[The World That I Should Wish To See Would Be One Freed From The Virulence Of Group Hostilities And Capable Of Realizing That Happiness For All Is To Be Derived Rather From Co-operation Than From Strife. I Should Wish To See A World In Which Education Aimed At Mental Freedom Rather Than Imprisoning The Minds Of The Young In Rigid Armor Of Dogma Calculated To Protect Them Through Life Against The Shafts Of Impartial Evidence.]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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"If you work just for money, youll never make it, but if you love what youre doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours."

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"The standard argument is that civilian deaths in Afghanistan were the regrettable consequence of military action that was needed to destroy Al Qaida bases and thus prevent further terrorist attacks. But this is a spurious argument since it is obvious that Al Qaida is a decentralised network. The counterargument – that bombing Afghanistan has made it more likely that terrorists will attack – is equally plausible. Most of the September nth hijackers were from Saudi Arabia,"

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"Im constantly intimidated by Shakespeares work. Trying to decipher what hes saying and holding on to that thought - not just as an actor, but as a human being - is a rigour."

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"We cant continue to kick the can when it comes to the fiscal state of this country."

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"I want to show an upgraded side of myself at any point. Thats why I keep trying."

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"Real women dont love the richest guy in the world they love the guy who can make their world the richest."

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"She represents the beauty of the common people in all its vulgarity and provocativeness."

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"Hey." He glanced away from her, instead looking down at the coffin. He looked back at her and raised his eyebrows. "Want a peek?"

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"Im bad, and thats good. I will never be good, and thats not bad. Theres no one Id rather be than me."

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"Say it back," he begs.I dont. He offers those words so freely, Im not sure he realizes how much weight they carry. You have to love yourself before you can love another. You have to see what they see in you. Something worthy.I cannot return those three words to him because I am nowhere near ready to say them to myself."

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"Please go, I beg you. I wish to stay as your equal. When Im with you, my resolve weakens. -Tsukuyo to Gintoki(Gintama)" - Author: Sorachi Hideaki

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"You should have had the decency to die when you needed to.""Sorry," I admitted. "Ive been going through a bit of a rebellious streak. I swear its almost over." - Author: Ally Carter

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"Lolita, luz da minha vida, fogo da minha virilidade. Meu pecado, minha alma. Lo-li-ta: A ponta da língua faz uma viagem de três passos pelo céu-da-boca abaixo e, no terceiro, bate nos dentes. Lo. Li. Ta. Pela manhã, um metro e trinta e dois a espichar dos soquetes; era Lo, apenas Lo. De calças práticas, era Lola. Na escola, era Dolly. Era Dolores na linha pontilhada onde assinava o nome.Mas nos meus braços era sempre Lolita." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

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