less lieder singers."

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"My inspiration are the woman, friendship, and loneliness."

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"Seeing someone read a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person."

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"I wanted him to love me, and Im quite sure that he didnt."

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"You try as a parent. You love beyond reason. You fight beyond endurance. You hope beyond despair.You never think, until the very last moment, that it still might not be enough." - Author: Lisa Gardner

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"Los habitantes de Cuévano suelen mirar a su alrededor y después concluir: —Modestia aparte, somos la Atenas de por aquí." - Author: Jorge Ibargüengoitia

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"Ah, the Gilligans Island conundrum: why were the Howells on a crappy three-hour excursion cruise in the first place, when they couldve been on their diamond-encrusted yacht? And why did they bring so many clothes?" -Riley" - Author: Carolyn Parkhurst

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"An atheist may be simply one whose faith and love are concentrated on the impersonal aspects of God." - Author: Simone Weil

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"What people still do not like to admit is that there were two crimes in the form of one. Just as the destruction of Jewry was the necessary condition for the rise and expansion of Nazism, so the ethnic cleansing of Germans was a precondition for the Stalinization of Poland. I first noticed this point when reading an essay by the late Ernest Gellner, who at the end of the war had warned Eastern Europeans that collective punishment of Germans would put them under Stalins tutelage indefinitely. They would always feel the guilty need for an ally against potential German revenge." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

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"One of the advantages of not having a record contract is that you can make your own mistakes, you dont need somebody else to organize them for you." - Author: Herbie Mann

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"It is contended by many that ours is a Christian government, founded upon the Bible, and that all who look upon the book as false or foolish are destroying the foundation of our country. The truth is, our government is not founded upon the rights of gods, but upon the rights of men. Our Constitution was framed, not to declare and uphold the deity of Christ, but the sacredness of humanity. Ours is the first government made by the people and for the people. It is the only nation with which the gods have had nothing to do. And yet there are some judges dishonest and cowardly enough to solemnly decide that this is a Christian country, and that our free institutions are based upon the infamous laws of Jehovah." - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll

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"Now, I did know a certain young lady of the romantic generation of not so long ago who, after being mysteriously in love for several years with a certain gentleman whom she could have married at any time without the least difficulty, suddenly broke off their relationship, inventing for herself all manner of insurmountable obstacles, and one stormy night plunged from a high, precipitous cliff into a fairly deep and fast-flowing river, where she perished from her own caprice solely through her attempt to imitate Shakespeares Ophelia, for, had the precipice, which she had long before singled out and been compulsively drawn to, been less picturesque, and had there been only a prosaically flat bank in its stead, perhaps there would have been no suicide at all." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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"Heres an easy way to see if a war movie is being truthful: If you see an explosion on a faraway hillside and the sound of the explosion and the detonation of the bomb happen at the same time - if theyre putting the sound and the vision together in the same moment - theyre going toward our cultural understanding of war, not the reality of war." - Author: Sebastian Junger

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"A true mother is known for her compassion, love and passion; she is everly dedicated to her calling." - Author: Agu Jaachynma N.E.