[The Washington Times Wrote A Story Questioning The Authenticity Of Some Of The Suggestions Made About Me In Silent Coup. But As A Believer In The First Amendment, I Believe They Have More Than A Right To Air Their Views.]

Author: Bob Woodward Quotes

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Dionne Brand Quotes

"He believed in nothing. Which is why his departures and his pursuit of the most intense feelings and acts were so radical, so deep and honest. The truth of life was perfectly clear to him. Nothing was made, every new morning was clear. His only challenge was inward. He had not been disillusioned or had some bad experience that he could put it all down to. He had simply seen the world and that was that. And he understood how slippery every moment was and he liked the thrill of it. Slipping from the knowable to the unknown, walking from one street to the next, being different all the time. In one afternoon he could slip from one personality to another. Why not?"

Penelope Cruz Quotes

"One thing that I am proud of: I am really capable of laughing at myself."

Tanya Thistleton Quotes

"This place, Annabel waved her left arm in a circle. It is a place filled with misery, hatred, jealousy...and then there are the lawyers."

Sloane Crosley Quotes

"No affair that begins with such an orchestrated overture can end on a simple note."

Sheila E Quotes

"I like being in the back. Ive done that for so many years, Im really comfortable doing it. I dont like the solo thing as much as I like playing drums behind someone."

Cedric Nye Quotes

"I have to get stronger, harder, and faster. The only way to get hard enough to walk the Apocalypse Road is in the crucible of battle."

Robin LaFevers Quotes

"You come to us well tempered, my child, and it is not in my nature to be sorry for it. It is a well tempered blade that is the strongest."

Mesut Ozil Quotes

"I am happy to be playing in the Premier League because everyone knows it is the strongest league in the world. There are simply a lot of top teams."

Jennifer M Granholm Quotes

"This is the place where anybody - like an African American kid raised by a single mom - can be president."

Patti Roberts Quotes

"I spend many hours in conversation with wonderful characters from fantastic books."

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Quotes About Sad Orphans

"It dawned on them that unlike Aunt Josephine, who had lived up in that house, sad and alone, the three children had one another for comfort and support over the course of their miserable lives. And while this did not make them feel entirely safe, or entirely happy, it made them feel appreciative.They leaned up against one another appreciatively, and small smiles appeared on their damp and anxious faces. They had each other. Im not sure that "The Beaudelaires had each other" is the moral of this story, but to the three siblings it was enough. To have each other in the midst of their unfortunate lives felt like having a sailboat in the middle of a hurricane, and to the Beaudelaire orphans this felt very fortunate indeed." - Author: Lemony Snicket

Quotes About Being Left Behind In A Relationship

"Since I spent much of my childhood being left behind and ignored, one might think that, as an adult, moments of perceived abandonment would feel old hat. The truth is, as an adult, I am always waiting to be left behind. Im always ready to be discarded and, therefore, I spend a significant amount of time preparing for this eventuality.I lower my expectations, I dont seek out meaningful relationships, and I dont engage in any sort of real intimacy, physical or otherwise.Engage is the key word here. Except, when I engage, when it happens, when Im left behind it doesnt feel old hat. It feels like it did the first time and it takes me by surprise. So, I dont let it happen." - Author: Penny Reid

Quotes About Someone Accusing You Of Something

"Youre one to talk, Sage." He pointed an accusing finger. "At least I take action. You? You let the world go by without you. You stand there while that asshole Keith treats you like crap and just smile and nod. You have no spine. You dont fight back. Even old Abe seems to push you around. Was Rose right that hes got something on you? Or is he just someone else you wont fight back against?" - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Actors And Audience

"As much as the mystery element is all a lot of fun, when you do go to Edwin Drood, youre going to a theatre to see a show about going to a theatre and what that relationship between actors and audiences has been for years." - Author: Rupert Holmes

Quotes About Vao

"Vozač je rekao djedu koliko koštaju karte i dok je djed vrlo pažljivo prebrojavao novac - jer je svjetlo u autobusu bilo preslabo - vozač se okrenuo prema putnicima, digao desnu ruku i rekao: „How!" i prasnuo u smijeh, i svi su prasnuli u smijeh. Tada sam se počeo bolje osjećati znajući da su prijateljski nastrojeni i ne zamjeraju nam što nismo imali vozne karte.Onda smo pošli prema stražnjem dijelu autobusa i tamo sam vidio jednu bolesnu ženu. Oko očiju joj je bilo neprirodno crnilo, a usne su joj bile jarko crvene kao od krvi. Kad smo prošli pokraj nje, stavila je ruku iznad usta i zavrištala: „Wa...huuu!" Ali sigurno ju je ubrzo prestalo boljeti jer se počela smijati i svi ostali su se smijali. Čovjek koji je sjedio pokraj nje se također smijao i pritom se lupao po nozi. Imao je veliku sjajnu kopču na kravati pa sam znao da su oni bogati i mogu platiti liječnika ako im je potreban." - Author: Forrest Carter

Quotes About Perfect Guys

"I learned that its okay to feel the way I do: that my life has no meaning unless I have a boyfriend. A real man is like the perfect vampire-boy and all the perfect guys in Twue Wuv." - Author: Jess C. Scott

Quotes About Libraries And Democracy

"And Sarah still looked like the sexiest librarian on earth, which is as those of you who frequent libraries know means very sexy indeed, but with that added owlish touch that drives you wild." - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson

Quotes About Religious Harmony

"As the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion, — as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen — and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries." - Author: Joel Barlow

Quotes About Army Soldiers

"We were trained in the army for ten weeks and in this time more profoundly influenced than by ten years at school. We learned that a bright button is weightier than four volumes of Schopenhauer. At first astonished, then embittered, and finally indifferent, we recognised that what matters is not the mind but the boot brush, not intelligence but the system, not freedom but drill. We became soldiers with eagerness and enthusiasm, but they have done everything to knock that out of us. After three weeks it was no longer incomprehensible to us that a braided postman should have more authority over us than had formerly our parents, our teachers, and the whole gamut of culture from Plato to Goethe." - Author: Erich Maria Remarque

Quotes About Literature And Reality

"As has already been noted, fantastic literature developed at precisely the moment when genuine belief in the supernatural was on the wane, and when the sources provided by folklore could safely be used as literary material. It is almost a necessity, for the writer as well as for the reader of fantastic literature, that he or she should not believe in the literal truth of the beings and objects described, although the preferred mode of literary expression is a naive realism. Authors of fantastic literature are, with a few exceptions, not out to convert, but to set down a narrative story endowed with the consistency and conviction of inner reality only during the time of the reading: a game, sometimes a highly serious game, with anxiety and fright, horror and terror." - Author: Franz Rottensteiner