[The Wish To Disappear Sends Many Travelers Away. If You Are Thoroughly Sick Of Being Kept Waiting At Home Or At Work, Travel Is Perfect: Let Other People Wait For A Change. Travel Is A Sort Of Revenge For Having Been Put On Hold, Or Having To Leave Messages On Answering Machines, Not Knowing Your Party's Extension, Being Kept Waiting All Your Working Life - The Homebound Writer's Irritants. But Also Being Kept Waiting Is The Human Conditon.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Corazon Aquino Quotes

"It wasnt until we got over the self pity that we were able to accept suffering as apart of our life with Christ. A man or woman reaches this plane only when he or she ceases to be the hero."

Michelle Wie Quotes

"Im happy out of my mind. I like beating a lot of people."

Tyler Knott Gregson Quotes

"I would love to saythat youmake meweak in the kneesbutto be quite upfrontand completelytruthfulyoumake my bodyforgetit has kneesat all."

Shade Aura Melanson Quotes

"one the stuff hits the fan...swirl a pair of (Chinese) stress balls."

Francisca Olivia Quotes

"You dont know shits I through in my life. You dont know how many times Ive fucked. You dont know me."

The Bhagavad Gita Quotes

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One... I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds."

Darin Bradley Quotes

"We were most amused by destroying what wed taken."

Melissa Petreschock Quotes

"With you... I can understand why men have waged wars over women in history."

Scott Thompson Quotes

"I do love jokes."

Muhammed Bhikha Quotes

"Destroy what you have become and become what you did destroy/"

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"Nature is pitiless; she never withdraws her flowers, her music, her fragrance and her sunlight, from before human cruelty or suffering. She overwhelms man by the contrast between divine beauty and social hideousness. She spares him nothing of her loveliness, neither wing or butterfly, nor song of bird; in the midst of murder, vengeance, barbarism, he must feel himself watched by holy things; he cannot escape the immense reproach of universal nature and the implacable serenity of the sky. The deformity of human laws is forced to exhibit itself naked amidst the dazzling rays of eternal beauty. Man breaks and destroys; man lays waste; man kills; but the summer remains summer; the lily remains the lily; and the star remains the star....As though it said to man, Behold my work. and yours." - Author: Victor Hugo

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"Im Cuban, so I know a lot of people who act like vampires. But wait, vampires have to be invited to your house, so maybe they are nothing like Latinos!" - Author: Valerie Cruz

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"Use your passport for domestic trips, so that way you dont risk losing your license." - Author: Jen Kirkman

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"Everyone knows what falling in love is like but being in love is what people have lost. That intimacy to be in bed with somebody and just laugh and not hold anybody accountable for what they say." - Author: Mark Polish

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