[The Two Bond Over Their Mutual Lack Of Family Ties: Saul From His Disownment, Miriam From The Car Accident That Orphaned Her As A College Junior. Both Want Children. Miriam Has Inherited Her Parents' Idea Of Procreative Legitimacy, Wants To Compensate For Her Only-child-dom. She Sees In Saul The Househusband Who Will Enable Her Parental Ambitions Without Disabling Her Autonomy. In Miriam, Saul Sees The Means To A Book-lined Study And A Lifestyle Conducive To Mystical Advancement. They Are Both Absolutely Certain These Things Equal Love.]

Author: Myla Goldberg Quotes

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"In America, people think being South Asian is still kind of exotic. When you go outside New York and Chicago and L.A., there are people who have never tried Indian food... theyve never even tasted it!"

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"Instead of me having a breakdown, Im focusing on me having a breakthrough."

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"However, I dont by any means suggest that Im always playing myself."

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"Upon the whole, Chymistry is as yet but an opening science, closely connected with the useful and ornamental arts, and worthy the attention of the liberal mind. And it must always become more and more so: for though it is only of late, that it has been looked upon in that light, the great progress already made in Chymical knowledge, gives us a pleasant prospect of rich additions to it. The Science is now studied on solid and rational grounds. While our knowledge is imperfect, it is apt to run into error: but Experiment is the thread that will lead us out of the labyrinth."

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"I love jokes that come out of nowhere. The ones where people look at the screen and go, What the Hell was that. As long as it somehow ties back into the story, somehow."

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"Bebek berjalan berbondong-bondong, akan tetapi burung elang terbang sendirian."

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"Success teaches us nothing; only failure teaches."

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"china products"

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"Im looking for best practices constantly. Apple has beautiful design, beautiful product, incredibly functional. But mostly its about picking product, getting behind it, marketing it and introducing it to a customer. What theyve done just inspires me."

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"Im primarily thought of as a rocker, and certainly Frankenstein had a very dramatic power rock image. It was almost a precursor of heavy metal and fusion. But I also love jazz and classical and if theres one common thread that runs through all my music, it is blues."

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"His work was so great that it cannot be compassed in a few words. His death is one of the greatest losses ever to occur to British science.{Describing Ernest Rutherford upon his death at age 66. Thomson, then 80 years old, was once his teacher.}" - Author: his

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"If a young person is surviving by trading sex for the thing they need, what useful purpose is served by criminalizing that activity? Doesnt everybody have the right to try and survive? it might cost more to create shelters or group homes, drug treatment programs, schools for emancipated minors, counseling services, medical care and job training. But such programs can salvage human lives that are otherwise going to be cut short or wasted. If we can afford massive kiddy porn stings, why cant we afford to do this? Is it because, as a society,we obtain more pleasure out of trying to control young people, and punishing the minors who escape our control, than we would out of taking good care of kids who are in trouble?" - Author: Patrick Califia Rice