[The Witch's Knife Like Nails Drummed The Crystal Of The Windowsill, Chipping And Scoring It. They Sounded Like Death Beatles Clicking In The Walls.'Taste It,' The Pearl Was Telling Her, 'That I May Know My Daughter's Heart.' Almost Without A Thought, Ariel Touched A Few Grains Of The Witch's Dust To Her Tongue, And A Sharp Sensation Went Through Her Like A Pinprick. It Was The Bitterest Thing She Has Ever Known. It Tasted Like Despair.]

Author: Meredith Ann Pierce Quotes

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"[M]an is not an island, he is more like a spaghetti junction."

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"The thing about performance, even if its only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities."

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"I wanted to burn her, the wicked witch."

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"As the shabby section of the audience rose to its feet, waving its hats and food-wrappers, a rich, stale smell wafted through the auditorium. It had something of the fog on the boulevard outside, where the pavements were sticky with rain, but also something more intimate : it suggested old stew and course tobacco, the coat racks and bookshelves of a pawnshop, and damp straw mattresses impregnated with urine and patchouli. It was - as though the set designer had intended some ironical epilogue - the smell of the real Latin Quarter."

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"My mother was harsh and constantly told me I had jug ears and heaven knows what else. But she was devoted and a hard worker."

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"Ketika siasah kita sering berkocakdan terkadang memberi barasastera kitalah yang seringmendamaikan dan membalutluka kita."

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"She was in it, not above it commenting on it."

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"Ive dealt with a lot of guns over my career, so Im getting better and better with firearms."

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"Lets go inside. I always find walking inside buildings has this bizarre effect on me. I immediately forget uncomfortable situations, like when tiny midget women straddle my best friends boyfriend and face-rape him."

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"Id always gone out of my way to streamline my life—removing all potential complication. I suddenly realized that mostly meant not having people around. Clearly, people were the biggest complication life threw at you."

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