[The Wish To Disappear Sends Many Travelers Away. If You Are Thoroughly Sick Of Being Kept Waiting At Home Or At Work, Travel Is Perfect: Let Other People Wait For A Change. Travel Is A Sort Of Revenge For Having Been Put On Hold, Or Having To Leave Messages On Answering Machines, Not Knowing Your Party's Extension, Being Kept Waiting All Your Working Life - The Homebound Writer's Irritants. But Also Being Kept Waiting Is The Human Conditon.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Brian Bowers Quotes

"Through creativity, we are seamlessly connected and sustained as we pullback the veil, revealing beneath our differences and distinctive characteristics,human expression and the human experience are universal. It is the greatnessof this experience that connects us together by infinite invisible threads strewnacross the globe. This is my responsibility, passion and desire as an artist—mysoul purpose."

Deborah L McCarragher Quotes

"Hope is putting Faith "on the line" and expecting results!(from Mission Possible - Spiritual Covering)"

Krishmano Quotes

"There are no instruments to measure happiness it is mind related feeling."

Elizabeth Lesser Quotes

"How quickly I judge, and therefore diminish their humanity."

Scott Morse Quotes

"Man was big enough to kill himself, thanks. No gods need apply."

Mayank Sharma Quotes

"Every Star is a Sun... If near its planet... Likewise every individual is an Achiever if he/she works in their Stream."

Walter Bagehot Quotes

"A Parliament is nothing less than a big meeting of more or less idle people."

Lynn Jennings Quotes

"The footing was really atrocious. I loved it. I really like Cross Country; youre one with the mud."

Phyllis Chesler Quotes

"Once Lola Pierotti earned $24,000 a year and worked long hours as an administrative assistant on Capitol Hill. Now she works longer hours and has even more responsibility- but no pay. What happened? Was she demoted? No, she just married the boss. Her bridegroom, of four years this month, was the senior Republican Senator from Vermont- George D. Aiken. "All he expects of me is that I drive his car, cook his meals, do his laundry and run his office," she enumerated, with a grin."

Geraldine McCaughrean Quotes

"I hate clowns. You cant see what theyre thinking."

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Quotes About Around The Corner

"I gazed around the room and my eyes stopped dead on a little boy standing in the corner. This was a particularly eerie doll. Life-sized and blond-haired and blue-eyed. I saw a little Nazi boy, pockets probably stuffed with scissors and retractable blades. My grandfather on my mothers side was rumored to be half Jewish, which practically makes me Jerry Seinfelds brother, and thus wary of blond German boys with their hands out of sight." - Author: Augusten Burroughs

Quotes About Godly Beauty

"Women need to remember that if nature has made them plain, grace can make them beautiful, and if nature has made them beautiful, good deeds can add to their beauty. Grace will make you beautiful and will attract truly godly men to you. Make godliness and inward beauty your priority." - Author: Joshua Harris

Quotes About Incommunicable

"Now I understood that the same road was to bring us together again. Whatever we had missed, we possessed together the precious, the incommunicable past." - Author: Willa Cather

Quotes About Seating Arrangements

"ADVERTISEMENT Shopping at Robinsons during alert periods. We have roof spotters on duty throughout alert periods to give final ‘take cover alarm when danger is near. Until this warning is given we endeavour to continue normal business. Members of our staff carry on and give shoppers cheerful service. We have shelter facilities and seating accommodation in the basement for all persons who are in the building should the spotters give the danger alarm. These arrangements have been made for the protection and convenience of our customers, so you need have no fear regarding shopping arrangements if you are at Robinsons during an alert period. Straits Times 21, 22, 23 January, 1942" - Author: J.G. Farrell

Quotes About Moved

"They both walked to the center of the room. Jonas put his tunic back on. Goodbye, sir, he said. Thank you for my first day. The old man nodded to him. He looked drained, and a little sad. Sir? Jonas said shyly. Yes? Do you have a question? Its just that I dont know your name. I thought you were The Receiver, but you say that now Im The Receiver. So I dont know what to call you. The man had sat back down in the comfortable upholstered chair. He moved his shoulders around as if to ease away an aching sensation. He seemed terribly weary. Call me The Giver, he told Jonas." - Author: Lois Lowry

Quotes About Violation Of Privacy

"Shed been pounding her location and thoughts into a device that would send those things to virtually any human with Internet access and yet looking over her shoulder had been a violation of privacy." - Author: Stefan Bourque

Quotes About Eventos

"Nadie en mi familia es rico, pero parece que todos ahorran lo necesario para este tipo de eventos, y todos fingimos que somos ricos por un día." - Author: Stephen Chbosky

Quotes About Love Marriage Equality

"[A]s people are beginning to see that the sexes form in a certain sense a continuous group, so they are beginning to see that Love and Friendship which have been so often set apart from each other as things distinct are in reality closely related and shade imperceptibly into each other. Women are beginning to demand that Marriage shall mean Friendship as well as Passion; that a comrade-like Equality shall be included in the word Love; and it is recognised that from the one extreme of a Platonic friendship (generally between persons of the same sex) up to the other extreme of passionate love (generally between persons of opposite sex) no hard and fast line can at any point be drawn effectively separating the different kinds of attachment. We know, in fact, of Friendships so romantic in sentiment that they verge into love; we know of Loves so intellectual and spiritual that they hardly dwell in the sphere of Passion." - Author: Edward Carpenter

Quotes About Amiability

"To give money to a woman - and here I must speak as a man - is to deny her special quality, her irreplaceability, and reduce her unique amiability to a commodity. Money takes away her name, while transforming her lover into a nameless customer of a market of appetites." - Author: James Buchan

Quotes About Snack Foods

"Cal: "Im really sorry, Professor, but how do you explain these ? Swiss Cake Rolls. That doesnt rhyme; its not cute; its not childlike. And this is one of our most-respected snack foods, is it not? How is that, Professor? Hmmm?"Eliot: "Well, isnt it obvious? We trust the Swiss for their ability to engineer things, to build with precision."Cal: "We do?"Eliot: "Do I even have to mention Swiss watches? Swiss Army knives? Swiss cheese? If anyone can build a non-threatening, non-lethal snack cake, its the Swiss. Theyre neutral, we can trust them not to attack us with trans-fatty acids and sugar. I think you would feel differently if they were German Cake Rolls. North Korean Cake Rolls. I bet you wouldnt eat them."Cal: "I bet I would." - Author: Brad Barkley