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Author: George Washington Quotes

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Catherine Malandrino Quotes

"Every woman in America has a French dream in her head, especially a Parisian one."

Tracy McGrady Quotes

"Great execution. Thats what you have to do when youre playing great teams."

Neala Okuromade Quotes

"A Person spends a whole day, five days a week or more, working hard to make money, but few ever think beyond this fact. They live from pay cheque to pay cheque, drifting through life, and only realize too late that what they have been doing was not wise at all. As individuals it is now time we take charge of our money and plan for it, otherwise it will plan for you."

Monica Keena Quotes

"I dont like the dark. I really am afraid of the dark."

Jarrid Wilson Quotes

"Real faith believes God can, and expects that He will, but trusts Him even if He doesnt."

KA Mitchell Quotes

"So does that mean if you wont fuck me because Im high, I could fuck you because youre not?"

Chet Huntley Quotes

"Maybe where theres clarity of air, theres clarity of thought."

Alyanna Mallari Quotes

"I shouldve died with my parents… than live in this world," I say, my voice is faintHe asks, "Why choose to die if you can live this world?" He chuckled.I gave him a faint smile and say, "A world so hateful, some would rather die, than be who they are."

Bob Massie Quotes

"They say it is a wide road that leads to war and only a narrow path that leads home again."

Kiera Cass Quotes

"I couldnt joke about the person whod saved me from facing absolute heartbreak at home, who fed my family boxes of sweets, who ran to me worried that i was hurt if I asked for him. A month ago, I had looked at the TV and seen a stiff, distant, boring person-someone I couldnt imagine anyone loving. And while he wasnt anything close to the person I did love, he was worthy of having someone to love in his life."

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Quotes About Smarty Pants

"Im a doctor," she reminded him. "Nothing embarrasses me." "Yeah? So if I call the hospital while youre making rounds, you wont be embarrassed when I have the operator page Dr. Smarty-pants?" - Author: Julie Garwood

Quotes About Giving Explanations

"Sex is, directly or indirectly, the most powerful weapon in the armoury of the Magician; and precisely because there is no moral guide, it is indescribably dangerous. I have given a great many hints, especially in Magick, and The Book of Thoth—some of the cards are almost blatantly revealing; so I have been rapped rather severely over the knuckles for giving children matches for playthings. My excuse has been that they have already got the matches, that my explanations have been directed to add conscious precautions to the existing automatic safeguards." - Author: Aleister Crowley

Quotes About Recollection Day

"Within minutes my 115-mile walk through the desert hills becomes a thing apart, a disjunct reality on the far side of a bottomless abyss, immediately beyond physical recollection.But its all still there in my heart and soul. The walk, the hills, the sky, the solitary pain and pleasure" - Author: Edward Abbey

Quotes About Hitler Churchill

"In the closed circle of the war cabinet, pounded by terrible report after terrible report, there had been uncertainty about whether he could fend off the drift to exploring a deal with Hitler. The determination of the larger group trumped the tentativeness of the smaller, and Churchill fulfilled his role as leader by disentangling himself from defeatism--one of his singular achievements at the end of May 1940." - Author: Jon Meacham

Quotes About Farewell Death

"A farewell to my shadow is not my death; its my rebirth in darkness." - Author: Munia Khan

Quotes About The Divinity Of Christ

"An Apostle is a missionary, bearing testimony of the reality and divinity of Jesus Christ in all the world." - Author: David A. Bednar

Quotes About Serving In The Military

"He actually had a relationship once with someone whod committed suicide. Not emotional, physical. It happened in the army. He was serving in general-staff headquarters at the time, and hed been brought up on charges of being seen with his boots unpolished. And just when he was walking past the tall staff headquarters building, someone dropped to the ground next to him, splattered. A girl-soldier, they said, with a broken heart, a corporal, Liat Something. Later he remembered hearing a kind of scream above him as she was falling. But he hadnt looked up. The sound didnt even register.He reached the hearing all covered in her blood. They let him off. Liat Atlas. That was her name. They even called on him later, to testify at the military police investigation. It couldnt go on this way, that much he knew. Maybe he needed therapy." - Author: Etgar Keret

Quotes About United Nations Day

"Because when I have been busy at the United Nations during crises, it has meant working day and night." - Author: Pauline Frederick

Quotes About Fabian

"Consider the coincidences that you do not see." - Fabian Snowstrom, A Vampires Reckoning" - Author: Vanessa Fewings

Quotes About Faking It

"Only a man of integrity can possess the virtue of honesty, since only the faking of ones consciousness can permit the faking of existence." - Author: Ayn Rand