[The UNICEF State Of The World's Children Report For 2001 Stated That ‘for A Government That Wants To Improve The Lot Of Its People, Investing In The First Years Of Life Is The Best Money It Can Spend. But Tragically, Both For Children And For Nations, These Are The Years That Receive The Least Attention.]

Author: Oliver James Quotes

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Kate White Quotes

"If you had a daily printout from the brain of an average twenty-four-year-old male, it would probably go like this: sex, need coffee, sex, traffic, sex, sex, what an asshole, sex, ham sandwich, sex, sex, etc"

Gennifer Flowers Quotes

"I dont think Bill is a role model for anyone."

Emili Teixidor Quotes

"I així, sense voler-ho, el seu excés damor em va encomanar un rebuig per qualsevol sentiment i fins i tot una por als acostaments emotius i vibrants cap a una altra persona. Vaig aprendre una lliçó per fugir de tot compromís sentimental: a més estimació, més perills de tota mena. No tacostis i no et cremaràs. Lamor crema. Lamor consumeix. Lamor mata."

Kate Quinn Quotes

"Los duelos de bestias salvajes siempre abrían las festividades matutinas. Hoy, en primer lugar había un combate entre un elefante y un rinoceronte. Este último terminó sacando un ojo a su rival con el cuerno. Pensé que podría haber vivido muy feliz sin necesidad de saber cómo sonaba el grito de un elefante."

Christopher Koch Quotes

"I was completely devoted to reading and books from the age of seven. It took until I was 18 to have the confidence to write poetry."

V E Schwab Quotes

"There are no good men in this game."

Jack Valenti Quotes

"I sleep each night a little better, a little more confidently, because Lyndon Johnson is my president."

Caleb Ricketts Quotes

"Knowing it without understanding it is enough for one to be qualified a fool;Understanding without relative adherence, masters one in foolishness."

Wayne Allard Quotes

"From the employees standpoint, in 1935, Social Security was a big gamble. Employees would be required to participate in the program, contributing a percentage of their income for their entire adult working life."

Misty Dawn Seidel Quotes

"May you never grow too old to believe in magic and fairy tales."

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Quotes About Simone De Beauvoir

"I am not a great French woman. George Sand, Marguerite Duras and Simone de Beauvoir are great French women." - Author: Juliette Binoche

Quotes About Crying In The Rain

"Crying in the rain. No one sees your tears and your pain gets washed away." - Author: Elizabeth Bourgeret

Quotes About Illness And Hope

"The thing I hated while reading this book, it turns out, was me. Bad things happen, and shoulders are shrugged. The most serious of events are blended with the strange. The author pulled me inside his mind, and what I found there was a dead stillness, the somber and poignant wisdom of someone with little hope and scars across his eyes." - Author: Hugh Howey

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"Da anni e anni, come una spettatrice, ella aveva guardato alle leggi degli uomini, alle istituzioni dei legislatori e del clero, con un compiuto distacco: come gli indiani potevano guardare alla toga, alla galera, al focolare, alla chiesa. Il suo destino e le sue sventure lavevano resa libera. La lettera scarlatta era il suo passaporto per talune regioni, nelle quali nessuna altra donna avrebbe osato avventurarsi. Vergogna, disperazione, solitudine: ecco i maestri che avevano rinvigorito la sua forza istintiva sebbene con insegnamenti molto difettosi." - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Quotes About Worrying About The One You Love

"I love working and I love doing lots of things and a variety of things. It keeps your mind active... and you dont end up worrying about just the one thing. When I chew things over or analyze too much, that is when I can trip myself up." - Author: Sally Hawkins

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"Ill give you your Christmas present now if youll give me mine."I shook my head. "At breakfast.""But its Christmas now.""Breakfast.""Whatever youre giving me," she said, "I hope I dont like it.""Youll have to keep them anyway, because the man at the Aquarium said he positively wouldnt take them back. He said theyd already bitten the tails off the..." - Author: Dashiell Hammett

Quotes About Depending On Family

"In our natural state we dislike dealing with God alone. Through our natural alienation from God we shrink from Him, and from eternal realities. This cleaves to us more or less, even after our regeneration. Hence it is, that more or less, even as believers, we have the same shrinking from standing with God alone,--from depending upon Him alone,--from looking to Him alone:--and yet this is the very position in which we ought to be, if we wish our faith to be strengthened. The more I am in a position to be tried in faith with reference to my body, my family, my service for the Lord, my business, etc., the more shall I have opportunity of seeing Gods help and deliverance." - Author: George Mueller

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"He was in that familiar state - not that the occasion mattered to seriously to him -- of incoherent ideas spreading outward without a center, so characteristic of the present, and whose strange arithmetic adds up to a random proliferation of numbers without forming a unit." - Author: Robert Musil

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"I have prayed for years for one good humiliation a day, and then, I must watch my reaction to it. I have no other way of spotting both my denied shadow self and my idealized persona." - Author: Richard Rohr

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"Most of the time Im in khakis and a white T-shirt. Im a total Gap girl. Super casual, hair in a pony tail and no makeup." - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt